Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just sank into a deep sleep and then...

..the little gurl woke up screaming. I know I went in and put her in bed with me but I don't really recall doing it. Obviously went right back to sleep.
..."Mommy?! Mommy?" "what honey?" "I wet my bed." "okay just one minute while I wake up."
She didn't just wet her bed. She had the runs. So at 1:00 in the morning, I have my big gurl in the shower (crying more because she doesn't want the poop on her than because she is all that sick). Then I bundle her up in a towel and dry jammers and lay her in my bed (on top of a towel), somehow manage to get the little one out of the way, strip the bed, Thank God for plastic sheet protectors, wipe the mattress down with a clorox wipe, open the window so can breathe, put the little gurl in her crib, remake the bed, find a dry pillow (a couple were still out of commission from the previous week), and tuck the big gurl in with a barf pail, towel and a few blankies. The little gurl needed her bum changed and on goes the night night music and off to sleep we go.
..."Mommy, I did it again." "okay honey, go up to the bathroom, I will be right there - did you get any on your bed?" "no, sniff sniff" "It's alright honey" (note - she turned the bedroom light on before telling me - therefore little gurl wide awake again). This time shower was not necessary as it was a contained action, however she has two less underwear. I am into reduce reuse recycle, buy secondhand etc... but when it is so heavy with poop that a plant could grow in it - I don't need to throw up while trying to clean up my gurlz messes. She had a little drink and went back to sleep.
...wah wah wha whhahahwhwhwhwhwhwhwwhwhw. The little gurl had had enough of the interruptions and since I was dead tired, she got two thirds of my bed.
...I woke up and it was morning.

That's right, a week later the big one gets a 24 hour case of the diarrhea. Great long weekend beginning. But on the plus side, her bed is clean clean. As our all the comforters and pillows. And the house is now very fresh smelling.
But my socks are done!!!!!! I can't decide what to cast on next - Dad's (cause there's a bit of a deadline, Mel's - cause I love the colour of the yarn, or mine.. or start one of the other projects but really wan to knit a pair of socks again.)
I am halfway through the housework, two thirds of the way through the laundry and three quarters of the way through the dishes. one quarter of the bathroom has been properly cleaned, one third of the basement, and forget about all the paperwork I was supposed to get through. Oh and the flower garden in the front is about halfway - may pick up some pretty mulch instead of the plain leafy stuff - the neighbour has some red stuff and it looks nice. I still need some more plants and there are the plants that I want to go along the fence line, but that will be a while. I'm supposed to be making some dessert for tomorrow. Cannot get inspired.
Maybe I will cast on a pair of Fetching and then do Dad's socks. OH that's right!!!! I have a wool winder - I can roll up the colinette for Mel and start her socks. Wonder what size feet she has - I know they are bigger than mine - maybe the MONKEY socks!!!! Has anyone out there tried these on two circ's? Really really really want to - maybe I will!

Oh yes and my you pissed me off real good buddy!!!!
This is the second time this happened, but the first time I assumed it was a special booking. It was about 5:30 ish and we hear the ice cream truck song. The big gurl is over the moon excited and I tell her that if the truck comes down our street, she can have some ice cream.. She continues playing outside, patiently, impatiently, excited, because she saw it go into the townhouse subdivision. Then it gets louder and she is squealing because it turned towards us - but the song is off. Okay, no big deal, I had my wallet in hand!!!!~!!!!! She is skipping and jumping down the sidewalk and he looked straight at her and drove off. Have you ever seen total devastation strike a child - I was so mad for her. She thought it was a mistake but then just cried. Thankfully she was distracted by the reminder that Shed and Tammy were going to BBQ her hotdogs and she brought them up, but that man will never be forgiven in this household (not by me). UNBELIEVABLE. EVIL PERSON!!! You may think this harsh, but she was still thinking about it two hours and ice cream later. Shift over or not - he could have stopped - we were all getting some if he had, but the next time we hear his song I think we will get out the eggs to throw.

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