Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots of info

That's about it folks. Busy day. Tired me. Yarn in the mail, maybe some prOn later this week. Feeling a little sick as think one order may have gone astray and it was lovely pink and cream and almost black. Hoping that it has not gone walking somewhere.
Regarding the hat I completed, just wish to say, that i love the pattern and will definitely try it again with a better yarn - closer to what they call for. Really do not like the continual roll of the brim. love the feel of the yarn though. No sweating in that hat.
The dryer of the previous post is no longer at the curb. Love that about city living. Leave something not good to you out and someones liable to take it. They better not have my yarn.
Paid a couple of bills today. Received a reduced bill in the mail, so things are looking up.
It was ballet night, and then cake and presents at Grandma's. Someone wasn't there and he is on the negative list. We'll see if he makes the recital.
I LOVE GRANDMA'S!!! Today, I called the dance supply store where I was told to go for the 'ballet pink tights' for the recital. They are open until 5:00pm. At 5:00 pm I am driving home from work. Not good. Called Grandma and she went over and picked them up at lunch. Thank you so much!!!!!
Want to start knitting a pair of socks (I swear, that's all I'm buying is sock yarn). Afraid to. HELP!!!!! I have never knit a full size pair of socks (baby bootees and socks yes - even barbie socks) So afraid that will not want to finish the second. Really want to try the two round needle thing, but bought the size 2.5 mm for the finer yarns (opal, regia, clown). The yarns I want to begin with need 3-4 mm needles. Not wanting to go buy more. I am going to see if I by chance have two the same - there are three needles that look pretty close. Then I will take the Knitty toe-up formula for any size and try from there. Or will just do one at a time on dpn. Or will dither away at it until I am too tired too think. ARRRGGGHH
am going to bed tired already. Look how long my post got. too many thoughts not enough computer space!!!
hope you all got your taxes in today (Canada eh)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

TGI Sunday Night.

What a week-end. Haven't really stopped since Friday AM.

Was just chillaxing with Bailey's coffee when Mom arrived on Friday night. Thank goodness. The gurlz were driving me crazy. Had 6 rows to knit on my hat and then to figure out the ribbon (really needed to block it but never got around to it). Finished it at 10:30 pm and then decided not to block it cause had less than twenty foru hours. It's my new updated pic on 'about us'. woowee. The hat was fun to knit and I will make it again, but need to figure out a better way to keep the brim from rolling more.

What did we do this week-end? There was the Spring Fling dance at the big gurlz school on Friday night. Walked there from our house and had a great time. Those songs are still being played ladies, and I really can't dance to them now.

Of course I was still in the midst of clean up the living room and computer room terror cause some 9 chitlins and 9 or so adults were due up on Sunday. I was making slow headway.

Saturday morning was grocery shopping time and bought a cake instead of making one. When we came home, discovered that three were not coming (two little one big) so relaxed slightly. However, we still had to get the gurlz to their respective caregivers and drive some 100 plus km to the shower. We made it.
Here's a few pics. The theme was 'garden tea party' and a great time was had by all. Not sure if you can tell, but it was in this gorgeous log house with 15 inch thick logs set back in the country just a hill climb from the lake. wow!!
Some of the hats. One was completely covered with buttons and another with all sorts of accessories. A couple of ladies wore their wedding hats.

We were home by six (four hours of driving in there - not so nice). By 7:00 pm the living room was down to two boxes and ready for inhabiting. Cake was baked at 9:00 pm and all the giftbags were done up nice - NOTE TO PARTY PLANNERS: if you change your party from an all-gurlz party to more boyz than gurlz, you need to adapt the gift bag stuff. the boyz will not want the pretty purse jewellery boxes in pick with white clouds. I did manage to make up great bags for all.

BTW - it rained and rained and rained and rained on Saturday. Sunday was looking scary.

However- Sunday was sunny and bright and hot. Sunscreen, hats and cool clothes were required (dad still had three layers, however that is the way he is)

It was a fabulous day - for a number of reasons.

pics: centre top - four in the house; left - budding artists; centre bottom - okay everyone BLOW! adults are Aunt Krista, Me and Don. Kids are 4 nephews and niece and the gurlz
  1. Nothing really bad happened. The worst was the sunburn on Oma and the dirt on the clothes. And the oldest kidz of each family had a few MELTDOWNS

  2. I have a dryer - that not only works but has different heat settings and looks like it may be younger than me. I wish to make note that it was not a requirement of attending however, my oldest brother and his father in law fixed up this dryer for me and this was a day when there were a few people around to help out.
  3. Dad and middle bro lugging the old dryer.

  4. My washing machine is no longer hooked to the laundry tub sink - brand new taps and pipes. As stated under number 2, however since the boyz had the dryer out, i asked them to look at the washer and a group consultation, two trips to Canadian Tire and Don's house, i have new taps and pipes and things are beautiful! Thank you boyz

  5. My house is cleaner than on Friday night. But my fridge is full of food - anyone want to come for dinner?
  6. Although the little gurl looked ill when she got up, Oma stayed home from church with her and she looked like a different child when we got home. She did not slow down at all and yes, it was her clothes that required demudding. - however one of the big gurlz clothing may be irreparable.

  7. Oh and the shirt of little gurl that was almost ruined at her dad's looks good as new. I have not the patience to scrub and scrub, but I asked my mom and she fixed it up good.

  8. Finally - they are asleep and I am able to catch up on the news.

This week is nasty week as Monday and Wednesday are ballet and Thursday I am in Mississauga for training and I have a number of projects at work to wind up. Please get healthy gurlz.

And now for some pictures of a diva in the making!

Soaking the tired and dirty feet, very carefully. The little gurl got in on the action too, but the camera had been put away. Isn't she beautiful?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yarn Pron - special delivery!

Well - it was a wet day. And the allergy testing. AND THE MAIL!!!!! (i got a lot at work too, but it is not fun stuff like this!!! When I came home tonight there were 3 packages. The box was not really for me as I bought Barbie some clothes and stuff on eBay. Megan is playing happily with them right now!!

Below the box however is my stuff!!!!

The two sweet paper rolls and the kitty card are from Spindle Cat Studio. There is more yarn coming, but wanted to show these off. The greenybrown is called crisp and is a 100% merino wool that requires handwashing. The tabby coloured yarn is called tabbymix (d) baby soft! and is 75% superwash wool, 25% nylon. I love these colours. The little card has 5 stitch markers on it with leopard/lapis theme.

The other yarn in the picture is koigu kpppm in k400 (2 skeins) and Scarlet Fleece in raspberry & kiwi, 80% merino/20% nylon. The colours are fabulous.

Of course, the mail also included a bill and a notice that because one of the gurlz turns 6 this month, the federal childcare supplement for her will cease. I guess you get the good with the bad! My camera doesn't do the colours justice!

On a positive note, I only have about 7 more rows to go on the brim of the hat. Worked on it while waiting at the allergist today. He saw me some 7 years ago and was mildly surprised at the changes in my life. Great man - very personable as doctors go (considering was sticking holes in my arm).

Must go prepare for the birthday and clean and... you know the main reason is that my mother is coming and if I don't do it she will and I know I've not been as good as I could.

Hopefully will have updates on Sunday night with the completed hat and birthday!

have a fabulous week-end everyone!

(ps - i am going to work tomorrow but i feel better for saying that)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baking !!!

Just a quick note.
Mixed up cookie dough - chocolate cream cheese sugar cookies! Yum! Recipe will turn into fishy shaped delightfuls tomorrow (fishy theme b-day party).
See my new link, cause I joined the 'A Year in Bread, Come Bake with us' group! So excited.
Going to make homemade pizza crust for B-day girl. Course will need to find just right sauce as she is slightly picky. Figure pizza can go in oven while lasagna is resting!

Dishes - still waging the war on those.
housework - well now I will have these great bread recipes to work with!!!!
Sleep - yeah yeah, tired whatever!


What a night. (and this morning was about the same with the screaming fits).
As stated to Jacque (this kitten knits) my hat goes off to all the stay at home parents. Today was one of those days where I LOVE my JOB! (and not only because it enables my shopping)

Work was fine - blah blah blah.

The evening started relatively well. Agreed upon meal (pastarriffic = KD) with fresh veggies. While it was cooking, I reviewed my emails, checked out my new knitting accessory kit (Clover brand) and got mentally psyched for housework, cooking and paperwork organization.
Big gurl had a nap - no kidding! PJ day at daycare (cause no school) and she comes home and falls asleep like that. Managed to wake her up once dinner was ready (she was starving). Don't laugh, cause I've had occasions where she goes to sleep at 5:30 -6:00 pm and doesn't get up for 12 to 13 hours - no food. This was not one of those occasions.
Gurlz had dinner and ate it all up - Yay!

The crap hit the fan over dessert. I said pudding, jello or applesauce. She wanted granola. The volume that gurl can make - and then her sister started because I dragged them both out of the cupboards. I ignored them. Thought about a nice strong beverage - but I have allergy testing tomorrow and don't want to skew it or anything. You know the thing about allergy testing? when it happens during allergy season All those lovely flowers pollinating and then there is the perfume and the dust and the cat hair and... It has been 4 very hard days, but tomorrow morning, they will test me and prescribe and then all better (whatever). Thinking about drinking made me thing about Wendy's Blog, knit and tonic. Wanted a tonic of some sort!!!! Me being best mom in the world, simply took pictures!

Then out of the blue, the big one gets a bowl and some pudding and even helps her sister out and life is sweet for about 10 minutes. I think the big gurl is teething (loose tooth etc) so I had given her some drugs to take away the pain. She asked to watch a video and since the dishes and lasagna and cookie dough was calling, I said okay. Put the DVD in (computer) and walked away.
The next thing I know she is whineyelling that it's not starting and start it right not Mommy. I told her to ask nicely and believe me, she did not. So I said no video. The little one was tired so I tucked her into bed.
10 minutes later (sense a trend here) the big one offers to help and I suggest the dishes. She did a whole sinkful!!!! Then helped me set up the lasagna, and then she went to bed. I still need to do the dishes (pots and pans) and the cookie dough. Then I get to go to bed.

Question of the day: How are you so patient when you are waiting for that yummy yarn to arrive? The only thing keeping me sane is that I have no time to work on it, so it will be put away (to hide it from my mother also) until sometime next month.

I linked to Scout's swag, cause I am going to do some shopping there - in the fall. I should have recovered financially by then!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things that need to be done but...

Want to... need to... going to... and I did... well I made it to work.

Ran into the Knitting Habit while the big gurl was at dance rehearsal - had about 4 minutes before closing. Picked up the Addi Turbo circulars so as to work on a pair of socks. Susan mentioned a class that will be coming in May, and am really tempted - need to find a place for the gurlz, maybe Grandma will take them one Monday, and the next they can go to D & D or even... Will need to hurry up and make a decision. The class is to learn how to knit a pair of toe-up socks without a pattern from any yarn. Like that idea.

Work was crazy busy plus there was a lunch for a co-worker who is moving up to Toronto to work. Free lunch though cause Todd somehow felt he should pay for it. His statement was that he is "single, with no-one to spend it on and we were cheap dates". There were 12 of us. Oh well - I wasn't arguing. I think he is still trying to catch Kelly and she is not interested.

Bought some more fishy themed stuff for the gurlz birthday. Need to take stock of the cupboards and then will be ready. Tomorrow night is the time as there is nowhere (I think, hope, pray) that we have to be.

That's all for now - thanks Mel for offering to take the big gurl. We will get together for dinner yet.

Monday, April 23, 2007

And I did what?

I need to clarify something. On Saturday night, when I blogged, I stated i would probably end up on the couch. Imagine my surprise when not only did I not, but all the laundry was folded and basketted (gurlz) and mine was put away. Then I made my bed with the clean sheets (after despidering one) and crawled in. What inspired me? I put those very dirty clothes in the wash, and since I don't trust my laundry pipes, I had to stay up until the load was done and hung up. Which reminds me, it should be dry by now.
I am not anti-technology, ore dryer/TV but the dryer is broke and a lot of the clothes don't dryer well. With regards to TV - we were looking at getting one for Christmas, however the house purchase and all that took up more of our $$ then expected and really, we don't want a TV. Our computer is great for showing DVDs and this way, I have extra space for my craft supplies.
Work was, well work. I realize that i didn't do a whole lot last week - shuffle papers it seemed. That's actually being a little harsh on myself, but it was the 'middle work'. The get started on it, send letters and then wait for information that looks like nothing got done work. Made up for it today, and will tomorrow too.

Question - do those baby carrots in the little bags go bad? or could they have salmonella poisoning on them? or is only eating baby carrots for dinner because you are driving your gurl to ballet and have no time not a good thing? I had good intentions, however when I left work, it downpoured and I got wet (my knitting and purse didn't cause I covered them with my coat). Anyways, I didn't dry before I got home, so I quick changed into my comfy cozies and then I remembered that the minister needed to be paid (cause you know when you go to church with it and don't see him just before you leave it comes home with you) and ended up on the phone with him for a couple of minutes and then horrors of horrors nothing healthy in the fridge except baby carrots.
The gurlz had crackers and cheese and big glass of milk. The minister got his cheque.

The hat fits. I picked up the stitches for the brim and got into that during lunch. May not be going to the wedding shower cause not sure what to do with the big gurl. Might see if Melinda wants her for about six hours. Mel - let me know when you read this.
Am looking at the next project and also at the UFOs. Can't decide what to do, cause to start the socks, i need to pick up matching circulars (otherwise I will finish one but never the other). Thought about Fetching/Dashing or maybe a poncho/capelet. The knit.1 zine with the pattern for the hat has a delightful one, and I have some yarn that would make a lovely one. But then I want to try needle felting on it and then...

What I need to do is the dishes and then find the papers for the work meeting.
And the lasagna, and that bill sitting in front of me that is due on... Saturday?!?!?! Why? Can't they just go the extra distance to put it on the next normal business day? arrgghh

That coat I mentioned earlier? I wore it on Saturday too, a nice lightweight jean jacket. Last time I wore it was December 15 or so - when I changed my address on my licence and ownership. Found the ownership and insurance folder in the pocket (along with some sort of cookie). That answers the beginning of April question and the tearing up of the car for it.

have a great night!

OH - to do my governmental duty - taxes are due April 30th folks - you've got a week.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday - and blessing of some sort or other.

It was a nice Sunday. Weather wise - it got up to 30 at one point. Didn't feel like it to me - I had pants and socks and hoodie on - some people were in swimwear.
Little one went to her dad's and the big one and I went to church. They sang Jesus Loves Me and she knows the words and just sang her heart out. Love that!
Big one played awhile, and then napped while I got to knit - my goal was to finish the crown of the hat before it was time to go bowling. I did it!!
Bowling was fabulous. They have five pin, which is great.
Now the mortification. The big gurl beat me on the first game. (I beat her on the second by 3 points) I don't remember the score, but she was at least 20 points ahead. Fell down a couple of times - I think they deliberately wax my shoes a little more. They even gave me the 'good sport' prize. I explained it to the gurl and she kind of laughed, but stated - 'AT LEAST YOU WON A PRIZE' True, true. There was chocolate - the Icy moritz squares, nice consolation. They were good. A golf something or other which I gave to 'her Don', and a book of Kakuro puzzles. The best part according to the gurlz was the 'extra' prize bag on the outside. All the kids received a prize bag, which is good otherwise there would have been whining.
I had fund, but it's hard to lose to your almost 6 year old. Of course when the games were over, I bowled a strike and a spare in a row. Oh well.
Since 'her Don' was there the big gurl was in heaven. Don and I decided to have dinner at his house since Diane(wife) is in Montreal and i had these lovely burgers and corn on the cob available and he has a BBQ.
Picked up the little one since we were around the corner anyways.
(Don and Diane are friends of mine from work. Megan and Don have this great friendship that belies the age difference. He calls her Mugsy and she calls him 'My Don".)

Have you ever seen a small child get acquainted with a cat? The little gurl and Pandy, the cat, have met before, but again, the boundary testing. Children are so smart and know just when they've gone far enough, but you know they want to try one more time. I watched it happen. It was beautiful! The girl and the cat staring each other down. The cat allowing the petting until out swipes the paw. There were no claws involved, but by the scream and shaking that occurred, you would have thought her eyes were clawed out. Same thing an hour or so later - and that time all the cat did was walk by her. Love Kids!
Not sure if will be home tomorrow as the big gurlz tummy still not right. I'm hoping to go to work, cause I need a break from my gurlz.

Someone asked me again today how I was enjoying being back to work (it's been 7 months now). I answered honestly. i love it, it's great. She just looked at me and I stated If I was at home, I would probably be looney or in trouble with the law or something. I love my gurlz, but I can't be with them day in and day out all the time. Need adult stimulation.
Am I the only one who feels this way? I mean, it's hard work to stay at home with your kids all the time and my hat goes off to those that do.

On the knitting front, before I sleep tonight I plan on having the crown completed - it should look like a hat - right now it's a funny tube.

For a nice laugh today...

The Guys' Rules
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally , the guys' side of the story.
(I must admit, it's pretty good.)
We always hear " the rules" from the female side.
Now here are the rules from the male side.
These are our rules!
Please note.. these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!
1. Men are NOT mind readers.
1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down.
1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.
1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.
1. Crying is blackmail.
1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:

  • Subtle hints do not work!
  • Strong hints do not work!
  • Obvious hints do not work!
  • Just say it!
1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.
1. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.
1. If you won't dress like the Victoria 's Secret girls, don't Expect us to act like soap opera guys.
1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us.
1. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.
1. You can either ask us to do something.
Or tell us how you want it done. Not both.
If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.
1. Whenever possible, Please say whatever you have to say during commercials.
1. Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions and neither do we.
1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings.
Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit.
We have no idea what mauve is.
1. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.
1. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," we will act like nothing's wrong.
We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.

1. If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, Expect an answer you don't want to hear.
1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really.
1. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as SEX, CARS, the shotgun formation, or BASKETBALL.
1. You have enough clothes.
1. You have too many shoes.
1. I am in shape. Round IS a shape!
1. Thank you for reading this.

Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; but did you know men really don't mind that? It's like camping.

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

The weekend is for ... resting?

Saturday was busy?!?!?!
I'm not sure. I took it kind of easy this morning (Yep slept on the couch, and the way things are going will be there again tonight). Made banana pancakes at the big one's request - feeling better thank goodness (however did have to detour shopping to buy more drugs for her)
I'd love to say it's because I didn't do anything, but the car is clean - windows, dash and floor.
The front porch has been vacuumed so the gurlz can play there while I'm cooking or cleaning or something.
The little one was up and down, up and down, up and down. And had stopped worrying about her and then get to watch her tumble down. She has a slight mark on the head but otherwise is fine. Mommy had a glass of wine with her dinner - settle my nerves or something like that.
Cooking food for family dinner.
The big one turns 6 next Sunday, and since I've made the rule (for myself) that have to use the food in the house up - I'm talking about the preserved foods that may have moved with me twice already. Sheila Wray Gregoire, who has a website here,, writes a reality check column and she has some good points. The first one I received was about how we go grocery shopping every week because we have no food, but if we sat down and figured it out, we would have some $450 plus in the house. She suggested using these products and trying to buy what you need instead of storing it for...
I challenged my friend Melinda to try to inventory and work our way through the cupboard and fridge and freezer. There are some things we have to buy - milk, fruit and vegetables, but the rest - do we even know what we have? I know I don't.
So I decided I was making lasagna for birthday dinner. The big one won't eat it but it's her party she can cry if she wants to. And I am making the black forest tart or squares that Woof Nanny had a link to. I had everything except the cherries.
The cake or whatever gets made will be from what's in the cupboards too.
As a note, this isn't just for the birthday - I'm not chintzing the big Gurl. Trying to do this daily, using up what we have. Since I don't know what's there, it's a little hit and miss, but the Lipton's sidekicks pasta primavera was good for dinner and there were some taco chips for the picky ones.
Of course, now I have to start doing that with my crafting. But the yarn is so yummy and well, that would look better in this colour and...
Back to today's activities, the car cleaning took a couple of hours, the naps took at least an hour, shopping this morning - I bought more clothes for me, can we say 'necessities'. You know it's time to replace the undies, when if you move one way, you push out and without major lift action, can't get back in place.
I knit one whole row on the hat. Less than a week to go - and not much time in that week either. I can forgo sleeping I guess, not that big a deal except for falling asleep in front of the boss and...
Need to put the sauce for the lasagna in the fridge as went blog lurking (I did comment on a few) and then someone had more links to yummy yarn on Etsy...
I stayed strong though.
Tomorrow the little one is going with her dad, cause the big one and I are going bowling with a crew from work. Must find our where that is. Meant to call and ask, but the sun was shining and the car was dirty.
Dirty ARRGGHH - the pants the Little one wore for the very first time must clean the dirt from them.
As a sidenote, I won on This Kitten Knits - and yes that is a true story about the big one!

Have a blessed Sunday and I am going to try to hit Insubordiknit's Yarn Shop tomorrow night.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Home with Sick Kid and Not Sick Kid

It's been a day. Lots of sunshine - hung the laundry outside, but need to put up the clothesline because I ran out of room. Chased the little gurl through mud puddles and down the driveway and out of the bathroom. The big gurl - she was sick. I have to admit that I am blessed with my gurlz in that they are not miserable/whiny/nasty sick kids. I've seen those and they are scary. Princess Diaries 1 and 2 was watched, along with fishy music DVD (she loves sharks! - who knew). Some Obedience and Goodness videos (have to get the good in even when they are sick). The little one was ... well ... she made up for the big one. Into everything and testing all the limits. And picking on the big one. HOKEY SMOKES! When you have to give an 18 month old a time out because she has beat up her sister (no blood, just climbing all over and pesting), but first have to yell to be heard over the screaming, you have a problem. My tenant, Tammy, confessed to actually hearing the gurlz screaming/crying. It's a regular house and so there is no extra insulation between floors, but this was the first time. She knows that we hear her discussions with Shed, loud and clear. We usually end up with apology gifts.
Anyways, I feel bad about my 'faking sick' comment from yesterday. The poor gurl is running a temperature of 102 to 103 whenever the drugs wear off. She drank lots, and ate yogurt, mashed potatoes and baby Mum Mums. Was devastated when I didn't let her outside this morning, but even though the sun was hot enough to burn skin, the air still had a nip in it. We went for a walk this afternoon and she played outside for maybe 10 minutes, and then went in. The fresh air will do her good, but I just want her better. Complaining of a sore throat and neck though - neck probably from the angle of the screen.
I have found the most amazing coloured yarn!!!! Although I don't have a cat and sometimes make unfriendly comments or move away from cats and their people, I LOVE CATS. But I am allergic to them so I avoid them. Anyways, someones blog linked me to Etsy. WOW!!! I love Pierre the Yarn Snob's yarn. Picked up a skein of his yarn. While looking at the 'new' listings, I noted a beautiful multicoloured yarn that looked like a cat that we had growing up. I bought a variety. Then I went to look at her past products. WOW. Can you say cat yarn? The colourways make me think of kittens. I originally bought the yarn for socks, however, I think the little pull skein I picked up is turning into a little stuffed cat - going to try a pattern I have somewhere. If you want to see, go to (i think that is the link)
Picked up some cute stitch markers. Love them, but also thinking of sending to a new friend. Will see what happens.
Meant to finish the hat today, however, while working on pattern repeat number 5, I counted the rows and realized I had missed one just before cable number 3 - so I frogged it. This was a big thing for me, cause part of me said - No one will know BUT I WOULD! and for many years, if I screwed up, I just stopped. So it's coming along nicely and before I go to sleep, I will finish one more pattern repeat...
Oh, maybe not, just remembered the clean laundry from Wednesday's sick day and today - waiting for me to finish folding - ON MY BED! which needs the clean sheets put back on and... maybe I will sleep on the couch tonight?
One other thing I did was work on organizing paperwork. Hate that. But I keep the books for my church and someone in this house (little) decided to pull out the file folders a few months ago and well, it's filing time. Didn't finish that either.
Wanted to put in pictures of the yarn picked up at LYS last week. Sitting waiting for me. Along with the pattern of a tank top wanted to make for last summer. Will try today.
Oh - Jacque, I love the stuff from White Lies Designs. Too many patterns, so little time.

ps. have you seen what comes up when you spellcheck frogged? funny to me.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knit, fold and rules

Knitted some more on the hat today. Lunch and quilt was more of a chat fest as I did nothing more than last week.(found the missing blocks so that accounts for something). So while others were chatting, I knitted. I have this rule that I try to follow with knitting and a standard pattern - Work to the end of the pattern repeat or if a long pattern, to a natural break. Since this pattern has a six row repeat and I had stopped the night before at row 4, I completed rows 5 (cable row) and 6. I really like the pattern and the knitting is going well, but I think my head is too big.
Found a use for some of my scrappin' paper stash. At work we have an annual meeting for our division and I offered to help. We need big tic tac toe boards and the origami 'matchmaker'. As our budget is limited, I offered to provide the paper - 12 x 12. Figured could get rid of something to a good cause. The bright green paper is for the tic tac toe board and the matchmaker is going to be done in a vintagey pattern. Don't know why I ever bought it, but the group loves it.

Further to the rules of yesterday, it was confirmed for me that I need to be a) deathly ill or b) having surgery in order to be home without the gurlz. Now for some reason I don't think I would be home if I had either of those problems, but that's just me. I also asked what would happen if 1 of the gurlz was ill, could I send the other? No.
So of course tonight, Megan is not feeling well - didn't even eat dinner, just a big cup of juicey water. I gave her some drugs (legal ones) but she was still complaining her head hurt. I think she may have a little bit of heat stroke or something (I'm very susceptible) and the sun was really hot today. Or she's already using the 'I'm sick so i can't do my homework routine.'
Need to find all my bills and find out which haven't been paid yet.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tired, Rules and some crafty stuff.

Exhaustion = parenting.
I've cried three times today I'm so tired.
When I dropped Megan at daycare, I was informed that even if I was home sick, she couldn't be there if I wasn't at work. I receive a subsidy to help pay for my childcare (otherwise I couldn't afford to work. I left her there anyways because she was going straight to school. Norah went to daycare too, because I had never been told this before.
Fast forward three hours and I receive a phone message stating the gurlz can't be at daycare if I am at home. Period. Upon further clarification - surgery or deathly ill would be acceptable reasons to send to daycare. Great. So when I'm just sick to the point of hardly being able to stand up (not today's situation but) I can care for my gurlz - FACS should have a heydey with that one. I'm not a bad mother ma'am/sir but I couldn't stand up myself so ...
Since I really can't afford to pay more for daycare than I already do, I raced out and picked up the gurls. No sleep for Mommy. My oldest is so tired that she is... well it rhymes with itchy. The little one had a great nap and is ready to wind down. Me, I can hardly see what I am typing. I confess that I did not sleep all morning while the gurlz were gone, I even did some computer stuff, but that was because, I was aiming for a nap - 11:30 to about 3:00. Not to late that wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.
I got some knitting done though, and talked with Jacque from This Kitten Knits . She has the sweetest knitting markers and introduced me to some beautiful yarn. However, as there is yarn all over the house and I have some coming in the mail, I will have to wait a few months before I can afford Shokay. The hat is coming along nicely, and maybe will be done this week-end.
Need to go find the quilt block stuff for Quilt and Lunch tomorrow, and also some 12 x 12 paper for that activity at work.
Then the gurlz to bed, hang up the laundry and off to bed Mommy. Think will take good strong allergy pill - the drowsy kind!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dizzy Dancing and a Hat

Gurlz = pretty things and dance. Two nights in a row. But she was just beaming when she came out and Emira, from daycare, said she was bouncing off the wall. That's okay then, it makes it all worth it.

I have a finished object. Crocheted, but completed nonetheless. Megan wanted a poncho and we found a pattern at Zellers and the yarn was on for buy one get one free. So we bought enough for the hat and the poncho. I started the granny squares right away. There were six different designs (three colour selections) and I made one of each. By the last one, I was reminded why I don't have a granny square skirt (i want one so bad). The ends, finishing the ends. Even with working over as many as I could, there were so many ends, the squares looked fuzzy. It looked like Megan was not going to get the poncho.

Then we went to H&M and there was the sweetest poncho for $13.90 cdn (about $15 with tax). After a debate (they are not as well made as we would like) the green/orange/pink one came home with us. But I still had these completed granny squares and felt like the ultimate heel (we reserve this for the daddy's to be) so I started on the charming hat that was with the poncho.

Since I don't do gauge swatches, the hat was tried on at round three. "It's too tight! We'll have to give it to Kadyn, or my sister." aaarrrgggghhhh. Frustration set in - it wasn't even finished. But since I wanted to make a hat for myself, I was determined to finish it. What's a mother to do for 1/2 an hour while #1 daughter is dancing? Crochet on the hat (and chase daughter #2 out of the toilets and change her bum...) When the class was done, the hat was almost done, so I had Megan try it on. She loved it. Even smiled through the comment that should make tea cozies (it sort of looks like one) and the girl has confessed to being greatly enamored of tea. Might even make her a tea cozy.
Monday night while awaiting the final bid from eBay for my Koigu, I completed the hated task of weaving in the ends and cutting and ... (the Koigu is mine along with some scarlet fleece tubular x 2 hand painted luxury yarn)

The hat on the floor - most neutral background.

The hat on Megan - 7:00 am just out of bed and look at that!!!

Bernat cottontots in strawberry, very berry and lovely lilac. From their Bernat, Kool Kids (to knit & crochet).

The hat went to the doctor for the annual check up, both girls are healthy. She wore it to school for gym and daycare and rockhunting and ballet. Oh and supper at pizza hut. I think from now on I will complete something for her and then see. (unless of course it is really horrible, then I will frog it and start something else)

The cable hat for me has made it's way onto the knitting needles. I've changed it slightly as I don't have the right size dpn or circular, so I am using the Lovely Lilac from Bernat and a size 4 needle. No gauge done so...

To correctly report the pattern, it is from, knit.1 spring 2007 issue and is called cable rib hat. Pattern calls for Organic Cotton by Lion Brand yarn on 3.75 needle. I'm a little different. We shall see what happens.
Of course, there are always the UFO's in the corner of my room.
Need to go to sleep because the little one has not been sleeping the night lately.

Monday, April 16, 2007

the insubordiknit art yarn club

Oh my goodness - I joined a club. And it doesn't look like it will be your ordinary club.
The insubordiknit artyarn club.
I get to make a monster hat!! and some really cool yarn.
Also waiting on bids for some koigu and other sock yarn, cause alot of the sites i've been going to have sweet patterns. I should probably try a pair before creating a stash but need a stash.
First though need to do the hat thing... knit one or Amy Butler design?
We'll see

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday ..... unlike the others.

Sundays - as a child they were the day when you did nothing but have fun/rest. There was always church in the morning and night, but in between you could explore the world. Sleep in until about 8:00, read a book, watch a Disney special, craft, visit a friend, family get togethers. Work was unknown and unless you desperately needed gas you didn't buy anything.
I'm not sure what's happened, but my Sunday has changed quite a bit. Often I find myself finally finishing the laundry, dishes and housework. With kids you seldon sleep in, because they have their weekday routine and messing it up is not a good thing. Since you're up at 6:00 am you do all those housework tasks, pay bills, forget to shower and end up racing out the door so you can walk into church 5 minutes late. After church, I'm so exhausted by the time we get home that all I can do is put the little one, coat and all, in bed - praying that she'll sleep for another hour, and either convince the big one to nap too, or play quietly while I nap.
Today was different. The gurlz woke me from a deep sleep at some point this morning, but then played happily while I caught another hour or so of mild sleep. It was 8:00 when i entered the kitchen (one dirty diaper changed). Of course it was 8:15 before i got the first cup of coffee, but it was worth it. The gurlz played (norah getting into things she shouldn't) and it was almost a leisurely morning.
Funny that, I should have been anxious as family was due that afternoon and they hadn't seen the new house and they have three boys. But, megan had already decided that we were having homemade pizza and salad for supper and dessert was being brought. No rushed cooking of this and that although a stop at Zehrs was required as both milks were running low.
We were at church before it started - and since we moved 20 minutes as opposed to 5 minutes away, this is no small feat. Megan behaved in church - no squealing and whining that she wanted to go to babysit and was os tired and... Poor Barb behind me didn't have her morning entertainment.
After church, we needed groceries. A houseful of gurlz doesn't have all the right stuff for four boys, plus norah's sippy cups were being replaced. Spill proof???? Hello !??!?!!? the milk was pouring out of it. Sorry Gerber and Avent, but enough is enough. She's a Playtex girl now - they even have cool 3D designs on them.
I actually had time to sit quietly and crochet before the boys arrived. And Oma, what a surprise and a Godsend - I didn't even stress and believe me for the neatness upstairs, my bedroom is disaster (wasn't that the first place she went to see what i had done). Krista, my sister-in-law is finishing up her ministership courses (already has the degree but needs some courses - hence the new word).
It was a great visit. My oldest brother, Garret, checked out the broken dryer and determined, it was easier to fix a newer old one that his father-in-law has and then put together the handreel mower he brought. Yes, we are going Green here. If my muscles hold up and the lawn is more level than it actually looks.
The boys are justin (8), daniel (3) and calvin (1). Add in norah (18mth) and megan (5.95) and you have a party. Poor daniel often got the shaft because he is too little for one group and too big for the other. He survived though.
Supper was fun. Kudos to justin for letting daniel have the last bi-coloured pudding cup. Of course the peach pie and whipped cream was way better but to each his own.
Because i work for the income tax department (CRA), i help my older brothers and my sister with their tax returns. (david has his own business and i would rather not screw that up). Garret came to get his taxes done and help out where he could. He took back their old computer, so i have more space for my craft supplies.
Speaking of taxes - only two more weeks folks (in Canada) April 30th is the due date (unless you are self-employed then it is june 30th). But all bills must be paid by april 30th or they will start adding interest the next day.
Anyways, the boys and oma left and us gurlz are winding down. Norah is asleep and megan is playing something (involves a lot of talking to herself). Me - i have to make a hat for a wedding shower on the 28th and I found one i like in knit 1 (vogue knitting's more affordable and reasonable 'zine). That's the problem with shoppping without a list - you always go down that aisle...
I think i will go dig through my stash for the right yarn. Talk to you later.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The beginning of...

OK - this is the second try at this. I am a single mom with two girls just surviving the day to day of life and here is my blog.
I am inspired by Finny Knits, Knitsy Bitsy Spider, Woof Nanny and a few others - check my list of favourite sites.
The pictures are coming, but my thoughts of how it should work and technologies ideas - they don't always go hand in hand.
I have to confess that you may find words in here that well aren't really words. If I can't think of or find the right word, I create it.