Saturday, June 30, 2007

Life and other stuff

Well, Thursday night I got that return done - by 12:30 without any drugs. Pretty good I think. Work was anticlimatic on Friday as all the information I needed to complete files was not there. So, I wandered over to the LYS that is closing and picked up a few needles, some sock yarn - Cotton Regia in black and brown and socktissiomo or fortissimo in blues/browns. Yarn arrived from Nell or Chicken Knits destash. Lovely yarn. Will post all these some day, but just have a few minutes before must go off to bed. I finished the first of my Marks & Katten socks. Lovely - even learned how to graft together. These are going to my friend Mel, cause they just seemed to suit her. She was over for dinner with her kids and was quite taken with the yarn.
Today was odd job day and some cleaning occurred (excessive napping) and again with the shopping - one pair of longer shorts for me. We won't get into the spoils the gurlz got. Tomorrow I will play tourist with my sister and her friend - they are here from Vancouver and Courtney has never been to Ontario. Should be fun and the little gurl will go with her dad so that will be less trouble.
As a laptop did not materialize from thin air, I may not post until next Friday or even Saturday. If things go well, I may get a chance tomorrow night, but the packing did not go well today and I'm doing it for three people. The second M&K sock will come for knitting release and the special project too. I am trying to limit myself so I can get the project done. Some frogging happened on it so there is some rethinking going on. It's all good. Must also start writing things out properly. Better pack the yarn winder - I hope to get into the second of the projects skeins.
I was thinking today - I bought various toiletries so I don't have to take the stuff in my bathroom. A little splurge for the trip.
I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp tonight. Loved it. I read the book many years ago and loved it then. I think I may have seen a cartoon version of this before too. It was fabulous!!! The little gurl watched parts and slept. The big gurl alternately loved it and ran from the room in fear. Almost as entertaining as the movie!!!
Have a great July 1st for all the Canadians and if I don't get a chance to post tomorrow night - have a wonderful July 4th!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


So last night I went to bed before 10:00 pm. I was tired and feeling like I needed to sleep, so off to bed I went. At 10:30 pm I was doing dishes, scrubbing the counter, organizing the bathroom, picking up toys and well, not sleeping. I couldn't. I laid down to sleep and then my head said.. but there is this to do and that to do and your throat is sore and maybe some drugs and...
Needless to say, the bathroom and kitchen were clean when I got up this morning.
My Aunt and Uncle came down and it was a wonderful, busy day. We went paddle boating - rented the boat for an hour and the big gurl was done in 15-20 minutes. Oh well, they had biked some 40 + km so they were tired.
Pizza mmm and beer MMMM. lovely to enjoy with adults.
Allergy shot - not so mmmm especially since there are 4 in total - 1 every seven days. yuck. Started feeling the effects about 3 hours after. May be trying to go to bed really early tonight. *what tax return for the church* I'll get to it yet.
I had time to knit on the sock. My mother may get this pair.
Well, that's all I'm inspired to write about today. Must go find some drugs and maybe figure out what needs to be done on this return. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Do you ever get to the point where things just get away from you? You ask a simple question and the next thing you know you are booking a vacation day and having your aunt & uncle over and the maid still hasn't come to clean and the gurlz are too young to put to work?
What to do?
This morning I knitted. It was lovely - kids still sleeping, coffee brewing and silence everywhere. I may have to frog what I knit, but I did some nonetheless.
Then off to work like normal, the big gurlz last day of kindergarten.
I'm not sure what it is about the heat this year, but I think it is because it doesn't cool down enough at night to alleviate the pressure. My sinuses are throbbing and my throat is so scratchy. No I'm not sick, it's just the air quality. But it could turn into illness, so I will have to watch out.
I am going off to bed now, because I am tired and that way I can get up early and do everything (besides they won't be here until tomorrow so the pressure isn't great enough yet to get everything done).
Must make list of things to do tomorrow first because there are quite a few.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No knitting and paperwork only organized

The title says it all. I have been doubly lazy. OK, okay I will get on it.
However to be fair to myself, I cleaned off the table that is required to do said paperwork and shredded some old stuff and threw out other stuff and there was some laundry and some sleeping and eating BUT NO COOKING!!!
The gurlz got McD today (usually once a week) cause it is too hot to turn on the oven or stove. The only reason the coffee maker goes on is that it saves me some $5 from buying elsewhere.
With the humidity it was some 35 or so degrees (Celsius) which works out to be a 100 Fahrenheit (or so). I drove to work this morning and didn't leave the building until 4:55 pm. It wasn't too bad until I had to wait for the infernal construction light and the getting in and out at the day cares is a little pain. I found some food in the freezer and fridge to eat, but we needed some stuff from Wal-Mart (Zellers is on my bad list right now) and off we went. Well, let's just say that Wal-Mart is now on my bad list too. I tried a variety of clothes and they were too small. Yes, I know I need to go up a size but they were too big. The top I really loved, well the cleavage issue of course and the capris I liked just didn't fit right. Maybe I need to get out the sewing machine and that simple skirt and tee pattern from some time ago ( in my spare time of course).
Why no knitting - not that I don't want too, I just know I need to do some other things and have no inspiration for the other things. I know it's the heat.
Regarding the paperwork. It has to be done for Friday morning, so i know I will finish it on Thursday night. It's just the way things go here.
Thanks for the cheering comments and yes I will keep the gurlz and I really do love them and if I am feeling the heat so are they.
I just need to find that patience I lost the other day. I know it was around here somewhere...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I love Mondays...

It was a long weekend and it only started Friday night. If I didn't know better I would say it was a house of PMS, but I haven't begun, therefore the gurlz would not have started on it. Why is it that females egg each other on with their attitudes and stuff. ARRGGHH.
I will be so happy to go to work tomorrow, even thought I have so much to do at home that I can't even think.
I have knit on my mindless socks quite a bit and am halfway to the toe of the first. Pics someday, but far too much trouble today. My special project is coming along okay, but I need to switch it up a bit so we will see what happens. Creativity is at an alltime low once again and there is that darn blasted paperwork from the church to do. I want to light a match to it. No Kidding here.
I am going to resign from this volunteer position for two reasons. One - I don't care if the bills get paid or not or if the return gets filed or not or anything. Two - I can't handle #one and nobody else really cares.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a day!

I don't often say that honestly, but I feel like today I was homeowner of the year, employee of the year, mother of the year and friend of the year. That's a lot for me.
Homeowner of the year - this flows from last nights yard work. Today is garbage and recycling day and I got up bright and early (before 6:30 even) and made coffee, got the little gurl something to eat and then outside to get the garbage, paper recycling, plastic bag recycling and organics out. Stuff that had been waiting to go for two months left. The cement pad at the back door was swept. The planters and pots were watered. The car garbage and recycling left. (we won't talk about the interior of the house or the number of pens I stepped on just to get to my computer or the fact that the only reason the bathroom floor is washed regularly is that my gurlz dump water out of the tub everytime they are in it).
Employee of the year - I got so much done in 3 hours today, soothed so many ruffled taxpayers and didn't really muck around on anything that, well I felt like I worked a whole day.
Mother of the year - ready for this. I made sure the big gurl wore what she wanted to daycare, but packed a sweet clean outfit for the SK celebration and ensured that her hair was brushed and the necessary hair things were along for the fix up at school. I didn't yell and scream about the outfit she had on (just told Miss E at the daycare to please have her changed for 12:30 pm) At work, I remembered to call and beg the dentist for an appointment for those teeth cause they are still bothering her (and now me). I left work later than i wanted to, but stopped at the school and found my gurl in the outfit I picked out ready for new hair. The celebration was cute with lots of pictures and child participation and the requisite inability to understand what was being said into the microphone by the adults. Even though she whined, I didn't get overly upset or anything (just threatened no shopping) and when the teacher easily convinced her to go back to class for an hour that was fine with me. I returned to pick her up with beverages for both gurlz and diapers etc as we were headed to Old Navy (they have a sale on). Both gurlz got new clothes (matchie dresses and gauchos and tanks-i even got a matching tank) and the little one got some needed cute stuff. Then they got to play at the park (until potty break was needed). The sandals that wore out before the bill came in, were exchanged for some lovely pink ones.
Then off to the dentist - who determined the teeth must come out and my brave big gurl refused drugs and let him just pull them out. Just like that. Priceless. Then out to dinner for milkshakes and noodles. (i had steak fajitas and iced tea - no alcohol - another great step).
Friend of the year - one of my good friends just broke up with her guy(he dumped her) - he is going back to an abusive exwife because they have three kids and he misses his kids and she has threatened to move two hours away. CHUMP. Interesting that she wasn't interested until my friend and him became an item. K is naturally devastated and isn't eating and just stressing about it so, we had dinner together and well, she ate something so that was the important part. I feel for her, it's just she has to work through it and know that it wasn't anything she did.
So to end that, I just have to say that I am exhausted and only did mindless knitting (self patterning sock) which is turning less mindless as a heel has come into play.
The weekend is almost here. Hurray.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FO, father's day and other

So I promised a Finished object and I had one due for father's day. So here they are.

I finished them except for the ends on Saturday night before cards with the parents and my youngest brother and his wife. I didn't want him getting them until morning, but I'm no fool and wanted him to try them on before finishing up. So in the morning, he got them and after he had showered he tried them on. He couldn't get the cuff up to or over his heel. Shucks. Now I am very glad I knit these toe up, cause that was just the inch of ribbing causing a problem. So I frogged back to the 2nd row of ribbing (a whole 4 rows) and then did two rows on a size 5.0 mm needle as opposed to the 4.o mm I started with. Then i had him try 1 on. It was great - see sunshiny pic!
Then I finished the other and there they are on the feet.
Project Specs:
Thuja, from Knitty but knit toe up as opposed to cuff down. Used the magic cast on from Knitty and the heel from Widdershins, also Knitty.
Yarn is from spindlecatstudios@etsy. Lovely dark pigeon in 100% superwash merino wool.
Knit on size 4.0 mm with the exception of the cuff.
I will definitely use this pattern again - simple seed stitch rib over 4 stitches. Approximate yarn usage 200 to 300 yards - still have two decent half skeins of yarn. Want to make that cute rainbow elephant of ????
Father's Day was lovely and sunny. The little gurl did not sleep well and neither did I, but I figured I could squeeze in a nap. There was swimming and food and napping.
We left around 5:00 pm as both gurlz were exhausted and I was wide awake from my nap. They lasted 5 minutes. Before she crashed though, the big gurl asked to see Grandma and Daddy. I promised to call when we got local and we would see. But she had to sleep.
So I called and Daddy said great and would make dinner. A quick stop at home for the bag of goodies for Dad and off we went. It was great. The gurlz had a good time, I had some adult conversation- got to see the new menu for his new job and we were home and in bed a little after 10:00 pm. Reminded me again why no other guy will do - too bad this one is dedicated to work!
Who knows what the future holds!!!
Tonight I was inspired by the nasty looking lawn and whipper snipped and mowed and it looks very lovely now. I must remember to get out of bed on time in the morning so the garbage, recycling can go out and so I can water those poor plants. We got lots of rain yesterday but they are still drooping.
I have another pair of socks on the go. They were supposed to be Monkeys with the picot edge from Caro at January One. But the yarn I am using is super patterned and I felt the monkey lace would get lost. They are my take anywhere socks and are so easy.
I have yarn coming my way - bad girl I know, but there was the Booty Club from Yarn Pirate and Pixieriot had this gorgeous yarn she hand dyed(mysterious) and then Nell needed to destash and it was stuff I can't get my hands on here. And then the Insurbordiknit yarn for June came in Dirty Mash you can see it if you click on the picture - the big gurl has already claimed it for a Babushka (one of my words of the day used to define anything Polish or slightly unknown).
To further explain that - at work today we had a My Canada Day where we celebrate the diversity of the people in the office with food. For $3.00 we got a taste of food from 19 different cultures/countries. To put this taste into perspective - I ate breakfast this morning. The tasting started at about 10:30 am and it took me until 3:00 pm to eat everything. The only other thing I've had is water and a cooler. I wasn't hungry at dinner. I'm still not hungry. The polish ladies had what I called a Babushka - I know it wasn't but I can't think of the name.
Back to the big gurl - she wants a knit bandanna triangle/headband from the yarn. I think I will also make her a scarf - there are 80 yards so it should be enough - on size 13 needles.
Must go to sleep now as tomorrow is the big gurlz Senior Kindergarten Celebration and I have to work in the morning (and a trip to the dentist will likely occur, cause something is up with those teeth).
have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mother of the year???

so, tonight I did the dishes and got the gurlz to clean up their toys in kitchen and living room. It's funny - they scream and cry because they have stepped on something that hurt them, but they don't pick it up = until I threaten to pick it up and throw it out.
Then the gurlz had their bath and since they weren't tired, I put on a Treehouse DVD Don recorded for them. Then I sat down to knit. The little one found me ... before it was dark outside and I tucked her into bed. The big one told me the Backyardigans were on and then periodically updated me on the shows. Then suddenly the mood changed (my little pony episode that scares her) and i asked if she wanted to go to bed. She did, so off she went. As I am coming back upstairs I glance at the clock and realize it is 10:00 pm. Good job mom.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my rant of yesterday. I do agree that if the boss doesn't give you any work to do, then well what else is there to do, and I would love to be a librarian -paid to look up anything and everything.
Thank you Michaela for reminding me that I am merino wool, however I would like to say that dishcloth cotton is also extremely useful, just maybe not as soft.
My knitting cut into my blogging time so I will have to do a retroactive post tomorrow re the weekend and my FO and my current knitting.

Monday, June 18, 2007

blogging woes, links and....

disclaimer - I am not speaking about anyone specifically, just venting about what i have issues with - it's an ethical warzone in my head speaking of which that reminds me of a song - Zombie, by the Cranberries. Love that song. and now that song is in my head and ARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH
I'm not liking this inability of mine to add peoples' adorable LINK buttons on the side. I mane - I don;'t want a listing of names, I want the cute buttons - instant art. I'm not even going to try to create my own and why oh why does the actual post look nothing like what you created?
Here's another question - what are all these extras on facebook? I like it because it is 'almost' a chat room, but you have control and limit access to personal info and stuff. I don't want to superpoke someone - sorry but if I was going for superpoke .... well I WANT TO REALLY ENJOY IT!!!! And fortune cookies and virtual food fights - HELLO - I really want to throw a pie at you not just pretend!!! And slideshow applications and top friends WHAT? sorry - but I lose the pictures I do upload and I'm not into rating my friends.
And why do you have to tell me everything that everyone is doing? If I want to know what they are doing, I will go to their 'page or site' or whatever and read it. OR even better - if they really wanted me to know, they would tell me.
The other thing I don't understand is when people are facebooking or blogging or surfing the net - a lot of people do it while they are at work - and it has nothing to do with their job. Now, if you own your own company - great go to town on it. But if you are an employee - Hello?!?!?! I don't think you should be doing that. I've gotten to the point, where I am not even sending personal emails from work, and I don't open any links/attachments - even from internal coworkers - unless I know it is about work. Why? I just can't - Last month I printed some patterns from Knitty off - cause the work printer does it so well(both sides and all that), and I checked an ebay buy from work. I am still waiting for them to call me on the carpet for this. WHY? because it's not my computer, it's not my internet, printer or paper and it had nothing to do with my job (although I did wear the shoes to work so maybe - NO). I did do it on my 'break' but that doesn't give me the right to pursue personal interests on work assets. But some people expect it or just think they can do it.
I have used it for legitimate work purposes and am fine with that - Last week for example, I was researching hotels for my training the first week of July - I did it at work, because I kept forgetting to at home and because, it was for work. I don't feel guilty about that.
Huff and puff here as I get my frustrations out.
I will try to be positive and crafty tomorrow, but I'm done for now.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Joie de vivre and knitting hell

So this morning I got out of bed just before 7:00 am. WOW! Don't get me wrong, I was kicked for about 45 minutes prior and would roll over suddenly thinking the little one had fallen out. Partly my fault as it was so hot last night, I put minimal Pjs on her and in the morning (around 4:00 am) she was freezing. I've decided that she has a psychic link to her father and that because he was up (he told me on the phone just now) she was up. I have a few of these psychic links - the big gurl's dad seems to kick in the child support just when things get desperate or I am ready to spend more on legal to get it all properly worked out. Some of my friends and I occasionally do it too.
Anyways, I was so rested, I went to work happy - a couple people asked how much sugar/coffee or drugs I was on today. I said none, I got sleep. That made them even grouchier. You see, the problem is that I am a morning person, generally cheerful and all that, but allergies and other stuff seem to get int he way. Today was a no-allergy day. No headache, not too much sneezing - BUT the sneezing was brought on by the airplane fans in the office. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean, but today I was working away on my papers when the plane engine started. That's the air circulation or directed individual fans or whatever. They are the bane of my existence in summer and winter. Don't even know they exist in spring and fall, but in the other two seasons, they blow all that air. Used to be that I had the big whole area one over me and I sat hunched over my desk as it blew air at me. Today it was a small vent - a good three + metres away, blowing on me and sending my papers into a tizzy - they were on the floor, almost tore up an important one, because it blew. And the air was cold. The worst part was that I distinctly remember thinking about 15 minutes before how nice it was not to be buried in my sweater and able to show off the lovely tunic blouse I had one. So, I complained and quickly put on the black cardigan that did nothing for my lovely outfit. This was at 11:30 am. I went for a walk to warm up and then lunch and then came back. The guy came around and looked at it and said okay. At 3:15 pm I hunted him down and said, very pleasantly that I was going to smash said vent if it didn't stop blowing on me (the boss came by earlier and I told him I was quitting, and he said well that solves your problem but creates a new one for me. When I told him what was wrong he stepped back - they've all been told not to touch these vents.)
That got his attention,m but he used the excuse that he was short and couldn't do it, but Matt was there and he came to my rescue. I was able to work the next hour or so in happiness and warmth. (by the way Matt is hot young and built, plus he is so sweet and will try to do what needs doing. gives me hope for the future)
So that was work hell and happiness. What's this about knitting hell? I finished the heel on sock two, but am probably frogging the 4 inches and completed heel on sock one due to a correction I made that makes the heel look better. (and that heel was knit twice already). ARRGGHH. The big gurl is talking about how she is going to put the socks on Opa's feet while he is sleeping to surprise him and I may be frogging one. YIKES.
Tomorrow we go to Marineland on a class trip and the little gurl is spending the day and night at her dad's. May have to see what the big gurl's grandma is doing and hang out with her, or just chill out at home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crack in my wall...nice picture of me

Okay Vyvyan, you almost killed me when i read that you thought I said I found Crack in the wall, and not a crack in the wall. i giggled (silently cause the gurlz are in bed) so hard and every time I think of it, I start again!!!! Great one.
I need to see if I can get a copy of that picture on here. I look like a pro with my yarn looped all continental style and just working away.
Not sure if the work computer will let me email it out!!
That's it that's all must sleep now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Helpful tooth advice and the wonders of children

Not much on the knitting front today. Yesterday work held a BBQ for the employees to honour those who have lasted 10 15 20 25 30 and 35 years. Not much for a 7 year veteran to do but eat and then sit and chat. Well if you are sitting and chatting, you can knit on something right? I brought along the dishcloth I am working on for me and happily stitched away while participating (minus a little frogging and dropped needles). Well today they posted a whole folder of the pictures and there is a gorgeous one of me (looking slim - side profile) concentrating on my knitting. Just waiting for the comments to pour in from management.
uhm, sharon as that knitting was on work time, it belongs to the company - does it come in a size small.
One person commented on what she thought I was thinking by the time they are done this meeting, I will be able to wear my sweater. Haha.
So, today, as part of Canadian Blood Services Week, I gave blood and knitted on sock #1 (little thought involved) while waiting. I love the *top secret* and *confidential* questions: in the last 12 months have you had sex with... paid for ... received money for... The nurse who had to ask these questions was fabulous and kept it light and fun. I told her that they should just start with - when did you last have sex. Then see which of the 15 or so questions actually required asking!!! She said though that they are supposed to do it with a straight face and stare down the person to ensure they are answering truthfully. It was a great hour of helping out, but also seeing how others deal with some of the restrictions placed on us because of our jobs. The one nurse even stated a disclaimer the views and statements of the Canadian Blood Services Staff are not reflective of... She was male bashing a little and we were all laughing and having fun. Partly because the TV was not on at this point. People had to socialize!!!
hmm that was supposed to be a short summary of knitting and turned into a wonderful diatribe. Oh well.
Regarding the teeth issues - I will wait and see - tried to get her to eat a caramel tonight, but she either didn't or chewed on the sides.
I just have to say that the little gurl is everywhere. I pray every night that she will not try or figure out that she can climb out of her crib. She is so determined and will get on or in something even if it means moving furniture. The big gurl was such a well behaved child. That's not really fair, because the little one is not that bad, she's just trying to keep up.
The socks issue - I think this will take a while to get over. Maybe once I have 6 pairs of monkeys and five of simple toe up and am a little more comfortable with making them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Update on what?

So this weekend there was housework and laundry and birthday party and sleeping and wiggly teeth and knitting and camera woes and oops forgot to pay that bill and talking to sister and one of the brothers and then mom and an old boyfriend found me on facebook and chatted with him and allergies oh my and the socks for dad are coming along great (no I am not worried he would find me here)
There were tears of farewell as a friend has moved from Buffalo to Michigan (where in Michigan, I am not sure, but I was at her place in Buffalo (and that is not where she was either) like 5 times in 7 years so...
That was a lot of stuff.
I did knit in public on Saturday - at the birthday party. The morning was filled with housework and the little gurl had to have a nap. Then we went to the Knitting Habit for needles (addi and clover only please) and some mercerized cotton for Monica - in deep purple and lilac. That's what the big gurl wanted.
Picked up water on the way to the b-day party - oops we were an hour early so the gurlz played at the park. The party was fun and there was a wonderful lady there (no clue what her name is except that she has two children whose names end in li/ley (one of each). She commented how brave I was (the socks for dad were along) and she has only done scarves and dishcloths. I told her that I was terrified of it, but it is easier than expected and so rewarding.
It's funny, while I was there I had house envy as this place is much further along - fenced yard, perennial gardens, beautiful kitchen. But then I got home and was so relieved to be away from the stressful grandmother - for whom if something is positive, someone's been torn apart.
I told my Mom this and she said, even with the problems, my house is just right for me and that I will get a chance to make it my own. (I just need to stop buying the yarn - although it could be a great insulation).
Then Sunday I find a crack in my wall and my dad is talking me out of fixing the sewer line and then someone offered to do my handyman jobs for $10 to $15 (sorry k) per hour.
I cast on for a new sock, a monkey with a picot cuff, but it is not destined to become a monkey, because the yarn is self patterning and well - think it will just be my pick up and knit sock. The picot cuff is just so sweet - the big gurl asked if it was a crown and wants one for herself. Hmm. maybe.
Of course I have a million things to do and I am going to bed now.
A song and memory from childhood just came to me
Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on...
from the television show, The Littlest Hobo, all about this gorgeous German Shepherd dog who shows up at the right times and helps out people.
Why can't shows like that be tops again? Sorry if you are a Sopranos fan, but I may have seen about 10 minutes of one show ever and never saw the drawing card. People - it's just TV. It's not real.
Go see the Yarn Harlot's site for some gorgeous reality shots or this one for nature and life at its best.
Speaking of Dave's site. He has a picture of a sock with a hole in it. How do you deal with the pain and horror of a handknit sock getting a hole?!?!?!?!? my current socks get a 2 maybe 3 hours of foot time and that is it. I went outside yesterday and almost yelled at my crocs, not too hurt my socks. I have issues.
Anyone have an idea for how to convince a 6 year old that yanking those loose teeth is the way to go? It won't hurt a bit.

Friday, June 8, 2007

answers, gurlz

Mel - Monica is this. I want to make it in shades of pink or pink with green or at this point any nice yarn. I bought some lovely pink but the yarn is not soft like I want.

Anyone want two whiny gurlz?

Batty - I am going to the LYS tomorrow and will see what they suggest. Someone else had suggested mercerized cotton, but was afraid it wouldn't be quite right.
I will try it cause it seemed softer that the cotton twist.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Knitting, contests, drinking and Brown Sheep anyone

I've been knitting quite diligently, however just have not the energy to download or upload the pics. Will do soon.
Go here for a cool contest, but even better, some new inspiration to drink!!!
Need to drink more water!!!

Does anyone have some matching skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece they can sell/loan/destash or trade me? I really want to make the big gurl, the Monica tank from Knitty but am finding no yarn that will do. Or - if you know a store that sells it and has it in stock right now, I would appreciate the help. Of if you have made it with something else, let me know. The Berocco Cotton Twist just seems to much for a little gurl.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Work stuff done and some knitting

The last few months have been a bit of a turmoil as I was on a committee for my division all day meeting and was a speaker for a presentation. That is all done now. Today at 4:00 pm it was officially over. There may be some feedback and committee meetings after the fact, but no more 'brain storming' of 'extra curricular' activities.
So as a reward, I drove the short blocks to The Knitting Habit and spent a lovely hour with Susan, discussing yarn and prices and rules and lots of other stuff. Thank you SUSAN!!!! She informed me that is Saturday is knit in public day - International Knit in Public Day and provided me with a local link where I can go and Knit. Me thinks the gurlz and i will maybe take a walk (short drive) there to investigate.
On the knitting front, the sock has been frogged back to pre-increase, cause, as I was figuring the dynamics of the heel, I realized that I had knit it exactly the same as my previous socks, which were a knit on size 2.5 mm needles as opposed to 4.0 mm needles. So I did some fractional math, based on the number of stitches I was using as opposed to the pattern I am following for the heel (which is knit on 3.25 mm) and came up with 16 stitches to increase for the gusset. This way I will have room to turn the heel, which I did not have- a 10 inch foot and the sock was already at 10.5 inches before heel turning. Based on everything I have read and researched, the sock should be a little shorter than the foot, not much longer. So I frogged back to 7 inches and will work 16 rows for the gusset (which works out to 2 inches). So should I only work a 6 row heel - or should it still be 8 rows? ARRGGHH
For the big gurl, who was a real trooper this morning and said I could go to work, I picked up a the French Knitting Bee by H.A. Kidd and Company Limited. For myself there was a lovely ADDI Natura in size 4 mm (for Monica) and a ball of turquoise Madil's Eden. I could not resist - it was the last in stock, so lonely and so soft. It is 100% bamboo and 109 yards. I am wondering if it will work with my Debbie Bliss Silk in a similar colour to make something oh so soft. I will have to check yardage and needle sizes, but this could work (especially if knit in the round) I will also check to see if I have even one more ball of similar weight to ensure enough yarn. Mmm - i need that book Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael. There's bound to be something for these soft yarns in there.
I hope to post some pictures of the sock later this week. I also need to work on that Insubordiknit yarn, but was unable to find large enough dpns today. I'm getting picky and want bamboo.
How did the big gurl like the 'knitting bee'. Well she has been playing doctor with the stitch lifter and pretending all sorts of stuff. her response to my comment that it is for knitting not doctors - 'It's mine mommy, I can do what I want with it'. She is right, but I did request that she stop picking the curls out of the carpet. I have my limits.
Now off to sock knitting. I saw some delightful yarn that I want to buy, however I need to use up at least two more sock yarns before I am permitted to go further.
I am wondering if the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmere would work for Monica - only cause the cotton twist is just not what I am looking for. I think I will peruse their product specs and then maybe we will see.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Blood, teeth and tears (and a little sweat thrown in)

I slept very little last night. In retrospect, I should not have started on that dishcloth at 10:30 pm but when I laid down I wasn't tired, so I thought I would cast something on with the needles and yarn in the bedroom. I started with the diagonal square, so you know that it starts fast and slows down really quick. It has been set aside for a bit as I had to frog a creative element and that is depressing.
Dad's socks have progressed to increasing for the gusset and the goal is to complete the increases before bed tonight. Perhaps not as it is now 10:30 pm.
The title warns you that life has been exciting here once again. I reluctantly headed off to work this morning as the little gurl was not eating (but drinking lots and into all sorts of trouble) and the big gurl had the runs last night (caused by the main food source since Saturday evening being the icing on the chocolate cakes on Saturday and Sunday and the chocolate cookies and the heat I am sure). We were up a few times in the night (like four).
She was fine by 7:30 so off to daycare she went and I went to work. I had a meeting for the big meeting tomorrow, so I was away from my desk until 11:00 am. There was a message from the school that she had fallen and hit her two front teeth and were they her permanent and ... PLEASE call.
So I did. They are her baby teeth and are still in her mouth. They are very sore and she has been drugged a couple of times.
But the shocker? no scrapes or bruises elsewhere. (i mean a little tiny one on one knee but I expected carnage on the nose or chin).
So at 12:30 pm I had my nap.
I was woken by the phone (direct energy).
And I decided that instead of staring at the jagged lawn and bemoaning the issues with the lawn mower, I would get an elastic, duct tape and a hammer and fix the problem.
The problem is fixed and the lawn is mowed - it was hot by the end, but if you wear shorts and little tank tops while mowing, you will get scrapes and burned and mosquito bites (although yesterday a mosquito bit me through my shirt into my back and that sucks cause it is an inconvenient place to scratch at. I mean I had lots of bare skin showing yesterday!!!)
excuse me while I scratch said mosquito bites
... and go see why the little one is crying.
I called my mom this morning to get her to measure Dad's foot! Thank goodness, there may have been some frogging otherwise!!!!!
His foot is 10 inches long, a sock that he wears regularly is 10 inches long and once i finish the increases and turn the heel, the sock will be almost 10 inches long. Does this sound right? It is narrower in the foot, so I figure any 'stretch and give" factor will progress to the sides and thus make the sock fit properly.
My Dad is funny - I measured his foot before, but didn't write it down. He asked then what it was for, and mom said he asked again. She didn't' answer. He will forget until he gets the socks.
I do know why some people only knit for themselves though. This is stressful - I mean what if they don't fit?.
Oh well, I need to really go check on that gurl and finish the increasing and i think I stopped in the middle of a dish cloth row and while I'm at it, I could do the dishes? NOT!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Me is not the teacher!!!

I have not the patience to teach!!
My big gurl asked me to teach her to knit the other day. I tried. We had 4 mm needles and some simple bernat handicrafter cotton. It didn't' work. I feel like I am giving up, but she didn't even get one loop or make one stitch. She gives up just as quick as I do.
Any suggestions for needle sizes and yarn types?
Did you know that in the space of an hour - you can get more housework done than a whole day? I folded the baskets of laundry, made all three beds, washed some more laundry, sorted my and the little gurlz clothes, folded the newly dry laundry and started another load.
I have to go to bed now, cause I am very tired and the big gurl who had a 3+ hour nap on the floor of the office, is well falling asleep there again. Believe me - she slept in this morning too. We are all going to bed.
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Am I training my child to lie?

Today is Diane's 50th birthday. She has been a great friend, through work for many years. She and her husband are like another set of grandparents to my gurlz.
Don planned surprise party for Diane tonight and we were invited. To assist in the 'surprise' and because I wanted to do something special, the gurlz and I brought breakfast over this morning. It was wonderful. Diane was just ready to brew her own coffee (something she had not wanted to do on her birthday) and we came in with homemade pancakes, coffee, jam, champagne and gifts. We had a wonderful couple of hours and even swam with the gurlz. Then we left as we needed to nap before we went to a housewarming.
At about 4:30pm Diane came home from a day of pampering (hair, nails, facial, shopping) to a backyard of friends. As she stated 'some of you are very good liars!' We left a little before 10:00 pm and it was a wonderful time.
Is this lying justified? I mean, technically, the big gurl didn't lie. I had told her before we went that we were going to a housewarming party at another friends so...
I think it's okay, its just if you think about it too much...
We had a marvellous time and Diane was very surprised and I met some wonderful people. The gurlz each picked a favourite boy and played with them for over an hour. Thank you to Craig for swimming for two + hours with the big gurl. I was still chilled from the morning dip.
On the knitting front, the first sock for Dad is on the needles again. I also knit another pattern repeat on the baby blanket, cause I wanted the needle for the socks, but realised I risked ruining the blanket and really I need two circulars, so I am going to call Susan at the Knitting Habit and get her to set aside a couple of Addi Turbos in 4.0 so I can pick them up next weekend. I really should get the sock done first but, we will see.

Friday, June 1, 2007


hurray it's Friday, freaky Friday no work tomorrow yadeedoda!!

but there is the baking for Diane's birthday and I promised breakfast and .... the housework and the paperwork and the


It's Friday