Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another LYS closing

Yesterday, I went to buy the needles I 'thought' I needed in order to start my father's socks. The LYS was closed and a sign up stated they would only be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Everything in the store is 40% off. I went back today, and bought a few balls of yarn and a different needle. The socks were already on my dpns. Now I have to go back for other dpns cause, there are a couple of projects that need working.
And at 40% off, my self imposed no more yarn buying is gone out the window as I pick up some of the yarns that are very pricey.
Some came home, some more will.
As the socks are in the drawer at my desk at work, I started on the tank for the big gurl. The yarn is different so I am actually knitting a test swatch and I need to go get some 4.25 mm cause the 4.5 is too big and the 4.0 is to small. I need to make a detailed organized list of my needs and bring the patterns in order to get the right stuff.
We'll see.
Pictures will be coming of the completed socks, but I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, Friday. So maybe Saturday.


woof nanny said...

Thank you for the kind offer of the neckties. I get email notification that you commented, but it doesn't include your email address (you have to click on the box in your settings for it to come up if you want that--I just found that out). My own computer is so slow that it won't always let me leave comments on blogs, so I can't always respond (I'm on a client's computer right now). But email me again with your addy and I'll talk with you that way.

insubordiknit said...

ohhh, check out ravelry! it's an knitter's organizational utopia!