Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just let it be...

I love my Mom.
(obviously - she is getting a second pair of socks before I do - maybe)
But, when she says you should really talk to PE (brother's MIL) about socks, she really doesn't get it. It's not that I can't do it, it's just I haven't found the perfect pattern.
I'm trying to make socks for the big gurl (and then the little gurl). She picked out Regia, 4ply crazy color in a rainbow of colours (mostly pink and purple). I tried the toe up formula, but the needles are wrong. Well, in order to avoid the provisional cast on I have to use a circ and I don't have a circ in that size. Mom sees that as well maybe you can't do it.
So I compromised, I cast on my Firestarter socks, ordered some yarn for my SP11 (and myself) wishlisted some other yarn and joined the Six Sox Kal (more for my autumn sock swap) but also cause I really love the I Love Gansey sock. I'm seeing my ILG in blue - cherry tree hill blue, but am also going to find a solid blue for my ASS (hmm not a good abbreviation) WELL DOH it is a HARVEST Sock Swap. HSS much better(couldn't take out the other though).
Must organize yarn and needles better so would know if had the right ones or not.

(from the to do list of previous post - 3 loads of laundry done, 3 quilt blocks total done, firestarter started, #11, first half of #4, and well working on #2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13).

There is always tomorrow.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gene disorders

You know how it is when you're doing something and it's like a flashback to your mother or someone else related to you?
Been having a few of those as I work on the quilt blocks - finished the ones for the gift quilt and one star block for the gurlz quilt. Even got going on the second block, but was a little weary.
Now am a lot weary and going to bed.
My to do list:
1. Finish Mom's second pair of socks.
2. Redo swatch for secret of the stole (1 week away)
3. Start Firestarter sock
4. Frog and work on big gurlz sock
5. Do at least 2 more quilt blocks
6. Fix front stairs with new wood and figure out a mounting board so can work around wonky front yard.
7. Finish the week of dishes.
8. Clean the house
9. Church books
10. Laundry
11. Something with the big gurl for sure this weekend
12. Figure out little gurl'z birthday (oct 5th)
13. Everything else.

Nothing too major eh.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Latent perfectionism Gene

Yes I have one. There are times when it goes on hiatus for weeks even months at a time for some things and is always there for others.
This week it has been my pull balls - OI that sounds fun - they weren't quite right so I redid 4.
Then it was the socks for Mom - the ribbing is wonky and my cast off sucks - frogging in the future. The swatch for Secret of the Stole same thing. Frogged twice now in fact (2nd time due to needles) Anyone need a 120 cm ++ size 4 Lace Addi? Will exchange for a 2 foot one.
Then there is the sewing. I am working on a quilt - the cut squares and all that jazz. 5 times I took the seam out and tried again. I am going to try by hand tomorrow. I'm betting less than half the people notice.
It must be understood that this Gene is very apparent in my crafting life (hence so many ufo's from crafts of all kinds).
Less apparent in my housework and yardwork and laundry work and ...
To reassure you, my work life is the perfect when necessary otherwise do what has to be done. (I sure hope that's the right kind of attitude for work - seems to be working for me so far)
Of course the expectation from others in the way of perfectionism knows no boundaries - hence the reason for my single status.
I'm working on it.
of note- my grammar and spelling is usually right up there for the correct and proper, but I feel the need to create words that describe a situation perfectly - in one work. Therefore I give you Perfectionism.
2 of note - I really wanted to use the word latent today - perhaps something to do with my latent sex drive.
3 of note - I think this word means what I think it means but if not, please advise and I will use/create a new word.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was great.
Started with a quick trip to the post office for a package!
My secret pal sent us goodies!!!

Hooray - it was all I could do to not rip the package open while the car was filled with gas and the big gurl could scarcely contain her excitement.
I'm not sure, but I think I fed them dinner first and then we opened her up.

The two packages with sticky notes were labelled big gurl and little gurl. My pals 2 sons picked out the items.

Thanks so much SP!!!! you spoiled us and have promised even more.

Running list here:

Real Fruit Gummies Orchard
Real Fruit Gummies Wild Creatures
Ganong Fruitfull Real Fruit Jellies

The newspaper was also in the mail, but not quite as well received. The little gurl thought it should be included!
Handmade sock needle case in beautiful blues - silk I think. Gorgeous print with ribbon ties.

Pony Pearl needles - 2.25 mm, 15 cm long in pale blue
Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn - Turquoise - Supersock Solids
Gorgeous notebook - for writing all the details down as I go.
Stitch markers - made by her?

A keychain Ty Beanie Bear - pink for big gurl

A keychain Ty Beanie Monkey - pink for little gurl.
Aren't they just precious - I think they both slept with them that night!
All wrapped in beautiful pink paper.

going to bed now and will continue with pictures tomorrow.

New information:
My Mom and niece came down for the weekend - they arrived late Friday night (9:00 pm is late when you are 6 and 4 years old). My SIL is known for whipping things together at the last minute.
It was a great weekend - even though Mom has claimed my Rainbow Opal socks - she LOVED her NEEDY socks - only took them off because she was hot. I am trying to think positively because she has spared me the frogging to 4 rows before the heel when I was only 3 inches from the cuff.
I wound the Merino lace for my stole - 1375 yards - just a couple of hours (while the pomtini took 7 hours). Mom helped with the second portion of the skein and it took no time.
We went to market, did laundry, visited, sewed a beautiful liner for the Squatty Sidekick (and gifted it to the niece without taking pictures), fixed up 4 separate dressup clothes for the big gurl, finally found the boxes of too big clothes - a new pair of runners are in order for the little gurl. (this was on both Saturday and Sunday)
On Saturday, after supper (all market fresh goodness) Mom and I shoveled some dirt (and rocks and clay) to make the front step a little more even. We just managed not to swing the shovel at the head of the annoying man next door - he LEANED on the fence and watched us bending and lifting. Stupid comments from him too. I was running back and forth with the pails of dirt and Mom came back to where I was and she was STEAMING mad. (which really relieved me as I thought I was being nasty and vindictive in praying he would fall down and not be able to get up.)
We managed to calm down and finish off before the mosquitoes bit us apart.
Sunday, both Mom and I got riled again at church as I was expected to babysit my little gurl and one other child (who always goes to Sunday School partway). I'm sorry to say they kind of sealed the deal on us leaving the church. I will do my best to go to church every Sunday somewhere (July and every other week recently not withstanding) but it can be exhausting when it messes up the little gurl's sleep schedule and the big gurl has acted out every week (yesterday being the exception).
All in all a great weekend and then Monday arrived!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FOs, new projects and sad news

Finished work - Needy socks (Australian Merinos by King) and Monster hat (sans monster unless you count the gurl monster).
The hat is from Insubordiknit and also includes a felted eye patch, but I haven't decided if it will go on yet. I loved working with this yarn Jacey!!!!
New projects - one is a wip that didn't get frogged, I'm calling them my rainbow socks. I have just cast on for the second (during the cavity filling session for the big gurl).
I have joined the Firestarter Kal and am just deciding which pink yarn will be used.
I am also part of the Secret of the Stole on yahoo. (please don't ask me how to link that, cause I am still trying to figure out how to put a button up here!!! I bought my yarn, beads and needles today at the Knitting Habit. That is my sad news. Susan has decided to close. The worst part (for me) is I would have paid full price for the stuff regardless. Thought of that after I got home - should have told her not to discount it!!! So if you are in the Niagara Region, she is here and will be having an online store too. Right now almost everything is 30% off (not sock yarn or needles) and there is lots to go.
Other not so great news - the big gurl was brave and good for the dentist and then had a total melt down - kicking and beating mommy while screaming. So I took away her prize for being good. Arrgghh. She doesn't like me very much right now.
The little one had me at home for the last 2 days with something wrong. She had diarrhea on Monday and Tuesday with a temperature and no appetite. Back to normal eating habits today SHIT need to remember picture day and Blood Donor Clinic tomorrow and the big one's library book and the laundry is still only half folded and the quilt blocks need to be worked on and my mom may come down and ....
PARENTING is not for the faint of heart who just want to sit at home and knit. (for just one day....please).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Could have sworn I posted earlier...

It's funny when you go to your own blog and you think - Tuesday? I haven't been on since Tuesday?
But that's probably right as I wasn't on at all on Thursday or Saturday and the computer didn't work well on Friday.
Oh well.
I am in on the Secret of the Stole. This is pretty exciting. It's on Yahoo and there is some linky thing but believe me when I say I'm still trying to figure out how to get the SAM4 and SP11 and ravelry and Booty club and Lucky Lurker's Club and....
You get the idea. I got the Scout's Swag button on, but just can't figure this out.
I finished the Needy socks - ends and all. Not blocked yet, but hey it's freezing here. I know, I complained when it was too hot, but understand this - I have two pairs of socks (not handknit) on, corduroy pants - the warm kind, long sleeved fleeced tee shirt and a fleece zip up sweater. My fingers and toes and nose are cold. (am afraid to turn furnace on for fear the whole place will smoke up or something - and the unwritten rule that not to turn on until after Thanksgiving - Canada not the USA)
Now you understand how those guys get me - they are hot blooded and well it's not that I am a cold hearted bitch, but it sure feels like ice running through my veins - and my gurls? the big one runs around in capris and a tank top. I was cold just looking at her. The little one, I put extra layers on, cause she is kind of in between. I thought extra fat kept you warmer?
(that's aimed more at me than the little one - but the big gurl - she is the skinny one in the house)!!!
What's going on chez moi? well we won't mention the digital phone and internet issues or the complete melt down over the ever growing cracks or the mess on the floor and the 'it tastes yucky' before the first minute bite went down or the all around grumpiness of me.
But my allergies have been better - however, tomorrow I go back to work.
I am knitting on one of my frog pond socks - they kind of grew on me so I am just about ready to pick up the wrapped stitches for the short row heel.
Did I tell you I had a monkey sock all the way down to just before the heel turn? Yep and that was the second try - the first one made it to one full pattern repeat. They were both frogged. Too tight. I tried 2.25mm first and that was way too tight - the big gurl told me so. So I went with the 2.5mm and a loose cuff. looked good - fit the foot sweet as all get out, but just stretched over the heel. Ugg. I was going to leave it, but the yarn got all stretched looking and there was no way washing would have improved the give.
So I frogged her. Now I've lost my Monkey Mojo. It was gorgeous.
So I am knitting plain vanilla with a funky gusset and a short row heel. Want to make the princess socks from this Knitty though. Anyone know how to convert that down to a size 12 or so in gurl?
Pictures of FO are on the camera but it is late and I am tired. Nighty night.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ugh - today was one of those days that was kind of up and down. The big gurl has at least one cavity (last night's dentist visit) so we have to go back next week. Lots of rushing around this morning trying to get things figured out cause we were home so late last night. And there was more rain. And right now there is more rain. We are catching up so to speak.
Knitting has been minimal. Monica got some work done last night - maybe 2 rows, but she is coming along and a little bit of a surprise.
On Sunday night I knit to the heel of the Needy socks. While I was knitting I talked to Mom and she talked about my SIL's mom who also knits and provided 2 pairs of socks for each of the kids and my brother got a pair too. I'm not in a competition thing, but kind of glad not to have been there for that (sorry Pat). Today the only socks in my drawer that went with my outfit (loosely speaking) were my very first pair ever (considering I'm only on pair #4 - but in my defense the others were/are gifts). I still have them on and never ever want to take them off.
Yarnissima sent me her beautiful Firestarter sock pattern. It is so lovely - and is toe up. I need to finish the Needy socks, so I can cast this on (I think Monkey has been shafted once again). (it's the toe up thing).
Something for my SP arrived today and now I am getting ready to send off a package. I thought they had to be out by the 15th, but have no clue where I created that rule from. Does anyone else know? I hadn't counted on this for my first package out, but will hold something else back, so this special item gets going. This is so exciting.
My non-sock knitting is going to be well, after Monica and the other WIP's I want to make a shawl or wrap for at my desk - the sweater's don't work over top of other sweaters. I was so cold today. Guess I better get going on those WIP's (UFO's really but who's counting.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Morning, Going Down

Today started ok. I slept for an hour through the little gurl's progressive crying. When I did get up, she was wet through, which might explain the crying. We had a relatively calm morning (with the exception of the torrential downpour outside that was making mud puddles in my lawn. I knit on the hat that may be a gift, tried it on the big gurl periodically to check my progress and then we went out the door for church (yes we showered and dressed before leaving).
And then things kind of slid downhill. I had the gurlz wait on the porch while I unlocked the car and then I planned to carry the little one and open the door for the big one on the way. Well, that sidewalk Mom and I laid, the rain and the mud and the sinkhole and the settling earth thing and well, lets just say, I carried each of the gurls and the front door is off limits again.
Off to church we went - and there were times when I thought we wouldn't make it.
We were damp when we got to church and the big gurl caught a chill. She turned into the 'suck' who wouldn't go to Sunday school and just wanted to play in babysit. I don't allow that, so eventually she went to Sunday school but she was not looking too healthy at this point. After church, she said she felt dizzy, which I put down to not finishing her breakfast and got her juice and cookies. She didn't want the cookie and we left with me thinking - overtired, flu bug thing.
We got home and she went to sleep - the little gurl woke up from her cat nap, ready to face the day (there went Mum's rest). I went outside to assess the sinkhole and move the pavers and sort of make it impossible for anyone to walk up it. I need stakes and caution tape - I have a pink shower curtain that could work. After demudding myself, I knit happily and snuggled the little gurl. The big gurl came up from her nap, with a temperature and not hungry. That was the end of the birthday party plans. (we were supposed to go to B & SIL for their 2 kids b-days) Called and cancelled our attendance, griped to Mom about the sink hole and drugged the gurl. Once the medicine kicked in, she was all for partying, but considering she didn't want food, it wasn't happening.
The hat is finished, however, it fits me and is too big for the gurl. The stupid decreases. I had 90 sts and decreased 6 every other round. I'm guessing I should have decreased 9 every other round which would have given me 18 rows which would be just under 3 inches and it was 6 inches for the crown. It will be frogged and redecreased. *although I love the way it fits me*
The second Needy sock is on stripe number 4 and if I wasn't blogging would likely be to the heel. (and if I didn't have to parent the lovely gurlz and feed them occasionally and the house wasn't a mess and the sinkhole it would be done.)
Of course, the fact that Monica is being worked on for a half hour or so every night just before bed (secret knitting for now) also slows the socks and the hat progress. Really fighting casting on another sock. Must finish the Needy ones first. The purse still is buttonless and the lining is a thought at this point. However, yesterday during some down time, the Moeibus was knit upon some more - inch by inch, ya know.
Innocent in Death is out in paperback and just managed to stay on groceries only yesterday (that store doesn't give 25% off the price either).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why I love them

Same hat - four months or so apart. Aren't they gorgeous?


i am on.
thank you Jess.
this is going to take a while and computer needs to turn into a laptop.
I am Gurlzmum.
Just put a little in so far.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Super Friday

Hurray it's Friday night and i can go to bed and...
well the radio won't go off to wake me up but the gurlz may. They were a little late to bed and swam tonight so hair toes eyes and fingers crossed that they sleep until 7:30 am instead of 6:00 am. Little gurl goes to her Dad tomorrow and then I have to finish up the purse for the niece. I am resigned to the fact that the hat which I am not crazy about anyways will not be going to the nephew. nutter butter. (read that somewhere and liked it). Also have to work on church books (finish what I started so promisingly) pack a SP11 package and send the secret project off. Wow.
Plus of course there is always laundry and dishes and housework and groceries and.... that's right I'm supposed to bring something on Sunday to party and.
I sleep now.
Worry about all that other crap tomorrow.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Wendy - totally stole your title from yesterday. Please forgive me

As previously stated I am allergic and this makes me sound one of two things - very ill or very stupid. The stupid part also shows up when meds are kicking in gear or just cause, the fog in there is pretty thick - reminds me of some of those word scenes in the HP books of the London fog and the lead up to Hogwarts. That is inside my head.
And I have to answer questions regarding the Canadian Income Tax Act and the various treaties we have with all the wonderful countries out there - mostly the USA but every now and then I have to work through all the steps.
I don't consider myself a stupid person or a brilliant person - I need to know this stuff for work so I learn it.
That being said, my boss/supervisor/manager/team leader who is acting for the previous actor (who was asked to act as the head of our division while said actual head was acting as the Director of the whole building) who was replacing the actual one who was acting for someone else while they were acting elsewhere. (this is all to be reversed effective October something when all the aforementioned actors resume their actual roles -all because they hired a new director) with the exception of my current boss actor who actually does not have a specific position to return to as he transferred back to us prior to receiving such a post. whew
Okay - back to that being said, my team leader, is a man who has worked for the CRA for some time and has a lot of knowledge in his head and I always feel like a doofus when I talk to him. Today was no exception as I had to discuss some courses of action (not the same as previously mentioned) for a file and this led to the creation of interoffice memo's and directions and involved others and faxes and letters. But, at the end of the day, he gah'd right back and made me feel like I actually knew what was going on. I talk to lawyers, their assistants and accountants most of the day as usually the average person like you or me (unless you are one of the aforementioned lawyers, assistants or accountants) usually does not handle the activities that I deal with. Even in my foggy head, it is nice when I can get out what I want to say to them.
The word of the day - to the legal assistant, not the lawyer (or the soon to be irate recipient of said letter) was (in context) I'll write it all up in a cutesy letter and send --- one with a cc to your boss. I actually said that. She laughed and I went off to write the cutesy letter. That was the next GAH moment - I almost forgot as, there were other phone messages and then the mail and faxes and ... oh yeah lunch. I got it done along with a number of other unpleasantness with I must say some brain power.
The GAH when talking to the boss - I know what I want to say when I go there, but when I talk to him I loose it. (not just him - usually with any type of boss figure). Eventually we all figure it out, but it must have something to do with the face to face conversations as opposed to the phone - those go great (though I hate some of them too).
What I'm getting at is that I have blamed pregnancy brain (8 months of that twice now) baby brain (lasts for approximately 18 months after birth 2x) and now I have allergy brain. And I never did those kind of drugs when I was younger. Must have been the alcohol.
On the home front - I did everything on my list before bed last night (shocked myself even). Then I went to bed and started Monica for the third time with the yarn from the first time. I am working a moss/seed stitch border in the round and making the size 8. It looks better, but I haven't even finished the border yet. The hat for B is coming along, but I don't' think it will do. And the purse still needs a button and still contemplating a lining - out of well washed kids clothes that didn't survive stains ville. Just to get at it is the issue.
Cruel Mum that I am, I made the gurlz clean up their play stuff in preparation of vacuuming. Still some stuff on the floor, but we will get there. I really want to do what Crazy Aunt Purl did (but I don't know what is under my carpets and they were new about a year ago -cheap cheap though - already wreaking in spots). That however is a whole nother post regarding stupid renovating people who do lousy jobs, sell the place to poor me and then I have to fix what looked perfect at one time.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School time

So, yesterday the big gurl started Grade 1. I took the day off work (a personal day, it's called) so I could take her to school and meet her teacher and get a feel for her class and stuff. That went okay - picky eater aside, she was enthusiastic about packing her lunch. The little gurl screamed when we dropped her off, but she had 3 days of no daycare so that always throws her off. Mrs. Smith seems nice - an experienced teacher, who seemed a little frazzled, but she has 17 odd kids and at least one parent per child sort of hanging around. One big hug and off the gurl went. No pictures, cause why on earth would I remember my camera>!>>!>!>!>!>!

I went home - dreading the next part of my day. My ABS light came on and I had been avoiding the brake work for some time. I made the call and took the car in - they take you home again while they do the work (worth any extra in the bill). To give Steve credit, he really tried to ensure my gurlz and I were ultra safe, but when the difference is $500 and well you'll have to do it soon (rather then now or else) I'll take the necessary work and leave the needs attention for later. When the parts come in at $160 each (supposedly lifetime) you have to take a step back.
That took up most of the early afternoon- a few groceries for school and then pick her up again. I did not get everything I wanted to done - and I frogged needful #2. I had switched the colours because I was afraid I would run out. As I was knitting it, I counted the rows and figured I was using basically the same amount of yarn for each. So I have started it again (try #3). Give me some credit here - I was two rows away from the TOE and this was a cuff down. I am now on row 2 of the ribbed section. I cast on a hat for nephew #2 - not really liking the yarn - Tuffy by Briggs & Little. Recommended for socks - ouch. We will see,

Allergies today were so bad, everyone I talked to asked. Sounded like a snubbed up sniffler. And of course today I had 7 messages and people actually called me and well - I was very productive. At about 3:00 pm I went down to the Cash Office with some cheques for accounts and realised that I could take a 5 minute break cause I hadn't taken a morning or afternoon one. Unusual for me, but there was a day last week when I felt I did nothing. (I mean I worked, but nothing went anywhere, it was so slow).

How was school - she's ASKING for homework. Weird child. She does not want to go to daycare anymore, but that is not possible - unless I win the lottery. Guess I better pick up a ticket or something!

All the Ontario yarn enthusiasts may be at this on Saturday. I don't know that I will as it is just under 2 hours away, but it is tempting. No money? isn't there always money for stash?

I received a welcome package for the Lucky Lurker's Sock Club. I was terrified when there was no yarn (ya don't think I actually read the letter first do you?). Angela did an awesome job putting this together - tape measure, scrap yarn, notions bag, Toe up sock pattern and a step by step instructional for kitchener stitch grafting. I just have to reskein that yarn, wash it and then start again!!!! (in my spare time ya know).

I cleaned the kitchen this evening and the bathroom has gotten a good start. Then I turned on the computer and that was it. I am going to sign off now to a)wash the dishes; b) clean the toilet; c)clean the garbage cans; d) put away the vacuum; and e)the shoes - I had 5 pairs at the front door - and I get upset with the gurlz over 1 pair. Tsk tsk.

Sunday - was time at Grandma's and the big gurl's Dad did show up. It was a great day of just chilling and watching the gurls play. I was so allergic I wanted to scream, but I took a Cold & Sinus pill to try to decongest and it worked. So I did that yesterday - and when I found them, today too. There is a 'wear-off' on these things and i should likely find the plain old sinus ones. Hate to spend the money when they are right here.

Oh - lunch this morning for the big gurl was a slight screaming match as somehow it's my fault she doesn't like anything. She said she had enough and even left her raisins and carrots. Funny all the 'sweet' treats disappeared.

I am going to have to watch the big gurl though. She is a 'holder' and 'waiter' when it comes to going to the bathroom. 3 days of stressing to get it out - and tonight I gave her 'jelly' and it took less than 2 hours. I'm not sure if there is a reason for this or not, but the poor gurl lays a bigger one than I do. Just knocks her out too. Will have to watch the chocolate and make sure enough fruits and veggies (she likes only two fruits - veggies are a bit better). Of course, the little gurl feels she is getting gypped cause the treats are coming out but she isn't getting any.
Parenting - not for the faint of heart or remotely sane!!!!

Where is that list of stuff I have to do - just want to go to sleep!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where are all the YARN fiber artists?

Today the big gurl and I went to the Marshville Heritage Festival - given current allergies and PMS felt this was the lesser of evils - she wanted Marineland and its rides of a Fair.
I went curious about heritage stuff and hoping to seem some yarn fibrey goodness. After a short tractor driven wagon ride, we arrived at the front gate and wandered the various artisans. There was no yarn goodness to be found, but the big gurl helped weave around on a basket and then we wandered through the demonstrations and displays. We used one of those big two person hand saws, to cut an inch thick circle from a log and had it 'branded' with MHF 2007. Very nice. I perused the information booklet and was pleased to see a listing for a spinning/weaving demonstration. After some surveying, juggling and a bathroom break, we found the General store and right next door there were spinning wheels (2) and some weaving. What a disappointment. There were two skeins of yarn lying on motionless wheels with some roving and some spools of ply 'placed' there. The weaving was a little more exciting and there was a drop spindle. But that was it. Arrgghh. I know there is wool farm less than a half hour away from where we were, so where were they? (don't repeat that fast). All in all it was a great day -ending off with the purchase of water, a visit to the library (i picked up HP book 6 - the 5th one lost me for a bit so I never picked this one up - I am enjoying it and love the little knitting references). Bought something for my SP - for September - must remember to get that ready to mail. For us there was Honey straight from the beekeeper himself, some fresh apple fritters and apple cider and some kettle popcorn - the sweet stuff. Funny that big gurl of mine - we get home and I ask if she wants mashed potatoes for supper and she says, But what are we having for lunch? Since she didn't want/have a proper lunch, she suddenly wanted one.
Fell off the yarn wagon cause SAM4 has some lovely links and their is some (and less than there was when I went over) beautiful yarn at The Plucky Knitter - please someone else buy the rest!!!!! But my sp will be getting something lovely for next month!!!
I just want to thank all my fellow bloggers for the lovely links. I have also found a 'local' yarn here because of Zonda and it was the blogging world that introduced me to Knitting Daily and the girls at 'Pickin and 'Throwin who helped me figure out how to be a picker. And the links to Knitty and Magknits and ... jacque for letting me help with a Secret Project and SP11 for letting me find fellow Canadian bloggers and well just to know the way I think and knit, well others do it too. So thanks y'all!!!!
Oh - and if you like to knit mittens - try this Mitten Swap or there is also the Harvest Sock Swap. I signed up for the sock swap and am debating the mitten one - never having knitted an actual mitten and so not wanting to do it wrong.
Anyways that is my random post of the day and I was going to bed an hour ago.
Have a great Sunday!