Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just one more...

Okay I want to make this. The little gurl'z dad is crazy for elephants and this is so sweet. He is being ultra helpful tomorrow by taking the gurlz to and from daycare since I have to leave town before the daycares open and may not be back in time. Sometimes the traffic is good and sometimes it is bad.
Last night, I started my gauge swatch for my first pair of socks. I'm not crazy about the splittiness of the Regia, however, I am also trying to knit in the other style - the don't lift your hands off the needles style. It is coming along and as I am progressing, I can remember seeing my Beppe knit this way. Memories are wonderful things.

I think I need to stop looking at all the patterns because my want to do list is much longer than the time I have.

Of course, I also need to stop looking at yarn - I mean I bought it for a specific project (which I don't have a pattern for) but really my stash is growing, and my projects are increasing, but my time is not and I think I will need to schedule my time otherwise someone is going to get in trouble.
I will not buy more yarn. I will not buy more yarn. I WILL NOT BUY MORE YARN.
(at least not until all my current orders come in and I actually finish another project).
Need to put the gurlz to bed and then clean up the laundry and ...

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