Thursday, May 3, 2007

Driving me ... gardening & knitting - calming me

I love being home!!
I am so happy I live near work and do not have to drive too many highways. By 7:45 am this morning, I wanted to pull my car off the road and hide. The highways and biways of driving towards a major metropolis. Is there some unwritten rule that since you're going really fast you don't need to signal and can just move over and then honk the horn because the person who did signal and really only wants to get over one lane - not three is in your way!??!?!?!?!!? And Hello - when all you give the poor driver wanting to find her way home before traffic gets crazy is EAST or WEST with no major city listings or anything is it any surprise I was halfway to the airport when I realized I was going in the wrong direction?!?!?! I know that I live south east from where I was therefore it stands to reason that the direction I want to take is EAST not WEST!!!!!!! And then , nicely coasting along on the right path and then all the sudden there goes the exit you needed because you are in the wrong lane and no one will move and well it's the whole directional thing again. I have a great sense of direction but not today. And even worse, I started off by blaming myself because I didn't print the directions back from where I was. I was very happy to be home. I am very happy to be able to drive a total of 12 minutes on the highway in order to arrive at my work destination. The people who drive much further are CRAZY - and yes that means you whoever almost hit me today!!!!!!!! The only thing I keep telling myself is that since I had to go for work, they will reimburse my travel expenses. I will be paid something for the great stress of today. I mean seriously at 8:00 am I was contemplating finding headache relief as i sped down the highway. And the morning had been going so well.

But, it was a beautiful evening, and the gurlz and I spent some time outside cleaning up the lawn debris and trying to decide where to start int he great level the lawn and fix up the front yard adventure. I think I will start with the back yard, so the gurlz will have someplace to play. There is the matter of the rotting shed that needs removing and the replacing of it also. And then it is really annoying to have to bring all your gardening tools inside so they don't rot outside if it rains, but you have this great area, just no place that is dry. I think maybe I will order that 6 foot by 3 foot storage thing to put at the end of the back patio thing and put all the stuff in there. Once the yard is redone, I can put it at the back of the property or something.

The big gurl can't fall asleep. I even let her go in my bed since my room is darker than hers. Now she is on the couch here. Oh well, it's not her fault.

The package still didn't come. It has been exactly a week since the first one arrived. I mentioned it to Kate of spindle cat studios, but it isn't her fault. Tomorrow I will call the local post office and see if they can give me any direction. May have to put tracking on my packages, but that always increases the shipping and ...
May have to stop spending money. May...

I did some knitting on some of my UFO'. I can't call them WIP's because some of them have been sitting for more than six months. That makes them UFOs. But, I am trying to knit the 'don't lift your hand off the needle way' and that makes a completely different tension. Good thing the Barbie's in my house are not too high maintenance.
I worked on the knitted afghan for Barbie. And last night, I worked on the scarf that was one of 4 for my sis and sis-in-laws. I finished the one for sis - get this though. I sent her and her roommate a 'gift box' that year with all sorts of treats and surprises and a pair of knitting needles, a knitting book and this awesome soft yarn. Told her to cast on 20 to 25 stitches and just go back and forth until the two balls were used up. She brought it back to me at Christmas that year, so I knit it up before she left. Don't even know where the other yarn is right now. Didn't work anymore on the sock gauge swatch. Might use a different yarn for the first pair. We'll see.

This is a very random post. Oh and the other thing to bother me this morning? Country 95.3 was giving away a weekend at a resort. You had to call in and make the sound effects as they tell a story. This woman was pitiful. Making little to no noise and just laughing along. She still won! I mean what kind of contest is it if you don't even have to try?!!?!?! Why not just mail me the winning stuff and be done with it? Very off putting.
(yes I listen to country music - and a lot of other music too).

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