Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Payday, good day, great day

Today was a fine day - was able to have a delightful roasted turkey with melted brie and cranberry salsa on panini since my lunch bag stayed on the kitchen table instead of following me out the door. Was missing it at snack time, but when you are helping management, they bring treats.
The angst of yesterday was greatly dissipated and although there were some loud discussions - hello we're all redheads!?!?!?!?!?! the morning was not vicious like yesterday.
The new project at work is going well, however there is the slight issue of my regular day job, but this is direct from the up there boss, so we will go with the flow.
I don't know yet if I can knit right now. Yesterday, I had to go to the bank for the church - pay some bills etc. When I walked in, someone held the door for me (remember that now but not then). On the way out, the door was open - until the handle suddenly crashed into my right hand. Walked back to the office rubbing my lightly bruised hand and thinking I need to get off the drugs, I just walked into a door. I mean I walked back to the office with the idea that everyone who saw me knew I had walked into a door and thought I was an idiot.
One of my coworkers figured out what happened. I'm thinking of suing. It wasn't me - the door was open when I walked through it, however it closed quickly as someone had pushed the automatic door opener to open it and the time delay expired - as I walked through. I'm sorry, but if a door is wide open and no one is holding it don't you assume that it is propped open or something? Makes sense to me. But then I still have issues with places that have a set of double doors, but only one works - always. Hello?!??!?!?! why waste your money on two then?
Even better - I usually work with a desktop computer at work. Because of this project, I'm using a loaner laptop. So my abused hand(s) are getting a new type of workout. But I am going to try the socks - the dishes waited from yesterday, what's another day? I mentioned hands cause Monday morning as I ran my fingers through my hair, I noticed a shadow on my left wrist and assumed it was dirt or whatever. No it's a bruise - don't remember getting it and it doesn't hurt much but it's there none the less.
Have you been to MAGknits? I saw a couple of patterns for hats that I really want to try. There is Ada June and Rivendell. Suggest you link to the designers' blogs, cause they are great too.
That's all for today - have a great night.

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