Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Puking, parcels and papas

Okay, I was minding my own business lurk/perusing the blogs and I come across this and this and when I came home early with a sick little gurl today, there were two packages waiting for me. The one was the yarn for Dad's socks - still not sure why one package takes 14 business days and the other two take 5. But that was another story. Then there was the package from Jacque of This Kitten Knits. Wow - I am working on the photo of that, but thank you so much!!!
I mowed the lawn tonight with my new reel mower. It is a Husqvarna and it works great. No pollution - all my muscle power. Something has already misaligned, but the big gurl was yelling that her sister had thrown up again, so I had to come in. Poor little mite. No energy to even cause trouble and when asked if she wanted to go to bed, she just nodded her head yes. Thank you so much to Diane for coming over with apple juice and powerade since wasn't taking her to the store.
Little one is up again - clean jammers again. The worst part of all this is that after she throws up, she grinds her teeth. Hate that noise. Her father is in the bad books. He called tonight and when I told him she was sick, he acted and talked like it was a big joke. Yeah - she' dropped at least a pound since this morning, but hahaha pukey sick!!!!
The big gurl'z father called to say he is definitely making it on Friday - all sympathetic and thoughtful that the little one is ill. What is up with these two - when one is good the other is bad?
And people think I am missing something by being single? Yeah sex - and that's it! (and since I got pregnant on the last two major occasions of that, well it is not high on my list of priorities right now!!!!)

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