Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday that felt like Monday

Monday was ... a day at home with the gurlz cleaning and cleaning and knitting. And opening the mail!!!! My yarn came in - HURRAY - and so did another order of yarn from Australia. They are all sock weights. Also got a pair of shoes, comfy pants, leopard body suit and a vintage house gown. Anti-climatic. I believe my shopping frenzy has ended so I can get back to the knitting. Pictures will eventually appear, but not in the photography mode right now.
I was home Monday cause the big gurl refused to go to school and wasn't chewing anything. That seems better today and off to work we went.
Ballet rehearsal was tonight and the gurlz are still wired. Can't get them to bed. I think I will go myself and they can tuck me in.
I'm halfway to the heel on my socks and it seems to be going well. Found a pattern that explains the increasing bit, so will need to start that soon.
Here's a good one - I take my knitting to work with me, for breaks if it rains or just cause I like to have it along. I'm dealing with lawyers and accountants most of the day. I was so steamed after hanging up from speaking with this accountant "i know you haven't been doing this very long and I have done hundreds of these. You should talk to D~~~ and then you'll see what I mean. I am very thorough if I am unsure of what to do, so I had already talked to D and she had told me to do exactly what I did. He didn't' believe me, so I told him I would have D call him back. She did and he argued with her about it. And told me I was right. I mean, I don't have all the technical jargon down pat but I said it in plain English - and he didn't believe me. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
Anyways, the best part was, that D was on the phone when I was needing some moral support, so to calm down, I pulled out the socks and knitted a round. This is fabulous.
I'm going to sleep now and if the gurlz want to they can stay up all night!!!!!

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