Monday, May 14, 2007

A restful relaxing yet busy Monday night

What could I mean by that title?
BALLET is over. I picked up the gurlz after work, went to Zehrs for soil, drugs and groceries and came home. When supper was done, both gurlz asked to go to bed. The little one was up for about 15 minutes, but she is back asleep. WOW.
I have perused the blogs, worked on the dishes, cooked a big pot of soup and thought of all the other things I need to do. But I don't have to go anywhere tonight.
Tomorrow we are dropping in at Shannon and her gurlz, but that is social, not forced.
So happy.
I love being a woman. Multi tasking rules. I mean, what man out there would have soup cooking and dishes soaking while computering? HAH. And if you throw in the thoughts circulating through my mind. Wowee.
Please go here for a good laugh. I am not a TV gurl at all, but this was funny. Especially since I can relate to some of the thoughts and feelings of Steven. I love baking bread.

The ballet went fabulously - my gurl was gorgeous, her father showed up and then, my parents took her home with them.
Saturday - was a busy morning as there was some returning to Home Depot, some screen making laundry and packing. Then I drove the two hours or so to my parents (with a quick stop for a gift certificate for my Mom).
It was just before 5:00 when I got there, but we headed out to my brother's plant stash to find some plants for my flower garden and somehow ended up working for him and then there was pizza and...
Knitted on the socks - turned the heels and working up the ankle!!!! Hurray! Already working out the details (in that active mind of mine) for Dad's pair and I have some lovely yarn for Mel!!!
Sunday was a little crazy. The gurlz had handmade gifts for me, a gorgeous hanging basket and two books. (very insightful of my 6 year old and 19 month old - a little help from Oma?)
The Right to Write, an invitation and initiation into the writing life by Julia Cameron.
At Knit's End, Meditations for Women who KNIT too much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
Wonderful don't you think? My mother was very excited that I had picked up my knitting again.
The big gurl got hurt again - Sunday's are turning very dangerous for her. She fell and gouged her leg on something. Freaked out my middle brother as something similar happened to his son and then there was infection and... He was all stressed out about what plant had stuck into her leg. She seemed okay two hours later, when she was playing soccer. But I have checked it repeatedly to make sure there is no infection sneaking up her leg.
The little gurl was still ill last night, but this morning (after some 12 ++ hours of sleep sent her off to daycare. When I picked her up they said she was a little off and had gone through her clothes. Part of that was probably the fact that they have maybe a 2 hour nap at daycare and she had been napping for more than 4 hours while home with Mom.
I hope everyone else's mother's day was great!!!

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Got my fix thanks. Where are you? Not at work I think.