Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few little things...

Hello Merry Mog, the crown on my big gurl is from Knitting Daily/ I am getting the link.....
ok that did not work. I will find it...
It is Make-Believe Crowns, design by Nicholette Hoyer. However I can't get the link to work. I'm not sure if it is no longer free...
However Nicholette's new store looks awesome...

I am 3 rows and a shut/bind hem from finishing the knitting of my firebirds.
My scarf, knit in Plucky Knitter, Pumpkin Latte, 100% worsted fingering (label is elsewhere - imagine Malabrigo in fingering weight - drool). As my yarn is finer than her pattern calls for, I worked 19 rows of seed stitch (half of a pattern repeat) cause that worked for me and am now on row 5 of the first pattern repeat. I am knitting it on 2.75 mm (cast on 3.0 mm) - those casein ones with pretty leopard style print or whatever. That is my before sleep knitting.

Sis LOVED her afghan. Picture will be posted but far too much trouble right now.

We both loved our - relaxation massage and facial, followed by spa pedicure/manicure. Very nice and relaxing day.

I know, I know - snuck that scarf in when I have
1) ss i (Guinevere) 2) ss ii (Savannah) 3) socks for little gurl 4) afghan for some baby with matching sweater 5) lizard ridge 6) cardi/shrug for me 7) other socks 8) moeibus headscarf 9) pop scarf (just blocking and decorating) 10) squatty sidekick (decorating and lining) 11) wedding cross stitch begun some 12 years ago 12) quilt for big gurl 13)Make-Believe crown for little gurl 14)Saartje booties (blocking/decorating)
I know there are more. Go Here for more
But the wool it called me and I have been planning on casting that on since the whole detangling debacle.
Do you know how to pronounce 'picot'?
I said it like it is SPELT(to me) - same as picket. My mother told me off (as she often does when I mispronounce something). It is pronounced peek-oh. Stupid. Why didn't they spell it that way then.....
Here are a few observations made in the last 36 hours...
so... according to one slightly 'anxious' source, the St. Catharines TSO was locked up tighter than a **** at 1:00ish this afternoon. Of course then proceeded to put important mail in 'your mailbox' out front. Hmmm I wonder what building he actually was at - it was the non-operational side door and he put the 'mail' in the CANADA POST box (red) and not the CRA box (grey and labelled CRA). They will likely not be getting what they want tomorrow. He is a l*wy*r - nuff said.
It takes about 35 days to get to St. Catharines from Fort Erie, if one first takes the 'mail route' to Ottawa and then eventually finds your way to the desk of the necessary person. Most people believe the trip is generally a 35 minute drive.
Wheelbarrows are essential components of every good house and should therefore be added to the property ACB and deductible for tax purposes.
Heard last evening from distraught 7 year old "I can't sleep because I keep seeing the word in my head that was on the wall at school". Calm mother, "What is the word honey?" Increasingly distraught child, "I don't knowwwwww." Mother, "Well can you spell it for me?" obviously thinking that child cannot pronounce word and therefore spelling it would help
Child, "I don't know". Stymied mother, "But... I... Picks up children's night time story and reads it to child. Prays that God will take word out of child's head so she can sleep. Goes upstairs and guzzles water. Contemplates alcohol in fridge.
Same child earlier in the evening "well you have 11 pairs of shoes and I only have 10 so I need more". because 2.5 year old received new pair of shoes - she only has 3 that fit her right now.

Welcome to my life. Thank the Lord that tomorrow is Friday.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Woo Ha FO!!!

So the afghan is blocking as I write this. Children are in picture for size - it is 52 by 52 as it blocks. A nice size I think and so soft...
My Firebirds are about 10 rows from completion - 2 extra sts on one (or 2 less on the other) but who cares.

Tomorrow is Spa day. Sis and I are going for the Spa mani/pedi and the relaxation facial/massage. HooRAY.

We may get some pics of said afghan, socks and another couple FOs. And perhaps some pretty yarn that came my way.
Robyn's Nest May Sock Club - Jennifer of VanCalcar Acres did the dying - firebird is also her dye job. Lovely yarn.
This is my Plucky Classics in.... a lovely sport weight yarn that may make it's way into one of those amazing cowl patterns that are circulating blog world and ravelry.

And here is the May edition of the Lucky Lurker's Club from a Swell yarn shop.
The yarns are in my favourite colours.... all is right in the world. If only I could actually use as much yarn as I have acquired. However I wish it to be known that I have not bought yarn this month yet - the July issue of Robyn's Nest Sock Club will occur, but only because I don't want to miss out. I am working hard on not buying the yarn.

Another afghan pic

And my beautiful big gurl in her crown.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An afghan and some socks

So I have finished the knitting on sis's afghan - that was Sunday morning before church. Plenty of time to seam the whole thing...right?
uh no.
However my firebirds are on row 70 of the last pattern (goes to 82) and then just the hem and bam a PAIR of socks. Of course this particular pair comes with some additional embroidery detail required... but one day. I knit them two at a time on one circ. (except for the heels).
Sis arrives tomorrow. I plan on getting that afghan done - seamed, edged and blocked before she comes over on the 27th. Sounds like a good project for tomorrow night.

I have that cold - the one that my coffee swap pal in the UK had and my hot cocoa pal in Portugal had and a couple of others too.
Stupid cold weather- MARCH was warmer than May is proving to be...
Hopefully June will warm us up...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Sunday, oneday...

Busy weekend we had. We were at Mom and Dad's by 7:45 on Friday night. Considering we weren't packed at 5:30 and it is a minimum of 1.5 hours away (on a fast drive) that was great.

Watched 4 Weddings and a Funeral. What a silly movie, but with some really good points.

Saturday we were up at 5:45 am. Why is it that when you put them to bed late, they still get up early?!?!?!?!

We went to a garage sale - some VHS and another potty were bought. One of them is ending up in the car - was very useful at 9:00 pm on Sunday night... on the side of the highway in the dark.

Little gurl is 'potty training'. WHATEVER. Is it something ingrained in children that they go hide when they have to poop? She already has that one down pat - comes out stinking like...

But she is trying and that's half the challenge.

Couple pair of $9 shoes at Wal-mart for me. That was nice. I figure since I wear out the $50 plus in the same time I wear out the $10, I may as well (within reason) buy what's there.

Did some work in my brother's poly house - really enjoy doing that and playing in the dirt. Wish it would come out from under the nails 2 days later...

Visit to biggest brother and SIL house - they are selling and it went in less than a week. Amazing what a little paint can do.

Saturday night - watched PS I love you. Read the book when it first came out and had forgotten a little, but what a great movie and what HOT Irishmen they are... Mom and I may go to Ireland soon. (without Dad).

Sunday was busy with church and lots of family. Got to hold little Tymon. Isn't he sweet?

Working on figuring out some life changes now...somethings got to give and I would rather it not be my sanity so I think I'm going to have to work on it.

My yarn from Plucky Knitter's Classics arrived. Lovely smooshy blue goodness. With some lovely fibrewash. And also my pretty yarn art cards. Figuring out what wall they are going on...

On the knitting front - Sis's afghan is 1 and 2/3 blocks (and some seams and edging) away from completion. Which is good as she will be here next Thursday and for once I want to finish something in a reasonable time. Of course little Tymon needs some booties and possibly a blankie. So booties have been started... And my firebird is coming along...

Anyone want a job as my housekeeper, nanny and well could you go to the office for me first....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A little bit of this and that. (2)

I was home today with a plugged up big gurl. The release for her came around 2 this afternoon, which was too late to go to work and school. Phew. We get this about once every 6 months and I would guess this was caused by vacation and then back to normal. We are going to slow down the dairy and try some soy milk and multivitamins (no iron).
The laundry is all washed (except for today's kids wear). There is a lot of pink in our closets and also blues. Interesting.
The yard is cleared of last falls leaves and the grass is mowed and the planters with dead plants in them have been emptied and the dirt is waiting some new activity.
There are only two blocks left in sis's afghan - and already I was thinking what next - there is my silk garden one though (whatever the flippin name is).
It's not that there are no projects on my needles. I have two FOs (one gift and one for big gurl), about 5 almost FOs (buttons and blocking required), 6 UFOs (not being worked on and likely not for a while) and aside from the afghan, 4 projects that are worked on here and there.
One is my Firebird socks from the Tsock Flock Club. I am doing them 2 at a time on circular needle and things are going well. As it is a 2.0 mm needle, progress seems slow, but I have finished the toes and the first angled feather pattern repeat. There is also the baby blanket I cast on for on Monday night - for the newest nephew - Tymon Shawn. He was born at 1:30 in the morning on May 5, 2008 - great delivery as they didn't have time to go to hospital and were resting peacefully when proud Dad called to deliver the news. The gurls are greatly outnumbered - 7 to 3 for the boys. And one more due in July - unknown sex.
I'm going to sleep now as I'm tired and the little gurl gets up at some unknown hour and crawls in with me and then I get little sleep after that.
Oh - new DVD/VCR player purchased today as last one was a loaner and it told me I was BAD. not sure what was wrong, but needed one with a remote anyways. Hooked it up and it worked properly the 3rd time I tried...
Good night

Thursday, May 1, 2008

happy MAY day (mayday mayday)

this photo is of big gurl at the ocean...

tee hee.

People were a little surprised to know I went back to work today. Very glad I did as there was plenty of work and yesterday - the 30th of April is tax return deadline (if you owe - if you don't owe, you can file later, but be prepared to not receive certain tax based credits upon time). I had forgotten that until I drove to work this morning. When I first started with CCRA I had to work right up until 5:00 pm on filing day - oh wait a minute I was on maternity leave and recuperating from the Big Gurl's birth the day before. She is now 7, celebrated in Florida at the Animal Kingdom of Disney. No photos on my camera from that day. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. Here are some sweet pic's of the week.

Big gurl just after she was knocked over by the wave (one got me too when I wasn't looking, however I managed to stay upright - just wet to the knees for the next 5 hours. Why is it we pack plenty of extra clothes for the kids but none for ourselves?)

At the Brevard Zoo, with the animated Dinosaur exhibit (this was after the total panic attack because wallet was NOT in purse and mad dash back to entry where a wonderful woman had turned it in to the lovely park staff - alcohol was not consumed until much later that evening, but stress was high)

With Piglet at the character lunch at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom - totally awesome food and we saw Piglet, Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.

The Palace with one of the performances. My flickr stream has prettier pictures (I think THIS is the link). Many other photos were taken by Nana and Pop-pop - they are sending a disc and updates will be posted after that.

re previous post on Wal-Mart yarn It is not that I don't like Wal-Mart, but I felt it was not the place to obtain vacation yarn - special treat for me. I'm thinking of picking up these cards instead. Or perhaps the yarn to make this?

Of course I could just stash dig or make something with this:

Scout's Swag in Rowing Home, inspired by Winslow Hormer, 100% superwash merino. I love the pink/grey combo, but am unsure how the yellow will turn out. Thinking of knitting it up to see...

And finally, my beautiful little gurl, at her quietest... asleep on Pop-pop.