Sunday, May 27, 2007

the complete and total FUTILITY of it all

Housework - this word is dreaded by women and some men the world around. For me, it's not that I really mind doing it. I like a clean house. I obsess about the cleanliness in my house.
Okay you wouldn't know that about me for the past month (since the big gurlz birthday, I only get halfway and then I have to do something else. Amazing how many dishes you have when they are all out of the cupboards.
Today was clean the house day. I started with the dishes first thing this morning (6:00 am) and then dove into the computer/office/ upstairs playroom. Things went well. The room stayed clean - 5 whole minutes. I mean it, I left the room, dragging the vacuum and cleaning into the kitchen. Mom...; Just a minute, I need to finish this. I turned around and went back into the room and there was stuff on the floor already!!!! They have a bedroom to play in - there was still a total disaster in the living room. Let's just say I yelled a little. It's now 6:33 pm and the dishes are halfway there, the computer room has been vacuumed again (fishy crackers dumped everywhere) and some other things have been done.
I realized as I was doing the dishes and mowing the lawn and knitting to ease some tension, that it is the futility of the action that prevents me from completing or even starting. The kitchen floor and back stairs were already cleaned. They need it again.
The only good thing about housework is you can usually plan and plot other things. A lot of that went on today - the INSUBORDIKNIT yarn is going to be wrist warmers, and I found a pattern that will work with it. Jacey - this is gorgeous yarn. I rolled it into two balls (still joined though and it is squishy and soft and thin and thick and the colours are just amazing. The camera and I are going into the other room, cause the gurillaz are going to watch a DVD (no TV so they have to use my computer - I'm thinking of calling a friend for a loaner). There will be some FO's, some WIP and some yarn. Maybe a bottle or two of liquor too.

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gurlygurl said...

As a working mom Red, housework is just futile. Like you I am just exhausted at night and on weekend and I have a man to help. Like Sheila Gregoire said in that girls night out thing we went, You should not worry about the state of your house, other's do not have to live there and it's about the hospitality and the friendship more then the state of the house. I give up to. You are my only friend and you never complain. You rock!