Saturday, May 5, 2007

A day well spent.

Saturday Night, da ba dee da ba doo...
Used to dance to that song (or something like it) quite a bit on Saturday nights and Friday nights and Wednesday nights. Tonight my song is 'sleep sleep sleep, my little child sleep'. And they are. What a great day. I did nothing more or less than I wanted to and if it doesn't get done tomorrow, oh well. I like that feeling.

My aunt in the Netherlands is getting married on Tuesday. A civil ceremony to her long time boyfriend. We found out last week-end. Our family has decided not to go. The part that gets me, is this: He lives and works "somewhere else" (my mother's words) and she is going to try and get a job near where he lives, but if she can't she will keep her flat in Amsterdam and just continue on. Wow. I mean, that's some commitment. See I do the reverse: I'll get pregnant and have a baby, but forget about marrying me buddy. It's an interesting start to a marriage I guess.

I have a Finished Object. (no picture cause I haven't the energy right now). I mean really! Barbie is going to be much warmer ( if she ever finds her afghan buried under everything else). A delightful little afghan complete with fringe. The pattern, from Knits for Barbie, by Nicky Epstein was a fairly quick knit. I was going to embroider the flowers on it, but the gurl didn't want that so I won't.

The big gurl is sleeping with a boy tonight. It is Mel and K's wedding anniversary (9th maybe) and I offered to take one of the kidz - the boy. Except for the occasional tiff over a toy or not wanting to play the same game, they were great. The sleeping together in the same bed is not really an issue at 4 and 6 as they have no concept of each other's bodies (yet).

That's all to report tonight. little cotton rabbits had some thinking awards to hand out and I linked to those, which then linked to some more, and well, wow. Some people do a lot with their time. I took the kidz to the park this afternoon and the gurlz went grocery shopping with me this morning. I think it may have something to do with their ages, but I am going to have to plan some day trips. Need to look into booking a hotel for the wedding at the end of the month. May is going to be insane.
And then June will be the end of the school year trips and this and that and ballet ends next week. I think I will go cast on my socks. A little confused am i by the way they wrote in the short rows, but will try it and see. I have her blog address if I run into a problem.
Have a great night!!!

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