Friday, November 30, 2007


Hooray it's Friday.
It was busy as all get out, but it is over. (almost)
Big gurl had a PA day and so this morning was less rushed than normal and quick off to work as friends were coming for the parade and supper and just hang out.
Good day at work - ignored the phone unless it was someone I called today.
Left a couple hours early so could come home and clean a little and then pick up the gurlz and then it was friend time. Met Regan's little one for the first time and felt that wonderful baby feeling (no worries though - don't want another one - yet).
Parade was small town, but with lots of treats handed out to the kids including stuffed critters and rulers even. The kids had a great time - 5 that could participate and enjoy and really played well together tonight so the Mom's could visit. Lots of reminiscing, some venting by me on the vagaries of society that make us act or push us to do things that really if, we left it alone, it wouldn't matter.
Happy weekend everyone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ho Hum Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. It has been a little ho hum in that at 3:30 pm, I decided to take my last hour of work and organize the new files I received in the last 2 weeks or so. Figured there were about 5 or 6 that needed data entry done and then 'date organizing' (FIFO). Imagine my shock at 4:15 pm when I was still not done and there were ones that I didn't remember receiving. As Debbie, Carol and others keep telling me - We've never had this many complex requests or quite so much activity. In fact, Debbie won't even take the job back. She doesn't want it, cause all the files are nasty lately. Oh well. Have redone the heel on the Cinderella socks for big gurl and am progressing on little gurlz'. Unfortunately for the little one, the Cinderella pattern is much more interesting so that sock gets worked on more.
My last SP11 package and my Harvest Sock Swap package have been mailed. Feel like should have put just one more thing in or maybe two...
My weekend list is still there. I haven't done any of those things. Secret project and church books need to be done tomorrow night as I am out of time.
Stupid construction generator noise maker thing. It starts every morning right around 7:00 am but is usually off when we get home. It is still going. I wonder if they forgot to turn it off, or if because it is so cold, we are going to be hearing it 24/7 now. Need to file a complaint.
Won't be going to knit night tonight (cause it's over already) but also cause the gurlz have been really out of sorts lately (take turns little in morning, big at night). Hope its just the crazy weather.
If you want to see real buffalo, they are running around free in the wilds between Welland and Stevensville/Niagara Falls. My mom called me and they are from ZOOZ. A bear got loose from there this summer too. I'm not really concerned. Buffalo are going to do what - eat my leaves?
the bear was captured and returned long time ago already.

If you haven't already, enter my contest.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday's to do list and a Contest

So, my to do list for Saturday was long and well, impossible for little old me. Here are the details:
1.Do the laundry -I did 6 loads yesterday (ran out of hanging room) 3 loads this morning, and there are still 2 (plus the clothes from yesterday and today) to do yet. However I put away all of my dry clothing from yesterday and the clothes from the gurlz are folded for putting in the drawer. We won't speak of the loads that came out of the dryer and are warming my floor.
2. Clean the storage portion of the basement - well, I was able to move a few things, but unfortunately, there were not enough hours in the day (and too many other things on the list)
3. Clean the kitchen - the kitchen was done for about an hour - stove even moved and cleaned inside and behind. I've given up on the dishes. The gurlz had two bite brownies (homemade) and the floor was a mess again (also the reason the dishes are in the negatives again)
4. Finish those church books. whatever - I still have 6 days before my self imposed deadline
5. Play with the gurlz - I did a little and let them outside on their own. They weren't asking me and I really didn't sit down that long to knit.
6. Knit a little - I finished Hint 4 for SoTS and am almost ready to turn the heel on big gurlz sock and have started the leg on little gurlz.
7. Finish boxing up my SP11 package and my Harvest Sock Swap package. Uhm, as soon as I am done here. That will be done (minus the homemade item that didn't quite work) C'est la vie.
8. Go to a friend's for demonstration and some wine and cheese. This was done. I enjoyed myself, but realize that I can't do that too often as I am tired in the morning and the gurlz are well rested. Also, the big gurl told me the boys just wanted to play on the computer -even when they were awake and I don't like that. Perhaps from now on just one of them at a time and no computer, even for videos until the gurlz are in bed.
9. Refix the front steps - This is going to require completely new steps as I looked at them this morning and it's like the wood is just evaporating /rotting from day to day. Oh, the name of the saw is a Circular Saw. (no i didn't remember, I saw one in the flyer.
10. I have to rewrite the secret project and get it emailed off - WHATEVER.

Not on the list - clean the living room and computer room and move construction materials until time for use, the bathroom, bake favourite brownies and for today - just have a restful day (with church at 10:00 am and then straight down to drop big gurl at Christmas party with Grandma and little gurl for afternoon with Daddy and then home, to do nothing I didn't want too (fold laundry on bed, hand some others up, feed myself, knit lots) and then little gurl came home and over to Grandma's for dinner and then home put gurlz to bed.

I had it in mind to do some groceries (sans gurlz) and maybe some Christmas shopping or clothes for me, but I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. Besides, there is always tomorrow for all that stuff.

The Contest
Nothing crazy, and you have until 12:01 am, December 2nd to do this but it may be the 3rd before you actually hear who won.
How does your craft (knitting crochet etc) make you feel? Do different stages stress you out? How about finishing?
WHAT - she's getting older and crazy!!!
Let me explain. I recently re-taught one of my best friends to knit. It stresses her out, yet she is enjoying what she is doing. She's hit the point where she knows it doesn't matter if it is perfect or not, but still she wants it to be just so.
For myself, I don't get stressed about it, unless, it is for someone else (example: single sock that is for someone else and she will make the mate) with knowledge and you want it to be right and fair and of they are 6 and just really really want one or your ultra finicky mother (not that she is bad, just sees all the negatives and...)
If I am not happy with it, I frog it (firestarter inch up the leg and 1st I love Gansey), set it aside for frogging(hat for nephew which is just wrong) or just set it aside(Mom's second pair of socks). With regards to the finishing - there is the little gurlz baby sweater all pieces knitted and ready to go - since August of 2005 - she's 2 years and almost 2 months.
If i feel myself getting stressed about something (without reason - no deadline etc - can you tell I may not participate in sock swap again) I either walk away from it or finish it all up. I've learned to walk away cause I will have to redo it anyways.
Your answer can be simple or long, but let me know.

Just Kidding.

REAL CONTEST: tell me your favourite yarn weight and if you have/use stitch markers, how you store them.

(told you it would be easy)
the Brat

Coffe Topic #3

What is the ideal setting for enjoying the perfect cup of coffee? Who would be there - or would you be alone? Inside or out? Morning or night? With food or just the steaming cup of joe?
I love sitting with my feet up in the morning hours, (inside when it is cold and outside when it's warm), the steaming hot cup there, perhaps food with it, and just savouring that mug (12 oz at least) of coffee. It's my time and my gurlz know they should let mum be. (not that they do)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Life and other stuff

My birthday is coming up. Not a real big deal for me, just another year older, however I love the way the provincial government reminds you. The licence renewal in September(usually 3 months prior to the date). $74 right off the bat, and then in red print - you must get an e-test this year (emissions test to ensure not polluting the air more than is acceptable. I thought about it in September, but it was back to school time and lots of other expenses going on. October, I almost stopped a few times to get it done. November, I start stressing. I know when my birthday is - last year I did the renewal (without the e-test) the day before- the same day i signed my life away for my new house and ...
We got snow yesterday - only about an inch, but it started as rain and then ice pellets and then the snow. My windshield wipers did not work last night and this morning they were worse. Little stress bugs building on me as I contemplate the last week possible and doing this oil change and e-test thing on Saturday with two gurlz and ...
So I called when I got to work and asked for an appointment for today or tomorrow. I got one for today!! HURRAY. The car dealership (where I bought my car) does the e-test, sells wipers and would do the oil change prior to everything, plus it is right down the road from the vehicle licensing office and my favourite yarn shop and Kris was free for enough time to have a coffee and some pies. So I spent less than expected at the car dealer - tee hee, they never looked at my brakes(yes I will fix them, but today was not the day for this), what was expected at the vehicle licencing office and my birthday present(to me) at the Knitting Habit. Susan is closing December 15th, although she will have an online store, and things are 40-60% off in the store. I went looking for something specific and came out with lovely gifts for my secret pal, lace yarn for this, silky mohair for this - I hope as it is a thicker weight but in Estelle Watercolours, blues and greens; 2 balls of Noro Kureyon - blue (cause that's what was left); one ball of Noro Silk Garden -blues (cause that's what was left); and some Patons Merino Wool for a couple of felting projects (this-but don't tell the gurlz) and a lovely purse kit for me or the big gurl. And then Susan gave me all the 100% wool leftovers from other projects that she found in her clean-up so I can felt and experiment. Thank you Susan!!!! Oh and I bought a pattern book with lovely child sized socks in it and another set of sock needles (cause my sock needle holder had more space)!!! If you're in the area, go check out Susan's shop - some sweet deals there and she does not have the space at home to store it. I am going to do my best not to go back, but...I don't think it will work.
Melinda was over tonight and she shook her head at my yarn purchases (my yarn aholicism). But we had a great time just chatting and knitting while our kids played and eating food together that no one else eats. Lovely to be able to do this with a good friend.
I didn't finish hint 4 for SoTS. Not yet anyways. 14 more rows and they feel like miles. Final hint came today and I love it. I will finish this, but life is getting in the way of knitting time right now and I have some things that need doing.
So tomorrow i need to:
1. Do the laundry - I had one pair of pants left this morning (okay 3 but one is summer weight and the other is just too small)
2. Clean the storage portion of the basement - the clean up outside was just in time, but it's hard to even get to the washing machine right now.
3. Clean the kitchen - the dishes (of course), the floor, the stove and maybe even the fridge.
4. Finish those church books. 2 hours is all it should take me, but i just can't seem to find those hours anywhere. But I am not allowed to turn another year older before they are done and I still do not have the ability to Turn Back Time. So I must get those done.
5. Play with the gurlz - outside in the pile of leaves or go for a walk or something. I need to make the time instead of always saying I have to do this and that and...later and... Big guilt trip on myself for that.
6. Knit a little, sew a little. Do something crafty.
7. Finish boxing up my SP11 package and my Harvest Sock Swap package. I've found the last of the yarns I need (I think) so I need to get these off.
8. Go to a friends for demonstration and some wine and cheese. Gasp you say - she has a babysitter - yes 2! On Thursday they came over for the first time while I ran out to get a little person some winter boots, mitts and some drink boxes for school lunches (and some slipper shoes for me at work and some socks - since I can't knit that fast - and some crafty things). The boys(2 brothers, sons of a friend and coworker) are fabulous and the gurlz already like them , so watch out knit night!!
9. Refix the front steps. To quote someone else, Le Sigh, as expected the weather has made two of the three sidewalk stones sink down enough that I don't like it and the steps are a little off. Perhaps I need to go by myself a saw (the one with the round blade and the safety cover and the - I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME - I just point at it in the store and look helpless). Something needs to be done.
10. I have to rewrite the secret project and get it emailed off. I hate trying to recreate my thoughts. Wish I had instant replay in my head.

REAL GOAL: Try to accomplish at least 5 of the aforementioned items before I sleep tomorrow night.

Other knitting - the cuffs of little gurl's socks are done and I have started the 3rd pattern repeat for big gurl's socks. Have this strange little itch to cast something on though. ARRRRGGGHHH

Oh yeah - I also plan on having a contest for my birthday. It will be for yarn and some other goodies. (stuff bought for my various swaps and now replaced with something else). I will get it figured out this weekend and post the actual contest on Sunday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


started great.
And then, as i rubbed lotion on my legs, the little gurl comes around the corner with red spitting out of her mouth and sort of choking. She is amazing - can open child proof bottles that give me trouble and decided to have a candy -400mg of ibuprofen or 500 mg of acetaminophen. Take your pick, either will give you intense stress. Happily she spit most of it out and after confirmation from telehealth and poison control that it won't hurt her, I relaxed a little. Of course the lecture from poison control about taking medication out of the original bottles and carrying mixed was not appreciated. Quote: Well that's why you shouldn't mix the pills. For situations like this, you won't know how many were in the bottle and could possible have been taken. Because of course I ask for these things to happen and purposefully give my 2 year old painkillers. And I would know exactly how many pills were in the bottle should this have happened. WHO KNOWS THESE THINGS???? I know my gurl(s) though and they don't eat anything they don't like the taste of, so she only tried one and spit it out.
Decompressed at work and am totally exhausted. Kids are wide awake.
Is is raining by you? It is just soaked out there and keeps coming down. Snow by morning they predict.
Knitting has been slow this week - only 16 more rows to finish hint 4 and the cuff of little gurl's socks are coming along.
Have a happy thanksgiving to my American friends and happy regular work to the rest of you.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting...and other stuff with the completion of the previously posted socks, I now have 3 current projects and 3 old ones. There is the SoTS which found some quality time on my needles and is now almost halfway through Clue 4. I have clues 5, 6 and 7 to do yet, plus 8 comes out this Friday. Here's some math: it takes me about an hour to do 10 rows (5 pattern and 5 WS). Clue 4 is 72 rows, and I am on row 31, how long before I finish clue 4? For me - I want to finish it tonight so I can start #5 and possible be on 6 before Friday. Since I bet some people don't believe I am actually knitting this (due to complete lack of photos to date, it is here on Flickr.
If anyone can clue me in how to actually put the pictures from flickr on the blog, I'd love the help.
The Cinderella for big gurl are on their way - sock #1 has two complete pattern repeats done and another one is needed before the toe turn. Love the way it looks in the yarn and no, there are not photos yet.
Project # 3 is a pair for little gurl - two colour socks, same yarn as big gurl'z but have only about a cm of the cuff done so haven't quite decided what to do. The pattern suggests purling whenever a one of the colours shows up and that could be neat as there are 4 in the yarn. I have them working 2 at a time on a 2.25 mm circ (Yarn Pirate's) and they are looking just right.
Old project #1 is the baby blanket with matching sweater. The sweater is done the knitting part, I just have to sew it together. I hate sewing together and if I ever make another baby sweater, it will require no seaming. (on a funny note, I knit my oldest nephew a lovely sweater in Tivoli, when he was 3 or 4 and adapted the pattern so it was knit in the round, with pockets. I need to find a picture of it for you- involved intarsia and all) The blanket has 1.5 more balls of lovely baby yarn to go. Not exactly speed knitting. the hat I made to match - little gurl wore for her first halloween - a lovely pumpkin hat.
#2 is my Moebius ring, for which I found the *photocopy* of the pattern last week, but still have not found the original book. Is it wrong if I did have the pattern book or magazine, but just don't anymore? Feeling slightly criminal here (and on Sunday to beat the band). I still have at least what is knitted to go yet and really not that crazy about the yarn.
#3 is just a fun scarf for someone. Lovely yarn all soft and fluffy with big and little areas and hateful to knit with. Maybe someday it will be done. I finished one for my sister (after I mailed her yarn, needles and knitting instruction book for her birthday, which were returned to me, the next time she came home)
But, that means I only have 6 live projects right now. WOW.
And me with enough yarn and needles to cast on about 20 more. I need to get rid of the castonitis itch and finish something already. Really want to restart my firestarters or my own pair of I love Gansey.
But, I also need to do some sewing/quilting but the sewing machine needs fixing first. Thought I had got around that issue by having Mom bring the 'gets around' machine to my house (it was given to my oldest bro by an old lady his wife ministered to, and has been back and forth between Mom and me twice now). It came in the house on Friday night and on Saturday morning returned to the car as Mom forgot the box of accessories (read EVERYTHING but the machine). She THOUGHT there should be more but couldn't find it.
I love my Mom - she helped me get the outsized winter ready - we had over a centimeter in snow last night between the time we left for the garden center at 4:00 pm and when we got home at 5:00pm. But today was sunny and crisp and things look much better around the outside of the house - the basement is a different story as all those items with an outside summer home, have found their way into it.
As many are aware, the Canadian $ is currently equal to or greater than the American $. I live about 1/2 an hour from 3 different bridges to the US, where there are a vast number of stores. So, on Saturday, Mom, big gurl and I (little gurl is not quite a shopper yet) headed to the Pen Centre- the St. Catharines, Ontario mall - at 9:30 am we arrived. We were home by 2:15 fro lunch. Major bargains - bras - $2.00 each, maidenform brand fit like a DREAM!!! Seriously, for $50 I bought 5 bras (2 were only 30% off, and 4 underwear package of 3 only 30% off). One of the bras regularly sells for $42. I bought it for Mom. I didn't ask her to pay me back. This was at Sears. Big gurl hit pay dirt in Old Navy - less than $50 and she has a gorgeous jumper outfit, and 3 or 4 tanktops and 3 pairs of socks. Also a pair of pants for me from Reitmans for $20. HomeSense? - I think Mom spent $70 there and we got an 8x10 picture frame, 4 baskets(3 Christmas box ones and 1 soft sided one claimed for my upstairs knitting (so I don't stub my toe)), as entryway carpet, a cutting board. We had a 20% off coupon from my Dad, the real estate agent. At Vermeer's, the garden centre, we found some lovely Christmas decorations, some spring bulbs (50% 0ff which were planted today) and some little somethings for my swap pals. We were exhausted. I could not imagine adding a 2+++ hour wait to pay duty on my bargains. Shop local everyone (except for yarn - you must go where it is for the yarn you want)
Have a great week, must go knit knit knit so I can maybe finish clue 4.

Coffee Topic 3

The Thursday upcoming is Thanksgiving in the U.S., so let's all - American and not alike! - just share a post with what it is we're thankful for. A wonderful thing to do any time of year, I thought it'd be a nice thing to share for this week with the group!
I am thankful for my family - little gurlz who love me, parents who help whenever they can, brothers and a sister far enough away that they still love me; friends who seem to know when you need a pick me up; freedom to worship God above all else; and a job that supports my yarn habit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pictures may appear.

I have done the camera thing without the Kodak upload. I will just flickr or whatever the pictures.

Here are some ...
Basic toe up plain vanilla for the big gurl. The strings are cause it was bedtime and I had already redone the cuff twice. This was an easy knit, however this pair was made twice. A pair for the little gurl may be forthcoming, but not sure when. Regia Crazy Color - one 50 g ball with about 1/3 left over.
This is for my Harvest Sock Swap. Not sure if it's okay to post first, but just so damned proud of this sock. I Love Gansey knit in Rowan 4 ply soft. I love this sock. It is loose on me, so should fit my swap partner perfectly. I had the sock completely done in Jawoll lang, but you could see skin all over the place and ladders and .. blech. will find another purpose for that yarn.
And this, is just because she is cute. There was one of the big gurl, but it did not upload or whatever. Halloween costume - elephant, but head is not up!
New on the needles are a pair of Cinderella from Knitty for the big gurl. I am working on 2.0 mm needles with my much frogged cowgirl skinny duets. Halfway through the first pattern repeat and think this will work out. They are my 'secret knitting' for her. Want to try to surprise her with these. May I just say that I love cabling without a needle!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Promises, promises

Those pictures will show up one day... really.
I have almost completed the big gurl's socks, however ran into some issues with a couple of twisted stitches and in order to fix will need to tink back a few rows.
The test went well this morning and I don't feel too bad about my chances (considering a couple of the people writing it have been there twice as long as me and some only as long as little gurl has been here, it's anyone's guess what will happen.
What happened with the house winterizing - well, isn't it great - I GET TO RENOVATE!
Hooray. Not. However, Keith was concerned with the sight of outside once he had opened the crack to repairable stage and stated that we would be doing it again next year and the year after. I'd rather fix it right and get it looking better. So one of these days I will lose my livingroom for at least a week (preferable only a few days, but I won't hold my breath).
I knit two rows on my SoTS. That leaves me some 250 + rows behind. Crap. However, I did something to my right arm and excessive knitting is not helpful.
My sewing is not going well and I think the machine needs some special treatment. So we just won't sew for a while.
Did you know that when it comes time for one to turn a year older the government feels that you should be spending money? I have to renew my car ownership and get an e-test in the next 2 weeks. In my spare time of course. Hate that present every year. Worst part - I've known for a month and still haven't done it.
Raked some leaves tonight. We have a huge old tree (maple I think) in our back yard and the leaves were stubbornly hanging on, however it was a windy day - and we couldn't get through the gate without walking through them. That's not always safe (subconscious fear of mine) so I raked a small pile. If only it wasn't pitch black when we get home - we could play outside for a little.
Should go to sleep - need to make sure big gurl gets a decent lunch, as she had the principal provide for her today. I am not a bad mother, but when she is yelling and screaming at you that it's your fault her lunch isn't ready (cause I was just chilling with a book on the bench by my sister, even though mommy told me more than 3 times to go upstairs and get stuff ready for lunch) and then doesn't want anything, I'm not going to try to figure something out. Of course, she went to bed without preparing anything again too.
I hate packing lunches - even for myself. Add a picky 6.5 year old into the mix and you really don't have a prayer.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I did it!!!
I finished my Harvest Sock Swap Sock. It is more wintery than harvesty but so gorgeous and just too big for me, so that means it will fit a larger foot and oh wow!!!
Thank goodness, cause tomorrow is house winterizing day and then Tuesday is work and union meeting and Wednesday is test and then they still expect me to work this week.
I hope on Wednesday night to sit down and assemble my packages (SP11 one too) I don't know if I will get a chance to make my something special for these packages, but I have their addresses, so maybe, I can send that later. We will see.
I promise to post pictures as soon as I take them and get them into the computer.
OH and I turned the heel on big gurls first sock and love the way it looks and it fits.
Maybe I can squeeze that in before bed yet.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coffee Topic #2

As the cold of winter approaches, do you change the projects you work on? Not really. I may work on some of the UFO's from the previous years, however, I continue with whatever is the next project I wanted to do.
Do you work on gifts for others or do you continue working on projects for yourself? I'm finding that the knitting itself is determining whether it stays or goes, depending on how it knits up. I've given more completed knits away this past summer than in the past 5 years.

Friday, November 9, 2007


..on Thursday I went to work and there was lots of it. about 4:00 pm today I figured out what I do there and did it (JK - but felt pretty dumb some times).
..I have half my dishes done - the other half, well I came over to turn the computer on and forgot to go do them. I should go right now and ... Yarn Pirate Booty club arrived. Killer Bees is the yarn and there were TWO yarn pirate circular needles - size 2.25 and 2.75; 2 sizes I did not have in circs. HOORAY
..I found the little something for my SP11 pal and ordered it (may have mentioned that already). It arrived today - less than five days. Shop at the Sweet Sheep for speedy delivery Robyn's Nest is also fast, just didn't have this item.
...I am on the homes stretch of the harvest sock - I have learned my lesson and will try it in the recommended yarn (provided I have it) first from now on.
...worked on big gurl's socks and am halfway through the gusset increases.
...Friday, and I have a 3 day weekend due to remembrance day. Of course, there is still lots to do.
Only thing left to do ... figure the camera out again.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Please Please Please

...let me go back to work. I'll be ever so good and do everything I should.
...let the second I love Gansey sock (the first is complete, but the yarn is not at all the thing once it is on the foot) work. It is currently waiting for the gusset work, however my wrist is throbbing from the 75 rows (plus two tinked) that were knit today.
...don't let the little gurl get sick - she has dark circles under her eyes but otherwise is good.
...don't let me get sick. I have a cold, but I don't care, I must go to work.
...can the housework fairy drop in, just for a day - the dishes they drive me crazy and I really hate to clean my kitchen. I only need her for two hours - oh please, I'll be ever so good.
...deliver my special order for my SP11 and coffee swap fast (stupid me finally figured out that the one little thing she really wanted was right in front of me all along and ordered it. (Would have ordered it earlier, but for some reason Joann's doesn't ship to Canada). SUCKS. They have the lace blocking needles on sale and have no way to get there this month. Now that I think of it - it's there loss - I would have spent over $50 there, but now they don't get my pennies.
... let the little gurl sleep until 5:45 am instead of 4:45 am. It's no wonder I have a cold.
In other news, I have learned the difference between tinking and frogging. I frog lots of things (likely ILG #1) and i have only just realized that I tink all the time. On ILG #2, for example, I carefully tinked back two rows and saved the sock. On my SOTS (currently on a long time out) I tink back only as far as necessary and then resume.
One confusion - is tinking the same as undoing just the one or two stitches to the point of an error and then carefully reworking those two stitches up - I mean 4 or 5 rows of this, but only taking out the stitches with the error. I find myself doing this a lot. I only take out rows, if well the majority of the row is the problem.
Furthermore, I need to switch to a large needle project. My wrists are screaming - I have to finish the ILG, but then I think I will cast on for a hat or scarf, or put the knitting aside in favour of some special crafting for my swap and secret pals. I also need to get my camera working again. I'm sorry SP11, I never posted for you and I meant to show off my sock yarn stash (I have a tote just for it) and ....
I'm going to go put away the cooked pumpkin, find a spot for the laundry on my bed, take some drugs and go to sleep.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spots, Pox and Viruses

So it is not the chicken pox (figured that one out myself), the measles - thought maybe, nor were they caused by a bug. The Best diagnosis the doctor could give was 'Virus' and must play it's course. I think Robyn's little guy was diagnosed with something like that too. Of course, stupid me asks: "So she can go to school tomorrow (oh please please please say yes)? and the answer: "I would keep her home another day." Don't get me wrong, I love the gurlz, but when you are home with two NOT sick children and you have the head cold, you really really really want to send them away. So the pox were not bugs and have been dubbed Pollie pox (from Rollie Pollie Ollie), and I don't get to go to work tomorrow.
However I have
a) washed 6 or so loads of laundry (there is still one in the washer, but it rained, so the dryer had to do some work),
b) one sinkful of dishes (yup the ones from last night - another sinkful soaked all day and the clean ones from yesterday got put away),
c) cleaned and rearranged my room (not completed yet, but the dust was getting to me),
d) turned the heel on my swap sock and have to find her measurements as just tried it on my little foot and it is almost toe ready,
e) bought some groceries (including delicious Hazelnut Cream coffee & Chocolate cereal for adults) and vegetables
f) patroned Home Depot for some of the stuff for fixing the house.
A fairly successful day. I think I need to do about 5 more rows before the toe and maybe I can finish the sock tonight. Then of course I have about 180 rows to do on my stole.
Greatest accomplishment - did not consume any alcohol in the care of my children and did not lock them in any room.
I love being a mom.
Of course, if the little gurl shows up with these Pollie Pox in the next 24 hours, I will not be responsible for my actions. You know that if I were to get them, they would show up on Friday night and be gone by Tuesday morning (Monday is a holiday for me).

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Pox on Monday

The day was grey and drizzley when we started out this morning - I don't care that the sun was up, this savings time or whatever is hell on little gurlz (and their mum) schedules. I was pretty sure I would not be going to work, but ever the optimist, I packed lunch and dressed for success (whatever).
The big gurl showed up with some interesting 'pox' on Sunday at her G-ma's and although her father and I figure a bug got under her shirt, I knew I had to tell the daycare who told me she couldn't stay without a negative diagnosis and that was that. I'm no fool so I dropped the little gurl at daycare (she got the immunization) and headed to my favourite walk-in clinic. After a 20 minute wait - we were in and out within 10 minutes, we still didn't have a diagnosis and she had to stay home for two days regardless, to verify what exactly she has. As of 7:40 pm, she still had only 17 'pox' and they have not done more than begin to fade - I'm still blaming the bug that crawled up her shirt (i don't know for certain that she was bit, however on Saturday as we drove to get her sister she started crying and pulling at her chest and her shirt and saying it hurt and... however the pox are in 5 different areas, so we must be cautious)
So we are home and I have managed to
1. Clean the gurlz room - furniture moved and rearranged and stuff tossed and laundry neatened.
2. Read 2 books (7 if we count the 'short' stories of last night that are actually full length 'harlequin').
3. Break my no shopping at Wal-Mart rule - twice (Saturday and today)
4. Spoil my poxy child with a cute play craft (just in case it is actually the pox and we are stuck home even longer)
5. Wash one load of laundry - and it is still waiting to come out of the washer.
6. Fill the sink with clean dishwater and ... let the dishes soak.
7. Start the gusset on the big gurlz stripey socks - while waiting for the clinic to actually open.
8. Clean up the rotten pumpkin and some of the recycling.
9. Snuggle my little gurl to sleep (either she's getting the pox or she just has bad gas - really hoping it's the latter)
10. I need to turn the heel on my swap partner's sock and then go to bed.
Of course, i also should wash the sink full of dishes, hang the laundry and clean a little more, but I will likely only manage to brush my teeth and fall into bed.
Unfortunately, cleaning brings out the worst in my dust allergies and I am not feeling well either.
I hope and pray that the pox are bugs and I can go back to work on Wednesday.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Coffee Talk: Topic One

When did you first start drinking coffee? (tasted as I child and still recall making my Dad and his accountant Instant that stood their hair on end)
What age were you? Was it about the caffeine, or do you love the taste and smell? Tell us how your passion began
Honestly - I was about 20 and working as a waitress/hostess/banquet server. I needed a pick me up some mornings (cause at that age you while away the evening hours after work dancing and drinking non coffee). I can even recall my first year at university (prior to this) telling someone that coffee was disgusting and I would never become a drinker of it and why is there only 'coffee hour' and not hot chocolate or tea... But at work, it was the only 'free' hot drink and when you are there greeting people as the door opens and closes, you kind of start. It was not about the caffeine because I had a very low tolerance and I usually had decaf, but it was about the flavour. I got to the point, when I knew that the pot was off and new brewing was required. Then I had one of Starbucks specialty coffees and it was all over. Also, if we were out for dinner with others, I would order the flavoured dessert coffee, and suddenly I was a coffee drinker.
I have proven to myself a number of times that I can do without the caffeine(stopping cold turkey or drinking decaf, but I always miss my coffee and tea just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy November 1st and I won!!!!!

It is a great day whooeee. Okay it was hohum nasty female issues day until about 5 minutes ago, when I found out I won on the Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap. First of all I love coffee and then there is this great swap starting today and then I go over read the stuff and there is my name as a WINNER!!!
November is going to be awesome!!!!
plus those church books have left the building and there are only 2 little details must finish up for them!!!
The dishes can wait, the laundry can wait and life will go on!!! I won!!

Please be advised that I am super excited and not poking at anyone who may not have won.