Monday, March 31, 2008

They Roast the beans or cherries...

in a cement oven. hmmm. wonder where the chunk might have come from.

in a need a break from data entry all day moment I googled 'coffee cement'. interesting read. explains a little bit.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new week has begun

happy Sunday evening everyone!!
It was a busy weekend - bathing suit shopping will kill anyone, and add two children into the mix, it's lucky there was a Second Cup coffee shop around.
I went to the coffee store to exchange my concrete coffee for a more palatable one. I opted out of the Maple Harvest as she couldn't say for sure that it wasn't the same batch. Plenty on the shelves. There was a lovely Vanilla Hazelnut, which was fresh ground that morning, so I chose it. Interestingly enough, she stated it likely wasn't concrete/cement as they figure it is chunks of the ceiling from the roaster's building. As someone with new drywall ceilings in some rooms, I know what those old ceilings have in them and that is not something you want to say to a coffee lover. My coffee this morning was lovely, but I'm not certain I will shop there again (at $6 for 8 oz, I'm not wanting anything but the best coffee thank you).
I lied in my last post. I forgot one of my sock clubs. Funny that, it was really bothering me that I felt I had forgotten something. I won a place in a sock club that has interested my for some time. Scout's Swag Sock Club. I knew more money had left my account than I remembered. Now granted, i joined the Flock Sock back in February, so that doesn't really count (or does it).
Anyways, I am a member of the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign, so I need to start using some of this sock yarn. The problem is that I have a number of projects on the needles - only 2 of which are sock weight yarn.
They are: (in order of priority)
1. Sis's afghan - Malabrigo (10 skeins at 216 yds per.... just balled skein 6) 7 of 16 blocks done
2. Monica - BS Cotton Fleece - have 4 skeins of this - front tank part is done, back is half. Each from their own skein as hate weaving extra ends (and have two...) currently my mindless knitting time project as have screwed up #1 too many times when trying to multitask.
3. Pop scarf - ends to weave in, block and add decoration
4. Squatty sidekick - knitted and felted, need to needle felt a design, cut and sew the lining and add the button.
5. Briggs & Little Tuffy Socks -(forgot about these) helping Mel learn sock knitting so cast these on 2 weeks ago. First sock is like an inch from heel. Top down, Paton's textured & trimmed socks (2 colours)
6. Cinderella sockettes - little gurl - this is out of sock yarn - skinny duet to be exact and is the second pair from this 'duo' skein. one is done, 2nd is about a 1/4 of the way
7. Saartje booties - same yarn as above - JUST NEEDS SEAMING
8. Guinevere - I have less than half of clue 7 and 8 to do yet. And they involve decreasing.
9. Dashing - one is almost done, 2 not even started...
10. Baby afghan - it was for the little gurl. About one skein left to do.
11. Matching baby sweater - just needs seaming (sense a trend here
12. Cropped sweater - BSA dyed cotton, out of yarn and still deciding....will likely frog.
13. Moeibus head scarf - over halfway. Just need some mindless knitting time not occupied with Monica.
14. Opal (i think) Mom's Second sock - don't like what I did with the first, don't want to repeat, but the yarn won't frog. Thinking it makes a great stocking and will use the remaining yarn for something else.
15. Sis's scarf - one of these days. Out of Carmen I think and just not so nice to work with after Malabrigo.
16. Savannah (sotsii) - 6 rows in is still 6 rows in...
... and I still have to block my Koolhaas.
My fingers are just itching to cast on some little finger gloves for me.
So am I going to make any stupid non yarn promises for next month? No, but I am going to try to finish at least 5 of the above items before I cast something else on. And, except for renewing my Robyn's Nest Club for May (I know when I am beat - but she has Noro Sock yarn and I am resisting that!!!!!) I am going to do my best to only buy yarn when I am on vacation in Florida and when I am shopping for coffee swap pal.
In order to help me in this endeavor, I sincerely wish that all the people whose blogs i peruse will not post any new cute projects or yarns. That way I will be happy with my stuff and not want to make these or this or....
I mean it's not like I don't have boxes of patterns and stuff, plus unlimited web options already.
Have a good week if I forget to post later...
and of course there is always the Firestarters. Does casting these on after frogging count as a WIP or a new item?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Passage of time and thoughts

I went to bed last night happy that I had posted something.
Then I realized that although I read all my emails, the current updates to my blogs and commented on a number of them, I did not actually write anything.
Some great knitting is going on - the sis's afghan has 5 blocks (of 16) and Monica has a front and the back is coming along. I plan on knitting the ruffle in one piece.
We have applied for our passports and they have an ETA of April 10th - good, cause we leave less than 4 weeks from today. I will be in Florida in 4 weeks time. Hurray.
I am a member of 4 yarn/sock yarn clubs. I don't know how it happened. There is the Lucky Lurker Sock Club . Love the yarn - 2 colours and the patterns. Then there is the Robyn's Nest Sock Club- Canadian dyer and pattern designer with sweet stitch markers each month. Guess that would be easy to quit as you purchase monthly, but haven't managed to quit yet. Kind of cool, way different for me is the Tsock Flock Club. The first kit is set to come soon and involves yarn and pattern. That is the Yarn Harlot's fault. Finally, the Plucky Knitter Classics got me on Tuesday. And I wasn't supposed to buy any yarn until the end of June (except as required and I was in a weather funk, so some cheerful club yarn is essential... right?!?!?

Sitting here with the afghan on my lap - have to frog rows 1 and 2 already of the second block as forgot am working on strip 3 not 2 and thus it should mirror strip 1 in placement of patterned blocks however that doesn't work with the way I want my chevrons to go. stupid redhead didn't think that far ahead.

I am only in one swap this spring - the Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap . My coffee this morning was one I was likely going to pick up for my pal (provided flavoured coffees were in her list) and for Crystal from my last swap. Unfortunately the chunk of concrete in it has me thinking otherwise. Seriously, and I thought my tastebuds were shot the other day when my mind said this tastes like dirt - just added some more flavoured creamer and called it tasty.
Called the shop that sells it - this is not uncommon to them. Perhaps there should be a warning on the outside of the parcel - or better yet, better inspection of your products. She said it was from their supplier and arrived in with the whole roasted beans and.... IT IS CONCRETE AND TASTES LIKE CONCRETE AND THIS PIECE IS BIGGER THAN A COFFEE BEAN. I don't care if you've wrecked a couple of grinders on this or whatever, perhaps you better do something about it as I can't be the only person who has that concrete dust taste in her mouth.
Perhaps if the coffee had been cheap I wouldn't be upset, but I could have bought 2 packages of my favourite president's choice blend for the price of this and it doesn't even smell like maple and it TASTES LIKE CONCRETE.
I was very polite to the lady from the distributor/grinding company and will go in and get my replacement package. I think I will buy myself a grinder. And ask her for whole beans this time around. At least then I can 'strain' out the concrete chunks before I grind.
I promise not to give this coffee to my swap partner.
Ruined my whole coffee day.
(okay now am going to try to put links in all the places I want them)
all done - enjoy the read (I have no clue how to put lines through what I've written so i just leave it here)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Fling Coffee & Yarn Swap Questionnaire

1. What is your preference? ground
2. What kind of coffees do you enjoy? A rich, bold roast - leaded
3. If you were headed out right now to buy some coffee for the house, what would you be picking up? flavoured coffee - love hazelnut
4. Do you drink for caffeine, pleasure, or both? Drink it for pleasure, and occasionally caffeine
5. Do you enjoy flavored coffees? How about add-ins or flavored creamers? YES to both
6. A large, lovely mug or a small, dainty cup? Large lovely mug
7. Describe your perfect cup - not JUST the coffee, but how you'd enjoy it! morning, on my porch in spring or fall, just taking it easy before the busyness that hits at around 7:15 am
8. You're sitting down to enjoy a nice cup in the local coffee shop, knitting bag in hand, iPod all tuned up - or maybe you're there with a few friends for knit night! What treat do you pick up to enjoy with your coffee? A sweet, rich brownie, or something more healthy? How about a salty treat? What goes best with that great cup and company? it honestly depends on the time of day - evenings for knit night, it's a decaf latte with something slightly sweet or even a bowl of soup or chili; mid afternoons - high sweetness and half test coffee, and 10:00 ish - high test coffee with either muffin or sinful danish

1. Do you knit or crochet? both
2. What are your favorite types of yarns to work with? 100% wool or cotton - or super soft
3. What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now? toddler socks, afghan (baby and adult) sweater (hibernating) scarf, head scarf
4. What are your favorite colors in yarns? browns and blues What about those that you'd never find in your stash? anything fluorescent or neon
5. What sort of needles or hooks do you enjoy using? love bryspun and bamboo/wood Any you just detest? not really
6. Are there any particular notions you absolute do NOT need? stitch markers Some of us swap a lot - are you sure that you have enough tape measures to last your lifetime? would love a novelty tape measure - can't justify it when you have a practical one in your purse and knitting bag Enough stitch markers to mark every stitch of a 10 foot wide afghan?actually yes
7. You walk into the yarn shop and have exactly and only enough money to purchase 2 skeins of yarn in their 2 for 20 special they have going..The choices are a soft, thick cotton/viscose blend in your favorite colors, slightly variegated..a beautiful sock yarn that's just squishy and sproingy in your hands.. a soft, worsted weight wool like malabrigo.. and a lovely bamboo blend with colors to just die for. Which do you walk out the door with? cause it's spring it would be either the cotton or the bamboo
1. We're starting sign-ups on the first day of Spring - is it already truly Spring-like where you are? uhm, no - it snowed last night and is currently blowing outside with cold winds.
2. What's your favorite spring flower? tulips and daffodils Do you have one?
3. What do you most look forward to about springtime? all the buds and flowers and leaves
4. They've predicted a gorgeous day tomorrow - Sunny and about 65 with a nice breeze - how do you spend your day? gardening, take the gurls to the park, knit a little while they play
5. The day after, it's going to be cooler and pouring down rain - does that impact your mood? not really - nothing can do about it and it's gorgeous today How do you spend that day? housework and knitting what helps cheer you up? coffee and sweets
Odds n Ends
1. Do you collect anything BESIDES yarn and needles?
2. Are you allergic to anything? cats and most perfumes/floral scents
3. Do you have pets? no - just 2 gurls
4. Is this your first swap, or are you an old pro?this is my fourth What are the last 2 swaps you participated in? winter wonderland hot cocoa swap and Coffee Swap
5. List 3 of your favorite blogs - craft related or not - and tell us why you love them.
Peaknit & Ragan Knits etc. - often find one of them had a day like mine

Yarn Harlot - local celebrity who faces the same things we do
Knit & Purl Mama - great yarn store, Canadian and talks about almost everything.

please be advised I read many more and love them too, but could only be 3 and already at 4.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Completely off the yarn wagon...

... so, my local LYS (Rose's Fine Yarns of Fonthill) ordered the pattern I wanted and it came in - 24 hours later. Saturday involved a trip there to get this pattern and since they were having an open house and at knit night on Wednesday I received a 10% off coupon, so I perused their yarns. I bought 10 balls of Kelly in colour 114 (scroll down) to make this pattern (I think).
The night before I cast on for some socks, as I was teaching Mel the basics and we were working together on it. I am at 6 inches. The cardigan I was working on is at a stand still as i am out of the yarn and I am debating what to do. I cast on my sister's afghan with the new pattern.
Life is busy - gurls are yelling for me.
Catch you later.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

On not buying yarn...

I didn't, not really. I mean I sold some on ravelry, so that meant I could replace it and it won't come until end of April and...
I'm weak, I confess.
But it is Scout's Swag club III and I like things a little different occasionally.
Bad knitter.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday already?

What a week - I was home Monday to get stuff back in order after construction completion. Worked a little. Tuesday and Wednesday were shorter days at work due to stupidity on part of financial institution - bouncing a cheque even when the money is there and coming up with a likely excuse. Had to get a bank draft (would have done originally but was sick on that day). Thank goodness for understanding friends. On the plus side - the clearance clothes I ordered from Sears are going to be perfect for Florida, as they fit.
Wednesday - left sick and spent today home sick. Just a head cold - but the turn your head the wrong way, pounding sinuses, headache, don't stand up to quick kind. Maybe something to do with the fact that Monday was sweater weather and Tuesday was freezing and Wednesday was a nasty blizzard and today was melt the snow and by tomorrow night back to Blizzard.
How is my no yarn buying going? good, except need another skein of Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton in colour 623 (toffee) of dyelot 0317. Anyone who can help me? Will trade or send money or firstborn child (who was home cause she was also 'unwell' and considering how bad I felt, thought she must be really sick indeed. HAH.
What do I need the Blue sky for? well I am trying to knit a comfy sweater - based on this. I have 300 yards and the main colour needs more like 450. So if you can help.
I know I have a whole slew of projects to do, but since I didn't have the yarn to make these (okay perhaps I have enough for one of them, but not in the mood to make another wool project right now and the yarns available were not quite what I wanted) and am knitting along, I cast on for something new. I'm thinking of turning it into a cardigan and shaping a little sooner for that deep neck. We'll see. Need more yarn first.
I am planning on joining the Spring Coffee Swap - sign ups start March 20the so get the word out. Love coffee.
What else - new bed not here yet - hopefully tomorrow, before the snow flies. Am cancelling my armoire as the current desk will do and looks good where I put it.
Laundry - did the bleach soak/dip on a bunch of the gurls stuff. works great, but can't put my hands anywhere near my face. Sneezing nightmare.
10 days of no school for big gurl - 11 if you count today. At least there is daycare in the world. If only my head didn't hurt so much.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

No Wool Shoppe, but maybe something even better

Saturday was clear at 7:00 am, so by about 7:45 we were on the way to Oma & Opa's. Of course the weather got super nasty just over halfway there, but i wasn't turning back - or slowing down. We were there before 9:30 - plenty of time for coffee and fun. The gurlz were so happy they immediately took out the toys and played and played and played.
I finished big gurl's scarf - pics as soon as that cord shows up - and plugged away at sis's afghan. I have a plan of sorts at this point, so that is good.
We didn't make it to the wool shoppe as we couldn't find any information on it - the leaflet Mom got last summer is somewhere in my house and I wasn't here. Googled and ravelried it, but to no avail. We just hung out and last night we watched Juno - what a beautiful movie - just fabulous everything in it. Wow.
This morning, my Mom suddenly says, I don't know if this is too basic for you, but I picked this up at the Sally Ann in Ingersoll and well, I'm not sure... My cries of joy cut her off completely and I danced around the room and hugged her and then danced and cheered some more.
Why, you ask - because she handed me this book. Not this edition, but one of the older editions, however I was so happy. Some sadness that the BSJ was not in it, but that quickly evaporated as I poured over the pages. Let's just say that any of EZ's books are now on my Mom's search list - and well, she is going to buy any decent looking knitting book she finds from now on.
Thank you Mom!!!
funny thing she said - I'm thinking of trying it, could you get me some stuff to start?
Hello - don't spend a dime Mom - needles, yarn, books and everything in between is here.
And she has suggested we take a tent and drive around to the different wool farms/shoppes in Ontario. How cool is that??