Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Showers bring....

...gorgeous evening sunsets.
...beautiful tulips and daffodils.
...home renovations.
...capris and soccer shoes.

But then I pick up my knitting and forget it for a long time.

However, the 2 cracks in my 'plastic' tub surround have me with minute issues.
I sense more renovation hell.

But my big girl will be 8 next week. where has the time flown. So I will plan a tea party party.
And then I will plan renovation hell.
Life is awesome. Especially when someone, anyone, gives you one of those hugs and kisses.
My girls make it worthwhile.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where has April Gone?!??!?!

Hello Everyone. I imagine you've been busy too, but it was only today that I realized I was non-blogging, even with some big news and crafty completions.
First - my pattern, Best Baby Blankie, is being released in the book Knit It Together, this June. Go here for some details. That is pretty exciting in itself.

The girls each have their own pairs of fetching, I almost have a lapghan for me, my sister will be getting socks and knitting continues.

I'm thinking of helping with this effort. I know I have enough leftovers from my socks to make some squares and frankly, was not that enamoured with the mitred square - not because I don't like mitres, but because there were a lot of them required... but I know the blanket would be warm. Interestingly enough, the squares of that blanket are a little like the start of my blankie... hmm I can guess why I like it then!!!

I hope you all are well and will (try) to leave you with a couple of cute kid pictures.