Thursday, May 17, 2007

caffeine...not good?!!?!?

Started the day off okay, but it went downhill.
Upset stomach most of the day. I'm tossing between faulting the coffee or the peanut butter. This is MAJOR problem. They are big favourites and if they are setting me off, then I am in trouble.
But that aside, the lawn is mowed and trimmed to the extent that my 25? foot cord would reach. If that is 50 feet it is really short. This even with the direct energy sales guy coming round to lock in my rates for five years and... HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Not living single and free have things to do. Can't you just send me a letter or something and I will read it next year??
The special project at work is progressing very very slowly. Wanted to be done by end of tomorrow so wouldn't have to deal with it after the long weekend. Guess not.
Ruined a legal assistant's day today. I DID NOT MEAN TO. I didn't write the ITA, I just do what they tell me.
Knitting was done last night on the socks. Would have progressed further, however measured out the remaining yarn versus the amount needed per row in order to determine when to start the ribbed cuff. I have enough for approximately 20 more rows and since 10 rows make about an inch, I will do 10 more stockinette and 10 ribbed and they will be done. I could start the second set of pull skeins, but I want them to match with my almost black - contrast heels and toes. It will probably happen tomorrow night as tonight I still have to fold the laundry on my bed and empty the dryer and... if I could actually find the letters I wanted on the keyboard this would go much faster.
I was shocked! astounded! almost speechless! so happy! validated! to see that the great Wendy Knits used the same sock pattern as me. Here is me with my first pair of socks using the same toe and heel that she is. WOW.
Her blog is having comments issues though so I couldn't tell her.
I love the grasshopper socks she is knitting. Please visit her for more information and don't steal anything. But maybe I have done just what she said not to? Can anyone tell me if I have hotlinked her or just linked her by putting the comment in my post???? I put a link ont he side and I know that is okay. I think it is okay cause, I have seen similar links in hers but I hope I can sleep tonight over this.
arrgghh excuse me a moment while I go review what she was talking about
Okay, okay I think I have done this right. Thank you Wendy for your links and guides to internet etiquette. This blogging thing is harder than I thought. I mean, I know how to write, but there are so many RULES!!!!!
Taking allergy meds tonight as not good at all. Only doing a half (yes mom) and hopefully will not totally destroy me. (of course if the little one wakes up screaming from gas pain twice again tonight it won't matter anyways).

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Melody said...

i love that you ramble..(i mean that in a good way) i laughed when you excused yourself from typing your own blog to read something in another! have a great weekend