Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting somewhere on that list

So in my last post this list of known UFOs/WIPs was on my do do list:

1. Curlicue for big girl in rainbow colours - FINISHED - and she loves it. Now of course the little one needs a larger afghan
2. Wedgette - have finished the bodice and have the neck band almost done - need to start stitching it down. Then I need to figure out how much yarn is left for the sleeves.
3. replacement fingerless mitt for Mom - she lost one - done and in her hands - it is two coloured, but finished 1 night and mailed the next morning
4. Crocheted Daisy purse - for little girl just needs seaming, lining and handles. - well I've looked at it at least...
5. Gray Farmer's Market Cardi - frogged the sleeve and wove in a myriad of ends, joined the shoulders - need to block so i can mattress stitch the pockets and hem in preparation for that lovely collor
6. Bulky sweater for me - two sleeves are done, and the body was half done with pockets and everything, but has been frogged. Needs to be restarted.
7. Owls sweater for me - didn't bother redoing - wove in the ends and wore it - fits much better when you lose 20 pounds...
8. Bunny cozies -picked it up and remembered why I quit - I keep running out of yarn on the last arm...
9. Single sock I f ound - ends woven in and second sock all done - ready for washing
10. Fiddlehead mittens - (previously frogged) outers all done with ends woven in even - need to block and then knit the lining.
11. Princess crown - all done - big girl is wearing it since she has outgrown hers and little girl wears hers.
12. Mindless headband - not feeling the love on it, but it's over halfway done...
13. Necklace - crochet (from the weekend I frogged the fingerless mitten twice and was tired of the fiddle heads - need to weave in ends, sew on a button and make a flower decoration.
14. Fire bird socks - still need to embroider these...they are in my current wip bag at least...
I hope that's all of them...but likely not.
Of course that isn't even mentioning the to do list...Manu, Rosamund, mittens, socks....
but there is time...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello World!!!

It's been a long while since I blogged.
I've still been lurking and occasionally commenting on my favourite places : my federal e'ee pal; one of my favourite yarnies; another lovely Canadian; a famous Canadian; a few from over the pond; great designer and this one or even this one; or how about Robyn and and of course Ravelry.
And raising two lovely girls is never easy. Little one is now in JK and learning daily - today she pretended to read Geronimo Stilton and almost convinced me. And big one has lost her 8th or 10th tooth and goes through clothes like there is no tomorrow.
I've knitted a bit - and frogged alot. I hope to get some pictures up on here and ravelry soon. My current favourite designer is Ysolda Teague as I have more of her patterns completed than anything else.
My goal is to clean up my UFO's and not buy more yarn for a while.
My known UFO's are:
1. Curlicue for big girl in rainbow colours - on #5 (2nd time for this one) of 15 wedges.
2. Wedgette - frogged twice now, but currently awaiting a waistline, bodice and sleeves.
3. replacement fingerless mitt for Mom - she lost one
4. Crocheted Daisy purse - for little girl just needs seaming, lining and handles.
5. Gray Farmer's Market Cardi - will be frogged. Eek - was on the sleeves, but not liking how it is working up.
6. Bulky sweater for me - one sleeve is started.
7. Owls sweater for me - need to redo the neckline and the underarms.
8. Bunny cozies

Those were off the top of my head. I have been spending much of January with fall/winter cleaning and purging - the bathroom and my bedroom need work yet and the never ending mess of the toy room leaves a lot to be desired.
And once they are done, it will be time to file my taxes and yes - renovate - the bathroom of last April's post has waited long enough and needs to be done.
It will, someday.
So Hi to you!