Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

There are a number of songs out there with 'Sunday' in the title that are running through my head right now. That is one and there is the Johnny Cash one - Another Sunday going down or something like that. I'm not thinking too many Holy songs unless you count a recurring 'Alleluia - with various other parts just cause we all lived to tell the tale.
Today was one of those days. Not that anything terribly horrible happened but, well there was blood and screaming and crying and dirt and paint and dogs and friends and whining and knitting and baking and cleaning and laundry and dirty diapers and dirty faces and ...
The blood is probably the big thing - It's around 7:00 pm and I am getting the little gurl naked for bath time - I think she was naked, when a thud or thump and screaming. Naked gurl deserted as I go looking for screaming gurl. She is in a weird heap on top of toys with blood on her face and coming from her mouth. (brain goes - oh God she's breathing she's screaming, she's bleeding the teeth the blood) Honey it's okay mommy's here come in the bathroom (drip goes the blood) and Mommy will get you a cold cloth and is it just your mouth or does something else hurt. - naked gurl is still standing where she was left, but with diaper in hand for mommy to put away - she goes in the tub cause then I know where she is. The cup of water I was drinking and a baby washcloth combine for cold compress number 1 - i think number 10 or so is still on the chin cause bleeding not stopped at last check.
The damage - big gash in tongue - Thank you God that tongues heal so quickly!!! one of the teeth was bleeding, but it seems okay. There is a small gash in the side of her chin - I really can't comprehend how it got there, but there it is. It won't completely stop bleeding, So the big gurl is lying on the couch, fast asleep, with a wet cloth on it cause for some reason she knows what stitches are and she doesn't want one! We will see when I put her to bed how it is doing. She tripped over the pillow that is at their reading corner and smashed into the second from the bottom shelf. OUCH! But except for the above mentioned injuries, there is nothing else to report.
The screaming/crying yelling stuff - both gurlz had nasty tantrums today. The big one didn't' sleep long enough this morning ( E is an early riser and was ready to go before 7:00 am) (I was up with the little one at this point anyways, but usually the big one sleeps an hour or so longer on Sundays) We were at the park and she had to go pee. There is no place to pee. So after she had played an additional half hour or so, the whining got bad and away home we went. I made her walk, because I know that riding in a wagon would not work and there were three kidz, not just two and there is only room for two in the wagon. She cried and screamed all the way home (two blocks). We get home and she goes in the house and stands there - I carried/dragged her to the washroom and got her on without any accidents. She proceeded to cry another 15 minutes or so, then retreated fro some quiet time in her room (on her own) and then came up to whine some more that E wouldn't leave her alone and only her sister is nice to her and... I told her to go rest in my bed and be quiet. She did. Then she came up and the three of them played outside (paint water and sunshine - what more could they need).
At one point, E and the big gurl hollered - that the little gurl was all black mouthed from eating the paint and brush. So i brought her in and tried to clean her up (while also trying to finish the lunch). She started screaming and well didn't stop until Mel and K arrived for E. Mel got her to sleep and that was the end of that. We all had good naps.
The rest of the day was pretty good - housework is always there and some needed doing. The baking was banana chocolate chip cupcakes for the kids and Oatmeal cake (the one mom always made) because there was oatmeal left from breakfast.
The knitting I am so excited about. I started with my kitty yarn (spindle cat studios - posted previously) my ADDI circulars #1 and began the toe of my socks. I just want to say I love this kind of knitting!! The socks are exactly the same. They will be done at the same time. And now that I understand the flow of the pieces. it's going very quickly. (okay only 2.25 inches, but you know what else I did today already). I am going to try very hard not to buy any more yarn. Sock yarn does count (I have enough right now for 4 pairs at least. Of course that means I have to avoid all these fabulous sock yarn dyers and ....

Regarding the ongoing missing parcel issue - need to find out if the customs # means anything and where I can find out. Of course, i am afraid to look up the other parcels that are coming registered for fear they went walking also. I am not a very trusting person.

About the yarn I'm knitting with - it's like a walk down memory lane. The first cats I can remember on our farm were 'Tammy' and 'Tommy'. Tommy was a black and white tomcat. Tammy was mainly white with black and brown spots. As I knit the yarn there are times when that exact colour is there. Love this. (very much afraid socks will be too small and will have to frog and start over. 2.25 inches not long enough to check. Also need to figure in some simple increases- thinking that if I do two every 2 inches (or so) it will shape up okay. The Knitty formula i am following doesn't really mention increases. Will have to see.)
Need to knit some more and check out the chin.
Have a great week.

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