Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged - 7 random things about me

I've been tagged by Jacque.
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7 Random Things about ME!

1. I hate living alone. Kids don't really count as they aren't going to defeat the boogie monsters for me. Having kids has helped in that, I will defend them and fly out of bed for them. But late at night, when something makes a sound and wakes me up - I lie cowering waiting for the evil to come. The worst is when you fall asleep in the midst of the cowering and your dreams manifest your fears. I think there was one night where I woke from a dream into a dream into a dream until finally I was really awake. Since I was a kid it's been this way - you should have seen me run from the bedroom door to the bathroom - the staircase from downstairs was right there and I could see the wolves (that opened the front door and walked in but couldn't come all the way up) and other creatures. My mother can't comprehend it - but whenever I am at their house (it's the worst place for it) the lights are on if no one else is home.

2. I want to write something - book, article whatever. The funny thing is that I know how to write - in my head. The things I've created would knock you over. But putting pen to paper - actually writing it down, I reach that block wall that is insurmountable. The thoughts are there, but the rest of my subconscious works to whip the inspiration out of me. Maybe someday.

3. Procrastination is second nature to me. When I want to do something - get out of my way. But if something is tedious, has to be done or just requires more time or energy than I am ready for, it can wait. However a lot of things get finished in the 9th hour and turn out very well. The problem is the guilt that eats at you as you think about or even worse see the unfinished ...

4. As a child I was a fish - I swam and swam and you could seldom get me out of the water. Going to the lake was fabulous - I stayed in for hours and played and played. Now - it takes a lot to get me in the water. It seems so meaningless. Or, I know I am going to burn so, forget about it.

5. I hate clutter. Yet I'm lousy at getting rid of stuff, and I'm always buying cluttery things. Knickknacks, books, baking utensils, craft supplies - even crafts that I don't know how to do. Everything has it's correct spot, however, I haven't put up those shelves or cleaned or... One of these days things will be organized.

6. Many of my faults were caused by my parents. They both read a lot - that's me. Something due tomorrow - I should have enough time in the morning to finish it. Shopping - we went every weekend (may have been the thrift store) but that sure breeds a nasty habit. Chocolate? Wine? Housekeeping? Dishes? ... They all can be attributed to them. However, I'm guessing I should have learned from them somehow or other.

7. Except for the nausea, I enjoyed my pregnancies. I'm sorry for those who had difficult childbirth, but it was fairly easy. Anti climatic after 9 months. Parenting on the other hand... well there are books out there for that. Some days you get it right and some days you don't. Hopefully the gurlz will forgive and forget and grow into good people.

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woof nanny said...

ha! The first one made me smile, because I can so relate. Keep in mind I'm a house-sitter, alone in strange homes, with a vivid imagination and a tendency to watch forensic shows...
Yeah, I know.
I will add my thoughts soon (after I figure out what to say) but I don't think I'll tag anyone, if that's okay. I don't mind memes myself though :)

gurlygurl said...

I don't know 7 people who blog. Just you and one other friend. Does that mean I am friendless.....

Susan said...

was not even sure what you meant when you said I was tagged.. but here I am .. not what are these rules???