Wednesday, May 30, 2007

best laid plans...

So, the big gurl just threw up.
There goes a well planned evening.
Laundry in, bed stripped, and I'm totally exhausted.
Tomorrow is one of those days, where I have to go to work. Presentation.
That's about it for today.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tee hee hee

I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, and I have even done it myself a couple times unintentionally, but this one is for real, and it's important.
So please send this warning to everyone on your e-mail list.

If someone comes to your door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!!
They only want to see you naked.
I wish I'd gotten this yesterday.
I feel so stupid.
Be careful!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Okay, some pics of this and that

FIRST - my Insubordiknit artyarn club yarn. MMMMMMM. These are going to warm my aching wrists and I think, I may even get a little scarf out of the deal - or a head wrap or.... Very fabulous yarn, Jacey!!!
Finished socks - which are on my feet right now and may never get washed as I want them for my evenings. I did the slip stitch heel from Knitty's Widdershins. The rest was a combination of the Widdershin shaping and the toe up formula. They used half a skein of spindlecat studio's Tabbytux(d) which she made into 4 pull balls for me. I had about 1 yard total left from the two socks. Because I did them toe up and didn't want to start into the other balls, I measured the total yarn needed per row and then took the total yardage left (by measuring) and divided it out, based on how many rows of rib I wanted. It's a 2x2 rib that is just right. The other reason I didn't go up any higher is that I would have had to get into shaping and that is something for the next socks, not the first pair. May I say Kate, that the yarn is great to knit with, washed fabulous and is so comfy to wear. The random colourway is just what I needed to help me through the first socks. Thank you so much.

My other FO was an experiment. Wendy and Cara were pretty into these last month and my head couldn't wrap around how it worked. Using this pattern, I did up a simple dishcloth in cottontots to try it out. I will definitely do it again, however in less pretty colours, so I can actually use my dishcloth (I really need one). However, the yarn was originally bought for the big gurl, so she can keep the blankie/tablecloth for Barbie. I will not be doing anything too large scale in mitres, but it was fun (except the frogging because when I think about how I crochet, I change it. This was knit on size four dpns. I think I will use some more of Vyvyan's dishcloth patterns in the future.


I took pictures of the WIP's that have been floating around for a few years.

The little gurlz crib sized baby blanket and sweater. Little matching booties. I finished a delightful pumpkin hat for her, but just never got into seaming up the sweater and finishing the blanket. Someone will be a lucky baby someday.

My Moeibus. Oh how I love this yarn and this knit. The problem is, it is slow going so I take many breaks. It's a great pattern to just pick up and take anywhere.

The Carmen scarf in plain old garter. Also very easy but boring so not holding my attention very well.

The sweater. What pattern? don't know. I believe it was a sleeveless cowl neck that I was converting into a V-neck. Yup, well we'll see.
That's it for now. I will post some pics of the gurlz from today a little later. They are my WIPs also but didn't feel it was a good way to do it.

the complete and total FUTILITY of it all

Housework - this word is dreaded by women and some men the world around. For me, it's not that I really mind doing it. I like a clean house. I obsess about the cleanliness in my house.
Okay you wouldn't know that about me for the past month (since the big gurlz birthday, I only get halfway and then I have to do something else. Amazing how many dishes you have when they are all out of the cupboards.
Today was clean the house day. I started with the dishes first thing this morning (6:00 am) and then dove into the computer/office/ upstairs playroom. Things went well. The room stayed clean - 5 whole minutes. I mean it, I left the room, dragging the vacuum and cleaning into the kitchen. Mom...; Just a minute, I need to finish this. I turned around and went back into the room and there was stuff on the floor already!!!! They have a bedroom to play in - there was still a total disaster in the living room. Let's just say I yelled a little. It's now 6:33 pm and the dishes are halfway there, the computer room has been vacuumed again (fishy crackers dumped everywhere) and some other things have been done.
I realized as I was doing the dishes and mowing the lawn and knitting to ease some tension, that it is the futility of the action that prevents me from completing or even starting. The kitchen floor and back stairs were already cleaned. They need it again.
The only good thing about housework is you can usually plan and plot other things. A lot of that went on today - the INSUBORDIKNIT yarn is going to be wrist warmers, and I found a pattern that will work with it. Jacey - this is gorgeous yarn. I rolled it into two balls (still joined though and it is squishy and soft and thin and thick and the colours are just amazing. The camera and I are going into the other room, cause the gurillaz are going to watch a DVD (no TV so they have to use my computer - I'm thinking of calling a friend for a loaner). There will be some FO's, some WIP and some yarn. Maybe a bottle or two of liquor too.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

caffeine, mmmmm

This morning, I woke up to silence. The gurlz were sleeping over elsewhere and I stayed in bed until almost 9:00 am. Then I brewed a delicious cup of coffee and checked my computer for email and worked on the special project discussion and then read through all the blogs I haunt. A couple hours later, I headed out to lunch at the Mandarin with the big gurl and Mel. Then it was off to Chapters to spend the big gurlz birthday card from Aunt Nancy and some other money. I resisted the knitting book I wanted and the other full price books that struck my fancy cause I know I can get them delivered to my door for free. They are currently in my shopping cart at waiting for me to buy them Funny that, amazon is a little less than dollar per book cheaper. Which books you ask - this one and two for the gurlz, Fancy Nancy and Fancy Nancy and the puppy (or something like that).
Purchased Bounce from Knit & Tonic. I am going to make it in matching yarn to Monica. I bought some on Thursday and went back Friday to pick up a different contrast, cause I felt the Berocco Cotton Twist was too heavy for the ruffle. But that left me with a little bit of extra yarn.
I managed to fold the laundry this evening, as Dad's sock has now been frogged (i keep writing ripped) three times. I am working it toe up and keep discovering my little issues with making it work. The second time there was a 'loop' left from Judy's magic cast on and I hadn't adjusted the rib to account for the edge stitches. I managed to fix the left over loop by just wrapping the yarn instead of slip knotting, but then I cast on the wrong number of stitches and figured that out on round 4. It was not meant to be right now (I was 4 plus inches in on the first sock).
The little gurl arrived home from her first sleep over at her Dad's and that went well. I'm very glad that they have a good relationship. Of course, he 'forgot' to tell me that she was soaking wet until I had given her a hug - funny how they (men) find annoying things like that funny.
I thought I would have pictures but I have some housework and yarn searching to do. I want to make forecast the way evergreen knits did. I know I have a purple that may be just the thing.
However, I need to go plot and plan something else entirely and can't tell you about it cause... I can't.
Have a great night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another LYS closing

Yesterday, I went to buy the needles I 'thought' I needed in order to start my father's socks. The LYS was closed and a sign up stated they would only be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Everything in the store is 40% off. I went back today, and bought a few balls of yarn and a different needle. The socks were already on my dpns. Now I have to go back for other dpns cause, there are a couple of projects that need working.
And at 40% off, my self imposed no more yarn buying is gone out the window as I pick up some of the yarns that are very pricey.
Some came home, some more will.
As the socks are in the drawer at my desk at work, I started on the tank for the big gurl. The yarn is different so I am actually knitting a test swatch and I need to go get some 4.25 mm cause the 4.5 is too big and the 4.0 is to small. I need to make a detailed organized list of my needs and bring the patterns in order to get the right stuff.
We'll see.
Pictures will be coming of the completed socks, but I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, Friday. So maybe Saturday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Long Weekend is over!!!!!!!!

yeah! I get to go to work tomorrow. I am so happy.
Yes I am crazy, but the gurlz were getting on my nerves and the house gets dirtier and dirtier.
Crap - laundry in washer needs to be dealt with and the dishes are still soaking.
But - my yarn skeins have been wound. I am happy to report that by the 5th skein, I was no longer spending more time untangling (three hours yesterday) than it will take to actually knit with the yarn. I even rolled up the Kid Seta that has been UFO'ing around the house.
I random knit today. I mean it. Saturday night I went to cast on for another pair of socks, but ran into all sorts of issues (baby blankie on necessary circ, unable to cast on properly, computer shut down before figuring out Judy's magic cast on, indecisive pattern picking, ball needing to be divided before starting... Whatever. So I brought up all the UFO's and needles I had and when I went to the BBQ (that wasn't) I took along my MOEIBUS to work on. I got a couple more inches done on it. I also got a couple inches done on the fuzzy garter stitch scarf. And one big row on the baby blankie that will probably go to the Little Gurlz firstborn child. Funny that, I really enjoy knitting it and the pattern is still in my head, but just can't get to finishing it. I think it is because I have half a skein unworked and a second skein that should really be done too. It's depressing when you can't see the end of the tunnel.
I learned something very important on Sunday and used grade 6 math. I still can't figure out why Finny thinks knitting doesn't involve math.
But back to my knowledge. I was making this recipe as recommended by the Woof Nanny and after crushing the chocolate wafers I had, I measured them. I had 2 1/4 cups so I figured I would make 1 1/2 times the recipe. That worked well as it would fit a 9x13 pan which is a common potluck dish size and use up more of the unnecessary food stash in the house. But there was the 1/3 cup of sugar. What is half of a 1/3 - my head always goes a quarter or tries to break it down into tablespoons. When I though long enough it seemed to be 2/12ths which makes 1/6th. But I wrote it out
  • 1/2 x 1/3 = 1/6 Okay good but now I needed to add that to the 1/3 I already had.
  • 1/6 + 1/3 = ??? Need to change the denominators.
  • 1/6 + 2/6 = 3/6 WHAT!!!! That means 1 1/2 thirds is a half !!!!!!!!

HURRAY!!!! Life finally makes sense. Perfect measurements everytime!!!! I even called my mother on this one. She was the same way. For all you non-baker/cook people thppllt I stick my tongue out at you cause this is a huge deal. NO more guessing I am not going to forget this.

But back to Finny knits comments about no math. It's all about the numbers. I discovered that Saturday as I worked out the number of stitches needed based on Dad's shoe size and the needle size and the yarn weight and...

My head hurts. I am going to go do something constructive (laundry cause the dishes can wait for the maid)and then I think I will go to bed. (the 3 hour nap this afternoon only took the edge off my total exhaustion from detangling a 400 yard skein until 1:00 am - yes there must have been at least two knots (just written as notes) and they are frustrating).

Tagged - 7 random things about me

I've been tagged by Jacque.
The details are:
List 7 random things about yourself on your blog.
Tag 7 others.
Leave a comment on their blog to direct them to your site to get the rules. no tag backs

7 Random Things about ME!

1. I hate living alone. Kids don't really count as they aren't going to defeat the boogie monsters for me. Having kids has helped in that, I will defend them and fly out of bed for them. But late at night, when something makes a sound and wakes me up - I lie cowering waiting for the evil to come. The worst is when you fall asleep in the midst of the cowering and your dreams manifest your fears. I think there was one night where I woke from a dream into a dream into a dream until finally I was really awake. Since I was a kid it's been this way - you should have seen me run from the bedroom door to the bathroom - the staircase from downstairs was right there and I could see the wolves (that opened the front door and walked in but couldn't come all the way up) and other creatures. My mother can't comprehend it - but whenever I am at their house (it's the worst place for it) the lights are on if no one else is home.

2. I want to write something - book, article whatever. The funny thing is that I know how to write - in my head. The things I've created would knock you over. But putting pen to paper - actually writing it down, I reach that block wall that is insurmountable. The thoughts are there, but the rest of my subconscious works to whip the inspiration out of me. Maybe someday.

3. Procrastination is second nature to me. When I want to do something - get out of my way. But if something is tedious, has to be done or just requires more time or energy than I am ready for, it can wait. However a lot of things get finished in the 9th hour and turn out very well. The problem is the guilt that eats at you as you think about or even worse see the unfinished ...

4. As a child I was a fish - I swam and swam and you could seldom get me out of the water. Going to the lake was fabulous - I stayed in for hours and played and played. Now - it takes a lot to get me in the water. It seems so meaningless. Or, I know I am going to burn so, forget about it.

5. I hate clutter. Yet I'm lousy at getting rid of stuff, and I'm always buying cluttery things. Knickknacks, books, baking utensils, craft supplies - even crafts that I don't know how to do. Everything has it's correct spot, however, I haven't put up those shelves or cleaned or... One of these days things will be organized.

6. Many of my faults were caused by my parents. They both read a lot - that's me. Something due tomorrow - I should have enough time in the morning to finish it. Shopping - we went every weekend (may have been the thrift store) but that sure breeds a nasty habit. Chocolate? Wine? Housekeeping? Dishes? ... They all can be attributed to them. However, I'm guessing I should have learned from them somehow or other.

7. Except for the nausea, I enjoyed my pregnancies. I'm sorry for those who had difficult childbirth, but it was fairly easy. Anti climatic after 9 months. Parenting on the other hand... well there are books out there for that. Some days you get it right and some days you don't. Hopefully the gurlz will forgive and forget and grow into good people.

Who to tag:

The last three don't have blogs, but are on facebook, so they can do it there.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just sank into a deep sleep and then...

..the little gurl woke up screaming. I know I went in and put her in bed with me but I don't really recall doing it. Obviously went right back to sleep.
..."Mommy?! Mommy?" "what honey?" "I wet my bed." "okay just one minute while I wake up."
She didn't just wet her bed. She had the runs. So at 1:00 in the morning, I have my big gurl in the shower (crying more because she doesn't want the poop on her than because she is all that sick). Then I bundle her up in a towel and dry jammers and lay her in my bed (on top of a towel), somehow manage to get the little one out of the way, strip the bed, Thank God for plastic sheet protectors, wipe the mattress down with a clorox wipe, open the window so can breathe, put the little gurl in her crib, remake the bed, find a dry pillow (a couple were still out of commission from the previous week), and tuck the big gurl in with a barf pail, towel and a few blankies. The little gurl needed her bum changed and on goes the night night music and off to sleep we go.
..."Mommy, I did it again." "okay honey, go up to the bathroom, I will be right there - did you get any on your bed?" "no, sniff sniff" "It's alright honey" (note - she turned the bedroom light on before telling me - therefore little gurl wide awake again). This time shower was not necessary as it was a contained action, however she has two less underwear. I am into reduce reuse recycle, buy secondhand etc... but when it is so heavy with poop that a plant could grow in it - I don't need to throw up while trying to clean up my gurlz messes. She had a little drink and went back to sleep.
...wah wah wha whhahahwhwhwhwhwhwhwwhwhw. The little gurl had had enough of the interruptions and since I was dead tired, she got two thirds of my bed.
...I woke up and it was morning.

That's right, a week later the big one gets a 24 hour case of the diarrhea. Great long weekend beginning. But on the plus side, her bed is clean clean. As our all the comforters and pillows. And the house is now very fresh smelling.
But my socks are done!!!!!! I can't decide what to cast on next - Dad's (cause there's a bit of a deadline, Mel's - cause I love the colour of the yarn, or mine.. or start one of the other projects but really wan to knit a pair of socks again.)
I am halfway through the housework, two thirds of the way through the laundry and three quarters of the way through the dishes. one quarter of the bathroom has been properly cleaned, one third of the basement, and forget about all the paperwork I was supposed to get through. Oh and the flower garden in the front is about halfway - may pick up some pretty mulch instead of the plain leafy stuff - the neighbour has some red stuff and it looks nice. I still need some more plants and there are the plants that I want to go along the fence line, but that will be a while. I'm supposed to be making some dessert for tomorrow. Cannot get inspired.
Maybe I will cast on a pair of Fetching and then do Dad's socks. OH that's right!!!! I have a wool winder - I can roll up the colinette for Mel and start her socks. Wonder what size feet she has - I know they are bigger than mine - maybe the MONKEY socks!!!! Has anyone out there tried these on two circ's? Really really really want to - maybe I will!

Oh yes and my you pissed me off real good buddy!!!!
This is the second time this happened, but the first time I assumed it was a special booking. It was about 5:30 ish and we hear the ice cream truck song. The big gurl is over the moon excited and I tell her that if the truck comes down our street, she can have some ice cream.. She continues playing outside, patiently, impatiently, excited, because she saw it go into the townhouse subdivision. Then it gets louder and she is squealing because it turned towards us - but the song is off. Okay, no big deal, I had my wallet in hand!!!!~!!!!! She is skipping and jumping down the sidewalk and he looked straight at her and drove off. Have you ever seen total devastation strike a child - I was so mad for her. She thought it was a mistake but then just cried. Thankfully she was distracted by the reminder that Shed and Tammy were going to BBQ her hotdogs and she brought them up, but that man will never be forgiven in this household (not by me). UNBELIEVABLE. EVIL PERSON!!! You may think this harsh, but she was still thinking about it two hours and ice cream later. Shift over or not - he could have stopped - we were all getting some if he had, but the next time we hear his song I think we will get out the eggs to throw.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

caffeine...not good?!!?!?

Started the day off okay, but it went downhill.
Upset stomach most of the day. I'm tossing between faulting the coffee or the peanut butter. This is MAJOR problem. They are big favourites and if they are setting me off, then I am in trouble.
But that aside, the lawn is mowed and trimmed to the extent that my 25? foot cord would reach. If that is 50 feet it is really short. This even with the direct energy sales guy coming round to lock in my rates for five years and... HELLO?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Not living single and free have things to do. Can't you just send me a letter or something and I will read it next year??
The special project at work is progressing very very slowly. Wanted to be done by end of tomorrow so wouldn't have to deal with it after the long weekend. Guess not.
Ruined a legal assistant's day today. I DID NOT MEAN TO. I didn't write the ITA, I just do what they tell me.
Knitting was done last night on the socks. Would have progressed further, however measured out the remaining yarn versus the amount needed per row in order to determine when to start the ribbed cuff. I have enough for approximately 20 more rows and since 10 rows make about an inch, I will do 10 more stockinette and 10 ribbed and they will be done. I could start the second set of pull skeins, but I want them to match with my almost black - contrast heels and toes. It will probably happen tomorrow night as tonight I still have to fold the laundry on my bed and empty the dryer and... if I could actually find the letters I wanted on the keyboard this would go much faster.
I was shocked! astounded! almost speechless! so happy! validated! to see that the great Wendy Knits used the same sock pattern as me. Here is me with my first pair of socks using the same toe and heel that she is. WOW.
Her blog is having comments issues though so I couldn't tell her.
I love the grasshopper socks she is knitting. Please visit her for more information and don't steal anything. But maybe I have done just what she said not to? Can anyone tell me if I have hotlinked her or just linked her by putting the comment in my post???? I put a link ont he side and I know that is okay. I think it is okay cause, I have seen similar links in hers but I hope I can sleep tonight over this.
arrgghh excuse me a moment while I go review what she was talking about
Okay, okay I think I have done this right. Thank you Wendy for your links and guides to internet etiquette. This blogging thing is harder than I thought. I mean, I know how to write, but there are so many RULES!!!!!
Taking allergy meds tonight as not good at all. Only doing a half (yes mom) and hopefully will not totally destroy me. (of course if the little one wakes up screaming from gas pain twice again tonight it won't matter anyways).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Payday, good day, great day

Today was a fine day - was able to have a delightful roasted turkey with melted brie and cranberry salsa on panini since my lunch bag stayed on the kitchen table instead of following me out the door. Was missing it at snack time, but when you are helping management, they bring treats.
The angst of yesterday was greatly dissipated and although there were some loud discussions - hello we're all redheads!?!?!?!?!?! the morning was not vicious like yesterday.
The new project at work is going well, however there is the slight issue of my regular day job, but this is direct from the up there boss, so we will go with the flow.
I don't know yet if I can knit right now. Yesterday, I had to go to the bank for the church - pay some bills etc. When I walked in, someone held the door for me (remember that now but not then). On the way out, the door was open - until the handle suddenly crashed into my right hand. Walked back to the office rubbing my lightly bruised hand and thinking I need to get off the drugs, I just walked into a door. I mean I walked back to the office with the idea that everyone who saw me knew I had walked into a door and thought I was an idiot.
One of my coworkers figured out what happened. I'm thinking of suing. It wasn't me - the door was open when I walked through it, however it closed quickly as someone had pushed the automatic door opener to open it and the time delay expired - as I walked through. I'm sorry, but if a door is wide open and no one is holding it don't you assume that it is propped open or something? Makes sense to me. But then I still have issues with places that have a set of double doors, but only one works - always. Hello?!??!?!?! why waste your money on two then?
Even better - I usually work with a desktop computer at work. Because of this project, I'm using a loaner laptop. So my abused hand(s) are getting a new type of workout. But I am going to try the socks - the dishes waited from yesterday, what's another day? I mentioned hands cause Monday morning as I ran my fingers through my hair, I noticed a shadow on my left wrist and assumed it was dirt or whatever. No it's a bruise - don't remember getting it and it doesn't hurt much but it's there none the less.
Have you been to MAGknits? I saw a couple of patterns for hats that I really want to try. There is Ada June and Rivendell. Suggest you link to the designers' blogs, cause they are great too.
That's all for today - have a great night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I thank God that my Gurlz are safe and sound

Today in the news the top story was about a group of 4 girls who were walking and 'ran into' two men. The going statement is that they had words. A few minutes later, a silver Lexus runs them down. One girl died of her injuries. She was 17 years old.
Little Cotton Rabbits has a link on her blog to a missing 4 year old girl. She's beautiful and they can't find her. Scary stuff that.
Why so melancholy?
This morning I had no patience for my gurlz. The big one wouldn't listen and argued about everything. The little one screamed and kicked through two diaper changes (OK if I had waited it would have only been one). I was so angry and tired and unhappy and I took it out by yelling at my beautiful gurlz. I swore. I was mean. No mother of the year award for me.
It is not their fault they woke wide awake before 4:00 am in the morning. It's not their fault that my allergy drugs are so strong I can scarcely function and don't even know whether I am awake or asleep.
It's not their fault that the Dad's were not the perfect mate for me and I am raising them alone.
I need to stop and praise God that he has given me these two beautiful gurlz. I do, I just am so tired...
As my mother always says - If you are tired, go to bed. If you get up at 3:00 am, you have that extra hour or so.
So I am going to bed, and to sleep.
And God, please try to help me be a better Mum.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A restful relaxing yet busy Monday night

What could I mean by that title?
BALLET is over. I picked up the gurlz after work, went to Zehrs for soil, drugs and groceries and came home. When supper was done, both gurlz asked to go to bed. The little one was up for about 15 minutes, but she is back asleep. WOW.
I have perused the blogs, worked on the dishes, cooked a big pot of soup and thought of all the other things I need to do. But I don't have to go anywhere tonight.
Tomorrow we are dropping in at Shannon and her gurlz, but that is social, not forced.
So happy.
I love being a woman. Multi tasking rules. I mean, what man out there would have soup cooking and dishes soaking while computering? HAH. And if you throw in the thoughts circulating through my mind. Wowee.
Please go here for a good laugh. I am not a TV gurl at all, but this was funny. Especially since I can relate to some of the thoughts and feelings of Steven. I love baking bread.

The ballet went fabulously - my gurl was gorgeous, her father showed up and then, my parents took her home with them.
Saturday - was a busy morning as there was some returning to Home Depot, some screen making laundry and packing. Then I drove the two hours or so to my parents (with a quick stop for a gift certificate for my Mom).
It was just before 5:00 when I got there, but we headed out to my brother's plant stash to find some plants for my flower garden and somehow ended up working for him and then there was pizza and...
Knitted on the socks - turned the heels and working up the ankle!!!! Hurray! Already working out the details (in that active mind of mine) for Dad's pair and I have some lovely yarn for Mel!!!
Sunday was a little crazy. The gurlz had handmade gifts for me, a gorgeous hanging basket and two books. (very insightful of my 6 year old and 19 month old - a little help from Oma?)
The Right to Write, an invitation and initiation into the writing life by Julia Cameron.
At Knit's End, Meditations for Women who KNIT too much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
Wonderful don't you think? My mother was very excited that I had picked up my knitting again.
The big gurl got hurt again - Sunday's are turning very dangerous for her. She fell and gouged her leg on something. Freaked out my middle brother as something similar happened to his son and then there was infection and... He was all stressed out about what plant had stuck into her leg. She seemed okay two hours later, when she was playing soccer. But I have checked it repeatedly to make sure there is no infection sneaking up her leg.
The little gurl was still ill last night, but this morning (after some 12 ++ hours of sleep sent her off to daycare. When I picked her up they said she was a little off and had gone through her clothes. Part of that was probably the fact that they have maybe a 2 hour nap at daycare and she had been napping for more than 4 hours while home with Mom.
I hope everyone else's mother's day was great!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


looking at what i just posted is so frustrating!!! What is the point of formatting if the stupid pictures are going to go wherever anyways.

Gurlz, Yarn PrOn, FO and sock knitting

The gurlz - birthday pic from at Grandma.
The little gurl with her shoes - she carried 3 pairs up the stairs at once and the pair on the chair was brought by the big one.
It's Friday, and I am home with the gurlz. The big one went to school this morning, but the little one has only eaten Baby MumMums and drank some juice. Not enthused about much. Do you know how smart she is - she fake drinks?!?!?! Yesterday, I filled her sippy cup with half powerade, half water (my kids won't touch pedialite or anything like that). She drank and smiled and kept going back for more. Imagine my surprise, six hours later when I open the lid and a whole inch is gone. Just to be sure, I gave it to her one more time - and sure enough glug glug, mmmhhh mmmhhh and some lip smacking for good measure. But no real drinking going on. I went back to real cups where I can see the amount of consumption going on.

The big gurl stayed home yesterday - she did not sleep well the night before and I was afraid she would end up with the flu. NOT DOING THAT AGAIN - SHE CAN GO TO SCHOOL!
Enough said - however the computer/office/den is very neat (except the corner with all the filing paperwork) Funny how it's my stuff that is still messed up.


The following pictures are of some of the lovely yarn that has been coming through the mail or somehow came home with me because they were in this huge sale basket or have been in the designated project stash for two years now.

Above is - the yarn from Jacque of This Kitten Knits - Loonie Lilac, Bernat Frenzy. There are 12 balls. On the front one you can see the beautiful pink stitch markers she sent. I see some capes/ponchos for the gurlz.
Below that is the Dark Pigeion worsted weight yarn from Spindle Cat Studio with Dolly by Laines Du Nord. Hoping to work this into socks for my Dad.
Picutre #3 has Noro Kureyon in #95 - two skeins for??? Three skeins of Scheepjes Cotton Trend in orange, purple and green. They were bough to make the flower dishcloths for two? Christmas's ago. Maybe this year? And then there is the Opal in??? which will make some lovely socks.
Below that is two of the missing yarn from Spindle Cat Studio, Almost Black & TabbyNoir. I see a fuzzy little kitty or two and toes and heels. With them is Australian yarn from Pierre the Yarn Snob in Lover's Walk. Lovely lovely yarn.

And above we have some more sale bin snags -3 skeins of Geranium, Needful Yarns in purples (2) and greens (1); 1 skein Calico, Berocco in rainbow colours; Kim - looks like a fine eye cord in bright orange (italian); 1 skein Silky Tweed, by elsebeth lavold; 1 ball Rowan, 4 ply cotton #139; and the rainbow fuzzy in front is Online's PUNTO, Linie 43. Most of the single skeins were picked up to do something for Barbie or dolls. Oh, beside the Online is Ovation from the SRK Collection, kid mohair and silk. Loved the Colour!!!
And then we have the Spindle Cat Studio yarn in pink, ecru and white with her variegated crisp. This is 100% wool so it will be felted into something lovely. I see matching mother/daughter bags. The singles and some of the paired skeins were picked up at Serendipity Yarns in St. Catharines. It is a block from work. Not a good thing!!!!!!
Sock Knitting
Here are the socks in progress - I had to frog the heel last night as the sock was too small. I am working between two different Knitty patterns (toe up sock formula and Widdershins) and running into some problems. But I only had to do the one heel and I was able to get right back on track. Hopefully some good heel turning will happen this week-end.
These are in Spindle Cat Studio's TabbyMix D.

Finished Items

The beautiful blanket for Barbie - Satin- Bernat I believe.
Have a fabulous week end everyone!!!
Must get gurlz to sleep - they are way overtired!!!!! Tonight is the ballet recital and it's not looking to good for the big gurl's attitude.
Must sleep myself~arrgghh.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Puking, parcels and papas

Okay, I was minding my own business lurk/perusing the blogs and I come across this and this and when I came home early with a sick little gurl today, there were two packages waiting for me. The one was the yarn for Dad's socks - still not sure why one package takes 14 business days and the other two take 5. But that was another story. Then there was the package from Jacque of This Kitten Knits. Wow - I am working on the photo of that, but thank you so much!!!
I mowed the lawn tonight with my new reel mower. It is a Husqvarna and it works great. No pollution - all my muscle power. Something has already misaligned, but the big gurl was yelling that her sister had thrown up again, so I had to come in. Poor little mite. No energy to even cause trouble and when asked if she wanted to go to bed, she just nodded her head yes. Thank you so much to Diane for coming over with apple juice and powerade since wasn't taking her to the store.
Little one is up again - clean jammers again. The worst part of all this is that after she throws up, she grinds her teeth. Hate that noise. Her father is in the bad books. He called tonight and when I told him she was sick, he acted and talked like it was a big joke. Yeah - she' dropped at least a pound since this morning, but hahaha pukey sick!!!!
The big gurl'z father called to say he is definitely making it on Friday - all sympathetic and thoughtful that the little one is ill. What is up with these two - when one is good the other is bad?
And people think I am missing something by being single? Yeah sex - and that's it! (and since I got pregnant on the last two major occasions of that, well it is not high on my list of priorities right now!!!!)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday that felt like Monday

Monday was ... a day at home with the gurlz cleaning and cleaning and knitting. And opening the mail!!!! My yarn came in - HURRAY - and so did another order of yarn from Australia. They are all sock weights. Also got a pair of shoes, comfy pants, leopard body suit and a vintage house gown. Anti-climatic. I believe my shopping frenzy has ended so I can get back to the knitting. Pictures will eventually appear, but not in the photography mode right now.
I was home Monday cause the big gurl refused to go to school and wasn't chewing anything. That seems better today and off to work we went.
Ballet rehearsal was tonight and the gurlz are still wired. Can't get them to bed. I think I will go myself and they can tuck me in.
I'm halfway to the heel on my socks and it seems to be going well. Found a pattern that explains the increasing bit, so will need to start that soon.
Here's a good one - I take my knitting to work with me, for breaks if it rains or just cause I like to have it along. I'm dealing with lawyers and accountants most of the day. I was so steamed after hanging up from speaking with this accountant "i know you haven't been doing this very long and I have done hundreds of these. You should talk to D~~~ and then you'll see what I mean. I am very thorough if I am unsure of what to do, so I had already talked to D and she had told me to do exactly what I did. He didn't' believe me, so I told him I would have D call him back. She did and he argued with her about it. And told me I was right. I mean, I don't have all the technical jargon down pat but I said it in plain English - and he didn't believe me. I LOVE MY JOB!!!
Anyways, the best part was, that D was on the phone when I was needing some moral support, so to calm down, I pulled out the socks and knitted a round. This is fabulous.
I'm going to sleep now and if the gurlz want to they can stay up all night!!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

There are a number of songs out there with 'Sunday' in the title that are running through my head right now. That is one and there is the Johnny Cash one - Another Sunday going down or something like that. I'm not thinking too many Holy songs unless you count a recurring 'Alleluia - with various other parts just cause we all lived to tell the tale.
Today was one of those days. Not that anything terribly horrible happened but, well there was blood and screaming and crying and dirt and paint and dogs and friends and whining and knitting and baking and cleaning and laundry and dirty diapers and dirty faces and ...
The blood is probably the big thing - It's around 7:00 pm and I am getting the little gurl naked for bath time - I think she was naked, when a thud or thump and screaming. Naked gurl deserted as I go looking for screaming gurl. She is in a weird heap on top of toys with blood on her face and coming from her mouth. (brain goes - oh God she's breathing she's screaming, she's bleeding the teeth the blood) Honey it's okay mommy's here come in the bathroom (drip goes the blood) and Mommy will get you a cold cloth and is it just your mouth or does something else hurt. - naked gurl is still standing where she was left, but with diaper in hand for mommy to put away - she goes in the tub cause then I know where she is. The cup of water I was drinking and a baby washcloth combine for cold compress number 1 - i think number 10 or so is still on the chin cause bleeding not stopped at last check.
The damage - big gash in tongue - Thank you God that tongues heal so quickly!!! one of the teeth was bleeding, but it seems okay. There is a small gash in the side of her chin - I really can't comprehend how it got there, but there it is. It won't completely stop bleeding, So the big gurl is lying on the couch, fast asleep, with a wet cloth on it cause for some reason she knows what stitches are and she doesn't want one! We will see when I put her to bed how it is doing. She tripped over the pillow that is at their reading corner and smashed into the second from the bottom shelf. OUCH! But except for the above mentioned injuries, there is nothing else to report.
The screaming/crying yelling stuff - both gurlz had nasty tantrums today. The big one didn't' sleep long enough this morning ( E is an early riser and was ready to go before 7:00 am) (I was up with the little one at this point anyways, but usually the big one sleeps an hour or so longer on Sundays) We were at the park and she had to go pee. There is no place to pee. So after she had played an additional half hour or so, the whining got bad and away home we went. I made her walk, because I know that riding in a wagon would not work and there were three kidz, not just two and there is only room for two in the wagon. She cried and screamed all the way home (two blocks). We get home and she goes in the house and stands there - I carried/dragged her to the washroom and got her on without any accidents. She proceeded to cry another 15 minutes or so, then retreated fro some quiet time in her room (on her own) and then came up to whine some more that E wouldn't leave her alone and only her sister is nice to her and... I told her to go rest in my bed and be quiet. She did. Then she came up and the three of them played outside (paint water and sunshine - what more could they need).
At one point, E and the big gurl hollered - that the little gurl was all black mouthed from eating the paint and brush. So i brought her in and tried to clean her up (while also trying to finish the lunch). She started screaming and well didn't stop until Mel and K arrived for E. Mel got her to sleep and that was the end of that. We all had good naps.
The rest of the day was pretty good - housework is always there and some needed doing. The baking was banana chocolate chip cupcakes for the kids and Oatmeal cake (the one mom always made) because there was oatmeal left from breakfast.
The knitting I am so excited about. I started with my kitty yarn (spindle cat studios - posted previously) my ADDI circulars #1 and began the toe of my socks. I just want to say I love this kind of knitting!! The socks are exactly the same. They will be done at the same time. And now that I understand the flow of the pieces. it's going very quickly. (okay only 2.25 inches, but you know what else I did today already). I am going to try very hard not to buy any more yarn. Sock yarn does count (I have enough right now for 4 pairs at least. Of course that means I have to avoid all these fabulous sock yarn dyers and ....

Regarding the ongoing missing parcel issue - need to find out if the customs # means anything and where I can find out. Of course, i am afraid to look up the other parcels that are coming registered for fear they went walking also. I am not a very trusting person.

About the yarn I'm knitting with - it's like a walk down memory lane. The first cats I can remember on our farm were 'Tammy' and 'Tommy'. Tommy was a black and white tomcat. Tammy was mainly white with black and brown spots. As I knit the yarn there are times when that exact colour is there. Love this. (very much afraid socks will be too small and will have to frog and start over. 2.25 inches not long enough to check. Also need to figure in some simple increases- thinking that if I do two every 2 inches (or so) it will shape up okay. The Knitty formula i am following doesn't really mention increases. Will have to see.)
Need to knit some more and check out the chin.
Have a great week.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A day well spent.

Saturday Night, da ba dee da ba doo...
Used to dance to that song (or something like it) quite a bit on Saturday nights and Friday nights and Wednesday nights. Tonight my song is 'sleep sleep sleep, my little child sleep'. And they are. What a great day. I did nothing more or less than I wanted to and if it doesn't get done tomorrow, oh well. I like that feeling.

My aunt in the Netherlands is getting married on Tuesday. A civil ceremony to her long time boyfriend. We found out last week-end. Our family has decided not to go. The part that gets me, is this: He lives and works "somewhere else" (my mother's words) and she is going to try and get a job near where he lives, but if she can't she will keep her flat in Amsterdam and just continue on. Wow. I mean, that's some commitment. See I do the reverse: I'll get pregnant and have a baby, but forget about marrying me buddy. It's an interesting start to a marriage I guess.

I have a Finished Object. (no picture cause I haven't the energy right now). I mean really! Barbie is going to be much warmer ( if she ever finds her afghan buried under everything else). A delightful little afghan complete with fringe. The pattern, from Knits for Barbie, by Nicky Epstein was a fairly quick knit. I was going to embroider the flowers on it, but the gurl didn't want that so I won't.

The big gurl is sleeping with a boy tonight. It is Mel and K's wedding anniversary (9th maybe) and I offered to take one of the kidz - the boy. Except for the occasional tiff over a toy or not wanting to play the same game, they were great. The sleeping together in the same bed is not really an issue at 4 and 6 as they have no concept of each other's bodies (yet).

That's all to report tonight. little cotton rabbits had some thinking awards to hand out and I linked to those, which then linked to some more, and well, wow. Some people do a lot with their time. I took the kidz to the park this afternoon and the gurlz went grocery shopping with me this morning. I think it may have something to do with their ages, but I am going to have to plan some day trips. Need to look into booking a hotel for the wedding at the end of the month. May is going to be insane.
And then June will be the end of the school year trips and this and that and ballet ends next week. I think I will go cast on my socks. A little confused am i by the way they wrote in the short rows, but will try it and see. I have her blog address if I run into a problem.
Have a great night!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Driving me ... gardening & knitting - calming me

I love being home!!
I am so happy I live near work and do not have to drive too many highways. By 7:45 am this morning, I wanted to pull my car off the road and hide. The highways and biways of driving towards a major metropolis. Is there some unwritten rule that since you're going really fast you don't need to signal and can just move over and then honk the horn because the person who did signal and really only wants to get over one lane - not three is in your way!??!?!?!?!!? And Hello - when all you give the poor driver wanting to find her way home before traffic gets crazy is EAST or WEST with no major city listings or anything is it any surprise I was halfway to the airport when I realized I was going in the wrong direction?!?!?! I know that I live south east from where I was therefore it stands to reason that the direction I want to take is EAST not WEST!!!!!!! And then , nicely coasting along on the right path and then all the sudden there goes the exit you needed because you are in the wrong lane and no one will move and well it's the whole directional thing again. I have a great sense of direction but not today. And even worse, I started off by blaming myself because I didn't print the directions back from where I was. I was very happy to be home. I am very happy to be able to drive a total of 12 minutes on the highway in order to arrive at my work destination. The people who drive much further are CRAZY - and yes that means you whoever almost hit me today!!!!!!!! The only thing I keep telling myself is that since I had to go for work, they will reimburse my travel expenses. I will be paid something for the great stress of today. I mean seriously at 8:00 am I was contemplating finding headache relief as i sped down the highway. And the morning had been going so well.

But, it was a beautiful evening, and the gurlz and I spent some time outside cleaning up the lawn debris and trying to decide where to start int he great level the lawn and fix up the front yard adventure. I think I will start with the back yard, so the gurlz will have someplace to play. There is the matter of the rotting shed that needs removing and the replacing of it also. And then it is really annoying to have to bring all your gardening tools inside so they don't rot outside if it rains, but you have this great area, just no place that is dry. I think maybe I will order that 6 foot by 3 foot storage thing to put at the end of the back patio thing and put all the stuff in there. Once the yard is redone, I can put it at the back of the property or something.

The big gurl can't fall asleep. I even let her go in my bed since my room is darker than hers. Now she is on the couch here. Oh well, it's not her fault.

The package still didn't come. It has been exactly a week since the first one arrived. I mentioned it to Kate of spindle cat studios, but it isn't her fault. Tomorrow I will call the local post office and see if they can give me any direction. May have to put tracking on my packages, but that always increases the shipping and ...
May have to stop spending money. May...

I did some knitting on some of my UFO'. I can't call them WIP's because some of them have been sitting for more than six months. That makes them UFOs. But, I am trying to knit the 'don't lift your hand off the needle way' and that makes a completely different tension. Good thing the Barbie's in my house are not too high maintenance.
I worked on the knitted afghan for Barbie. And last night, I worked on the scarf that was one of 4 for my sis and sis-in-laws. I finished the one for sis - get this though. I sent her and her roommate a 'gift box' that year with all sorts of treats and surprises and a pair of knitting needles, a knitting book and this awesome soft yarn. Told her to cast on 20 to 25 stitches and just go back and forth until the two balls were used up. She brought it back to me at Christmas that year, so I knit it up before she left. Don't even know where the other yarn is right now. Didn't work anymore on the sock gauge swatch. Might use a different yarn for the first pair. We'll see.

This is a very random post. Oh and the other thing to bother me this morning? Country 95.3 was giving away a weekend at a resort. You had to call in and make the sound effects as they tell a story. This woman was pitiful. Making little to no noise and just laughing along. She still won! I mean what kind of contest is it if you don't even have to try?!!?!?! Why not just mail me the winning stuff and be done with it? Very off putting.
(yes I listen to country music - and a lot of other music too).

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Just one more...

Okay I want to make this. The little gurl'z dad is crazy for elephants and this is so sweet. He is being ultra helpful tomorrow by taking the gurlz to and from daycare since I have to leave town before the daycares open and may not be back in time. Sometimes the traffic is good and sometimes it is bad.
Last night, I started my gauge swatch for my first pair of socks. I'm not crazy about the splittiness of the Regia, however, I am also trying to knit in the other style - the don't lift your hands off the needles style. It is coming along and as I am progressing, I can remember seeing my Beppe knit this way. Memories are wonderful things.

I think I need to stop looking at all the patterns because my want to do list is much longer than the time I have.

Of course, I also need to stop looking at yarn - I mean I bought it for a specific project (which I don't have a pattern for) but really my stash is growing, and my projects are increasing, but my time is not and I think I will need to schedule my time otherwise someone is going to get in trouble.
I will not buy more yarn. I will not buy more yarn. I WILL NOT BUY MORE YARN.
(at least not until all my current orders come in and I actually finish another project).
Need to put the gurlz to bed and then clean up the laundry and ...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Suspicious Minded ME

Want to do this and want to do that, but unfortunately have to do housework and have to do laundry and help with the homework.
I have decided that I am entirely too suspicious and my missing yarn is just delayed due to...
  • Accidentally being shipped to Alaska (I've always wanted to go so if some yarn of mine went, it's almost the same right?)
  • Sitting at customs being held hostage because they figured there should be a duty charged as it is worth far more than the listed value.
  • A poor freezing animal/person needed it to eat.

Or what I am really thinking is that someone stole it, figuring that I got three other packages so I will not notice that one is not there. However they did not know that I had already plotted the purpose of the yarn and am very very very impatiently waiting for the mini skein of almost black tabby yarn to create something. nasty yarn thievin' peoples!!!!!

I will be okay. No bills today. just a friendly invitation from Telus to purchase a family plan and get a free phone for the family member. Hello - they are 19 months and 6 what kind of glutton for punishment do you think I am?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

On another train of mind. Also saw THIS !!! Am going to make one in brown or maybe hot pink. I don't know, but I plan on having fun making it!!!! yes yes i know after the gurlz are asleep.

For a fun read go see this blog. Thank you so much Penny for the laughs!!!!!