Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life, Stitch'n'Pitch and other lemons

So - what did I say about being a better blogger?!?!?!
Amazing how life and commitments can slow you down and distract you. Part of it has been that at work there is a lot of data entry and system errors and corrections and time is of the essence. Berry frustrating (the v did not want to type). The gurlz are busy and want Mama. There was the Special Project to finish (almost done now). And the projects that just lept on the needles - a Squatty Sidekick which has been felted and embellished - needle felting, thank you Nellie (aunt) and also Susan B. Anderson and also the LYS which had the necessary implements on for 60% off. It is beautiful and the big gurl has claimed it for herself. The only gurl couzin will have to hope auntie gets reinspired! It was an easy knit so I see no problems there!!!
A pair of socks jumped on the needles too. Thank you Angela of A Swell Yarn Shop!! Your skinny duet, Cowgirl was irresistible and is now over halfway up the foot - both feet at once!!. I thought they would be Monkey socks, but they are something else - found a delightful template in my Knitting Stitches book and then eliminated a row to create what I wanted (after that I discovered a way I could have kept said row in, but oh well).
So I have 1/3 finished pair of socks, 1 and 2/3 finished socks, a felted purse (plus a mini) and tickets to Stitch 'n' Pitch with the Toronto Blue Jays and Los Angeles Angels for August 15th (the big gurl will be at Oma's and the little gurl with her father - or he will die - I don't really mean that).
My friend Kris is coming with me and I am so excited I even got their link. It is here and whether it is linked correctly or not, I don't care right now!!!!!!

Other lemons - lots of stress at work and the heat during the day is rather oppressive - it cools off beautifully at night, but the poor gurlz don't know what to do with it. I am without my Yarn Pirate Booty and my last installment of the Insubordiknit is nowhere to be found.

There are other yarns in the house, but when your yarn is astray without you, it is very sad indeed. Must clean up camera in order to take pictures of WIP and FO. Will get it done tomorrow.

We had a wonderful time with Nellie, Rik and Thymen (dutch relatives) . Thanks for dinner and a day of fun and just coming down!!!! Have a very safe trip home!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Postless for a bit - perhaps a little postal?

I just realized it's been a while since i posted (for me anyways). I mean I posted on the SAM4 blog and on my 'project' blog, but not here.
We have been busy in our family - Grandpa and Grandma Mary left to make their way to Florida early this morning.
Yesterday we were back in the US ugghh.
Now don't get me wrong, it's nothing personal against the people in the US, it's just with young children you try not to cause them or yourself undue stress - like sitting in stop and go traffic.
But once again, there was the comment of the day - after sitting for just over an hour on the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge so we can go through US Customs (thankfully cool breezes abounded and the occasional comvertible, motorcycle and little childe distracted the big gurl - me my foot just went numb on the clutch - forgot to bring some knitting along).
Typical questions from the customs officer: Where are you going, how long are you going, who are these kids, Is that your mommy honey? Types away on his computer for a minute - You don't come over often. no, no, I don't. Inside I'm screaming - I have to pee!!! my 6 year old has made friends (albeit only visual) while waiting to see you and my little one has gotten her afternoon nap in - I just want to go over there- about 5 miles - no biggee right - just the matter of this big bridge with you (and your lovely friends) making me wait so you can ask me questions, peruse my ID, slightly frighten my child and then you make a comment like that? HELLO?!?!? you are lucky the little one was sleeping and the big one was excited.
It was a wonderful day of sunshine, ARTPARK and waterpark at Fort Niagara.
The company was fabulous - we miss you already David and Mary - move closer please. (not until we have an opportunity to come and see Walt Disney World a few times but a little closer?) A couple of comments struck home - they are envious of the big gurlz father and his mother - Grandma. Unfortunately, we have likely seen as much of them for most of July and possible even August as we will. Kind of bittersweet.
Saturday was deadly expensive - went for new coffee maker - lovely brick red, and to price out dishwasher (the dishes are still waiting to be finished). Very nice lady helped me out and I told her had to figure out the cost for installing the necessary hook-ups. That was done, little gurl given to her father and off the big one and I go to the car shop.
The car has beautiful new oil and air filters, drain plug and 2 new tires. She be needing some new brakes soon, but we want to eat this month. Darn it (tee hee - already paid for the lovely yarn clubs so can't return that). Needless to say, we do not have a dishwasher or a new mattress set (they were so loverly and on sale 'sigh').
I am almost finished knitting the 'project' - a little tweaking to do!
The 2nd M&K sock has a turned heel and we are on the gusset (may be a wee bit of frogging as there is some funny business going on).
I started Amanda's Squatty Sidekick as my mindless/need to cast something on project.
That Yarn Oddities from Pixieriot is calling to me (it's already pullballed, with the required needles and the pattern is already to go). They are to be my August socks for SAM4 (first one ever) and part of me wants to hold off starting them until August and another says finish the M&K and another says - oh just cast on and the next says wouldn't that yarn look nice as Eyelet Rib Toe-ups by Wendy Johnson and the last part says shut up already and go to sleep you have to work in the morning and then you have to block that ... and those socks won't knit themselves and what about the dishes?!?!?!?!?!
'good night - sleep tight'!
Oh - the postal bit - my Yarn Pirate is not here yet and my last Insubordiknit (plus the extra order from her). That is likely all the yarn that will be entering for a bit (I mean Lucky Lurker club and Yarn Pirate are already ordered). I'm pretty sure that's it.
Yes, the lovely Duet sock yarn arrived last week - I will try to get some pics up (sure i said that at least once last week) before the end of this week.
go to sleep
going going

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knitting time

So today I had to wait at the doctor's after my allergy shot. So I knit on sock 2. Since I have had such success with socks, I am in the yarn pirate Booty club and the Lucky Lurker's sock club (duet sock yarn). I also signed up for SAM4 starting in August. Oh and SP something or other. Looks like fun and games to me. Must go figure out how I made something and convert it into words. I love words, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its easier to just do than to write. Oy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I crawled into bed and...I WANT...

Last night I cleaned up. No more stepping on junk. And I found the necessary paperwork and ...
Crawled into bed and the little one starts crying. I gave her a few minutes, but settling was not on the menu so over I went. She was gassy, so gripe water (after 15 minutes of convincing her it was good for her and a light baptizing with it) and some snuggles later, we are in my bed. After another 15 minutes or so, she seemed fine and nodded her head when i suggested her own bed so off she went.
Crawled into bed again. It didn't last. She was standing and screaming. So took her upstairs for a drink. The weather around here is a little strange right now (hot/cool, dry/rainy) so I turned on the dehumidifier/air conditioner/fan. Settled on the couch and even pulled out the neglected knitting. She crawled off my lap, and walked to where the videos are kept and came back with one. No lie - it was about 11:30 pm. She really wanted to watch it, and I was getting no sleep anyways, so I turned on the computer and put it in. The Berenstein Bears. Very nice. Good morals - wish the big one had watched it before the I want this and I want that day.
Didn't knit - eyes would not stay open and at the point on the sock where heel turning is imminent and on the special project - well I've frogged this part twice already so a clear head is required. Did contemplate starting something new, but it didn't happen.
She was settled after the video, so downstairs, clean diaper and tuck her into bed. Turn on the CD to lull her to sleep and... crawled back into bed. I glanced at the clock - it was 12:30 am. Happy thought - she'll sleep in.
Felt like i just crawled into bed, when she started again. Hurray it was morning.
Tried to convince her to snuggle, but she was having none of that - upstairs for drink NOW MOMMY! (the screaming was there, just not the words).
So, I got her some milk and started my day.
The only knitting that went on this morning, was the counting of the rows on the first and second socks, prior to starting the heel. They are exactly the same folks. I mean, I stopped because the natural striping of the yarn had hit the same part. But they are exactly the same. Glad I didn't knit them last night. Then the Disney princesses decided to play spin in the yarn and a big gurl found herself in a little bit of trouble. She couldn't figure out why - I mean the yarn was wrapped inside Sleeping Beauty's waist, but hey what's up Mom?

Today was the Niagara on the Lake excursion with the Outlaws. The big gurlz Dad, G-pa, G-ma2, and 2 G-aunts, 1 G-uncle and 3 2nd cuz's were there. And the 3 of us. It was fabulous - love wandering those awesome shops. Beautiful, quality items from around the world. The gurlz each got a pair of Dawgs. These are like Crocs but are not. The big gurl also got a lunch bag/purse, a Dream Catcher, and we all got some 'angel' ornaments for our tree. Lunch was in a delightful old restaurant called the Buttery.
I spent $6 for parking and that's it. Thank you so much David and Mary.
I don't begrudge the big gurl the gifts and am very thankful that the day went so well (the little one ate twice what the big one did and slept for half the trip - excellent).
What I am upset with from the big gurl is the but I WANT IT! I'm pretty sure I said, but Mommy said NO 20 times today. But she sure tried hard to get her own way.
Total melt down happened a few times. But I was strong and did not care in the slightest that she screamed through the store, at the checkout (especially when I told the lady I wasn't buying what she had snuck in the purchases, and into the parking lot and at the car and....
She was fine - except for refusing to go to bed.
Hey just another day in paradise. (phil vassar song).
Will try to post some of the funny pics from the last couple of days tomorrow. Must go buy something, knit and go to bed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Week-end and then there is Monday

Saturday - by 9:00 am I was ready to lock myself up. Lots to do and two whinny fighting gurlz. Not a pretty sight. Thankfully Mel came over with her two terrors and we commiserated with each other. By night time, there was little progress on anything, but hey it was raining and I swear the dirt pile in the front yarn went down at least a centimetre.
Sunday - meet Grandpa and Grandma Mary and all of big gurlz other side. Did not start off well (waiting on those who were setting the clock in the first place). In future, hang my fear of those border guards, we are getting the directions and going by ourself. Sorry big gurl daddy but you are s l o w and we could have gone straight there instead of driving all over Amherst and Snyder and Tonowanda and up and down Main Street. It was a fabulous day, and the big gurl came home with the Walt Disney World castle full of prince and princesses and lots of treasures. She was in 7th heaven (unable to sleep from sheer excitement and since we had to wait for the little gurl to come home, she got to play with the castle). I scored some sweet yarn from Insubordiknit (again) even though I swore I wasn't buying any more.
Monday - you would think that they would sleep in after being up half the night? (10:30 pm) No such luck. 6:00 am and yep they are still going strong. I could fall asleep where I am sitting typing this to you except for the fact that must find church bank book and cheque book. I mean it is nowhere. Looked everywhere and mis-suspicious me is sure someone broke in and stole it and the jar of American cash i can find nowhere. (yesterday just about tore the place apart looking for it yesterday and the birth certificate and ...
so, I even looked through the recycling bin today for the cheque book and bank book. NADA.

OH and even worse - (I know I said I wasn't buying anymore yarn but i love this yarn and wanted in on her sock club) - I was up so early that I thought I would check and see. The button was there but not yet activated. When I remembered during super busy work day to go check - OF Course she was sold out. I mean come on - isn't there such a thing as advance lucky lurkers? (no insult intended Angela)

Have to go now - tear apart my messy home to find the missing items and bury the gurlz under pillows to sleep I mean....
Why must they pick on each other?
Also must finish writing up pattern and knitting it and....well- that was grandpa, we don't have to be anywhere until 12:00 pm tomorrow. Suh weet.
And the little gurl is screaming and crying and carrying on and the big one is tired and grumpy and....
Bedtime is all I can say!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Little Update on Stuff

So just a couple of pics for this post.

The first is completed sock one and start of sock 2. Sock 2 may be frogged due to issues with the picot edge.

Next comes my yarn from Pixie Riot. Smells like kool-aid. Will become socks one day. Very lousy photo.

Next is Ice cream loungers and my normal front yard. They sure had fun. They were also the sidewalk artists and official dog greeters.

This picture is of the current state of my front yard. Reminds me of a couple I've seen posted - Yarn Pirate had one with all sorts of digger tools and there was someone else - although hers was of the beautiful work she had done. This will be beautiful again - but who knows when!! I am standing on the sidewalk in the above photo.

Do you see the lovely chalk work beside the front door? That is my big gurl's art that she was 'extremely' upset would be inaccessible. However, they did not have to go through the porch floor (were able to tunnel under) so I am very happy and so is she. (it's just not safe for her to be on the porch due to the hole and only plastic lattice and a large board in the way). That was a whole nother discussion as she just didn't understand why.

And last but not least, my gurlz in my brother's shop yard at my parents last Friday night. The little one literally sat in the mud. Her shorts are actually pinks and brown not just brown. The boots had mud in them. The big gurl is not sitting, but it sure looks like it. They had so much fun!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

What's going on?

So - it is Monday and we are back to normal (no school for the big gurl but she gives enough drama to make up for that). We shall see how the big gurl does as there are no naps in summer daycare land. Great - I might be able to get her to bed for 8:00 pm again (in a week or so).

How are we? good. half of the relative and party stuff is ended for the month. There are still the Florida grandparents to meet for the first time and the big gurl's whole other side - 4 or 5 great uncles and their respective families.
can't wait.
really, just dying to go.
love meeting new people related to my daughter and her SD (sperm donor)
we are not feeling negatively about anyone today.

Photos - well that requires finding the camera and uploading and lots of energy and since I am sitting in the dark, typing on my computer and am sweating, I think I will not do that. However I was emailed a lovely photo of my whole immediate family so I will go find it - without moving of course.
Who are they all you ask? Well there are my three brothers and their wives and kids, my sister (blue skirt) my parents - mom in centre with littlest one in red and dad on left with stripey boy. And of course me and the gurlz.
It was not last spring that this photo was taken, but July 2nd, but it was about 8:00 pm, and my dad is very cold blooded and so he traded his shorts (not the cutoff jeans) and Tshirt for his long pants, warm sweater and yes, he has socks on with his sandals. The zaniness in the photo was inspired by the fact that just as everyone got in the shot, one of the boys headed to the washroom and was well, in there for 5 minutes and some deserting of the pose occurred and the little ones were a little restless. But we all had fun. I am hoping there are shots where my youngest brother is not just a ball cap, and I don't look like I am posing for Vogue (or the before shot for WW).
You can see why sometimes it might get a little hectic when we are all together!!!

On the knitting front, I have been working on 'the project' and am getting ready for making Monkey socks. Of course there is the second sock for Mel, but well, inspiration has not struck. Too hot. Must sleep now as the excavators called and they are ready to dig in now. Hoping to discuss this with the guy tomorrow as want assurances and to clarify what is going on. But, it is not my fault they call my home number and leave a message at 3:43 in the afternoon on a Monday and they want to come on Tuesday (or whenever it suits). We shall see.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

le comptoir

I have found a computer and will say hello!
The birthday party on July 2nd was a resounding success and the tour of the Falls was wonderful!!!
The gurlz are currently far away and I may just go over to the bar for a little drink.
It's early yet.
There is a prom in the hotel tonight and it is madness I say!! The amount of money these kids are spending. WOW.
I wish to confess that I have overconfident driving issues and as a result drove up and down two separate streets last night and had to turn around four times in total.
Talk to you later!