Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From FO to WIP

Generally speaking if I post about an FO - it has not been blocked or something.
I had 6 FOs to show off - blocked and all. But now I have 5.
I am too sad to show the 5 that are fine (and I did forget a picture of one).
Because my lovely scarf is once again a WIP. My little gurl and my nephew - the oldest brother to little Brianna - had scissors and for some reason selected my lovely scarf to clip a little whole in. I was pretty calm. It's just over two rows in moss stitch - it will invisible seam up and yay - the scarf was almost dry from it's blocking.
Last night at knit night, Charles helped me reskein the 3 pattern repeats and edge that I had knit. It was over 3 rows. 3 measly rows and only 6 stitches affected, but after a half hour of trying, I asked for a vote. Consensus was to frog. And I did. The yarn needs a good soak and then weighing before reknitting it as it is quite kinky.
Now I know why I never finish anything.
On the plus side - I finished a lovely matching head wrap for the scarf (except button and blocking).
I have not bought new yarn for at least a month. I didn't renew my Lucky Lurker's club (that really hurt) and I am not ordering any more of Robyn's sock clubs.
I still get yarn though. The last lucky lurker and plucky knitter clubs came in and I have the Tsock Flock and Scout's Swag which will run until February I believe.
I am enjoying knitting from my stash.
Now if I could get over the pain of a FO turning back into a WIP, I will be fine.
Then I will show yarny and FO-ey goodness.
OH and there is a parcel at the post office for me!!! HURRAY.
Tomorrow, tomorrow....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby ... GURL!!!

Hooray - my baby brother and SIL had their baby - a GURL!!!! Last night at 11:36 pm. They have 2 boys already and she was fairly certain this would be number 3 and really didn't want to get pregnant again (she's an athlete and wants to play football in the fall...)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wacky Wednesday....

Just a workday Wednesday.
What's happened since Saturday - Cinderella socks are done - ends woven and everything.
Cast on new socks last night. Tsock Flock #2 - it was calling my name.
Ripped out a bathroom (left the sink and toilet, but not much else).
Laundry, vacuuming, dishes and cooking done in some shape or form. Kitchen semi cleaned. Toilet cleaned.
Sick day - allergies with an edge of a cold.
Parenting, working, friending, sleeping, eating and drinking.
No knit night as friends came over to discuss the renovation issues and help with the plotting and planning.
Only 2 more days of work left....
going to bed now. Tired.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Childless Saturday...

...and so much to do, no time to knit (does seaming count?)
Megan went with Norah and her Dad today. She has been begging for awhile, but D#2 never responded quite in a positive manner. He did last weekend and we sort of planned it - and it happened today.
What will I do with myself?
Clean kitchen and bathroom
Mow Lawn - likely not as stinkin humid and not wanting to make self sick (did that a little on Tuesday and last Sunday)
Shop for - water, swimmers, nail clippers - there are 2 in this house...somewhere, bras - why is it just when they fit oh so nice, they wear out.
Garbage clean up
Vacuum car

Where am I on this list?
1 load of laundry washed
1 sink of dishes washed
paper recycling and boxes for moving friend outside
front flower bed weeded while waiting for D#2 to arrive and waterlogged tomato repotted.

I have 8 tomato plants, 4 basil plants and a half barrel of pea plants.
Nothing to compete with Finny or Robyn, but my yard needs some big machinery to help it out.
And then next year.... (or the year after that or ....)

On the knitting front, I have located all my WIP's in the living room - lots of light for the seams, and readily available. Currently I am working on sock #2 of the cinderella socks for Norah that were supposed to be for Megan(fingering weight on size 2.0). I worked the toe last night and coming up the sole - about halfway.
In the stack of WIP's are:
Firebird Socks - just need to add the embroidery
Guinevere - halfway through clue 7 (still) and # 8 yet
Moeibus scarf - a seam away from completion
Dashing - one and a bit to go
Savannah/Charleston - uhm I finished the first 6 rows
Monica - seams and straps (deseamed as hated how it looked)
Norah's baby afghan and sweater - afghan needs likely another ball and sweater - imagine that, some seams
Lizard Ridge - this is a true WIP as I will knit it when I feel like it and it does not cause me stress by being undone
Socks - to the heel on one, but doesn't appear to fit. Probably will be frogged.
Electrical Queen - crochet and a travel with me project - coming out to narrow but looks so cool
Couvercle - for Norah out of stash yarn - the knitting is done, just need to crochet the brim
Norah's Crown - I think I have 2 points done, but was working in beads this time so....
Fuzzy novelty scarf - I pick it up and knit a few rows every now and then. Lets just say I destashed the rest of this yarn.
Pop Scarf - needs blocking and decorating.
ugh I need to go now and do some of the other things on my 'non hobby list'

Monday, July 7, 2008

Follow-up to Bug

So I received a reply from the entomologist and he linked me to these and these. I kind of narrowed it down to something like this but bigger.
His reply was
Well, unfortunately, this is just the kind of "generic" insect that usually remains a mystery. I can just about guarantee that it merely 'strayed' into your home in error, though. You might try looking at images of: Darkling beetles (family Tenebrionidae, lots and lots of species, with great diversity in shapes and colors, so look carefully) Leaf beetles (family Chrysomelidae, especially genus Timarcha, but lot and lots and LOTS of species). A good website to start with is: or you could also try my book, the "Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America." I know that sounds self-serving, but seriously, it is a good basic guide that covers a lot of ground, with lots of images. The firm grip you mention leads me to think of leaf beetles in particular, as they need to keep a firm grip on leaves and twigs so they don't get blown off in the wind, or washed away by rain:-) Feel free to get back to me if you can give me more to go on, and we can keep trying. Good luck! Eric R. Eaton
Guess who is going to be super super super super super careful when bringing in laundry from outside.
I am just glad it wasn't something crazy and happy I didn't kill it out of fear.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


It is summer so bugs are expected.
I hang my laundry on the line, so the occasional bug in the house is expected. I am pretty calm about dealing with them.
However, when you are chatting on the phone and your gurlz who are watching a video start squealing about something and even though the only light is the TV you can see something large moving, it is kind of freaky.
Especially when you consider there is no door near where the bug came from and he is a little big to just slide through a crack in the screen or something. Plus that is the newly renovated room and...
ugh. I screamed, I jumped and this type of bug has those sticky feet/legs to keep it from being blown away or something. YEUCK...
No, I don't have a picture as it is all I can do not to bundle everything on the floor up and throw it out.
shivers run down the spine. Can't find it on the net anywhere, so I went to this site and asked for some help. I'll let you know what I find out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I have no pictures of the lovely time in the sun at the park with friends today and some of the cousins on the weekend. I just don't remember.
But it was a lovely weekend at my parents - a little chilly but nice. Today was yard and housework time, but that's okay - I was basically tapped out by noon and then we went to a friends and the aforementioned park.
What does Canada mean to me?
It's my home. I think I might enjoy living for a time in other countries (Holland or US being the only two visited) but this is where I was born and have lived my life to date. Biggest advantage to date - our money is coloured so I can figure out what the bill is without actually trying to read the number.
Stephanie and Katie both have some things that I heartily agree with too.
On the knitting side of life - my grasshopper scarf is done. I love it, so soft and cozy (when I say done - in this case the only thing not done is blocking - I even wove in all the ends)
Pictures will arrive eventually.
Monica is seamed (I'll wait while you pick yourself off the ground). At knit night on last Tuesday I was advised to steam block it before seaming. Excellent suggestion and this was done - just like that - on Sunday afternoon at my Mom's while she fixed some clothing. Seriously, just like that. Big gurl tried it on and loves it (mom too) and I just need to knit the straps and sew a couple embellishments on. I am super excited. Of course, I need to find the second skein of yarn as I used the leftover yarn to make crowns. Oh well.
My Moeibus ring is moving up in the world - another couple inches done - I'm going to knit (likely) until the end of the ball or 12 inches more, and then see where I am at - it is long enough to go up and over my head, but then the back of my neck will be bare....
I also used up a ball of stash yarn - Pronto, by Berocco (Gold) a bulky weight cotton/acrylic blend - HELL on the fingers after knitting with wool. I knit 75% of Couvercle for little gurl - but need to either chose another stash yarn as contrast or somehow find another ball (contrast still) to finish the last 4 rounds of the hat and then the trim and brim. Anyone? (I know when did I cast on this hat and why when there are so many things waiting to be finished...super quick knit)
No new yarn bought and currently nothing new started, however the scarf requires a hat and mitts - fingerless I think. There are 28 grams of the fingering weight left - I'm hoping it will be enough for my little hands.
Must go to sleep, cannot cast on anything else tonight....