Saturday, May 26, 2007

caffeine, mmmmm

This morning, I woke up to silence. The gurlz were sleeping over elsewhere and I stayed in bed until almost 9:00 am. Then I brewed a delicious cup of coffee and checked my computer for email and worked on the special project discussion and then read through all the blogs I haunt. A couple hours later, I headed out to lunch at the Mandarin with the big gurl and Mel. Then it was off to Chapters to spend the big gurlz birthday card from Aunt Nancy and some other money. I resisted the knitting book I wanted and the other full price books that struck my fancy cause I know I can get them delivered to my door for free. They are currently in my shopping cart at waiting for me to buy them Funny that, amazon is a little less than dollar per book cheaper. Which books you ask - this one and two for the gurlz, Fancy Nancy and Fancy Nancy and the puppy (or something like that).
Purchased Bounce from Knit & Tonic. I am going to make it in matching yarn to Monica. I bought some on Thursday and went back Friday to pick up a different contrast, cause I felt the Berocco Cotton Twist was too heavy for the ruffle. But that left me with a little bit of extra yarn.
I managed to fold the laundry this evening, as Dad's sock has now been frogged (i keep writing ripped) three times. I am working it toe up and keep discovering my little issues with making it work. The second time there was a 'loop' left from Judy's magic cast on and I hadn't adjusted the rib to account for the edge stitches. I managed to fix the left over loop by just wrapping the yarn instead of slip knotting, but then I cast on the wrong number of stitches and figured that out on round 4. It was not meant to be right now (I was 4 plus inches in on the first sock).
The little gurl arrived home from her first sleep over at her Dad's and that went well. I'm very glad that they have a good relationship. Of course, he 'forgot' to tell me that she was soaking wet until I had given her a hug - funny how they (men) find annoying things like that funny.
I thought I would have pictures but I have some housework and yarn searching to do. I want to make forecast the way evergreen knits did. I know I have a purple that may be just the thing.
However, I need to go plot and plan something else entirely and can't tell you about it cause... I can't.
Have a great night.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the way Evergreen Knits modified forecast. Because let's face it - anything with a million bobbles on the sleeves is just, well, it's wrong, if you ask me. Bobbles are for the insane.

But I'm really glad you pointed out that pattern, even though a sweater on the needles is really not what I *should* be doing...