Friday, May 11, 2007

Gurlz, Yarn PrOn, FO and sock knitting

The gurlz - birthday pic from at Grandma.
The little gurl with her shoes - she carried 3 pairs up the stairs at once and the pair on the chair was brought by the big one.
It's Friday, and I am home with the gurlz. The big one went to school this morning, but the little one has only eaten Baby MumMums and drank some juice. Not enthused about much. Do you know how smart she is - she fake drinks?!?!?! Yesterday, I filled her sippy cup with half powerade, half water (my kids won't touch pedialite or anything like that). She drank and smiled and kept going back for more. Imagine my surprise, six hours later when I open the lid and a whole inch is gone. Just to be sure, I gave it to her one more time - and sure enough glug glug, mmmhhh mmmhhh and some lip smacking for good measure. But no real drinking going on. I went back to real cups where I can see the amount of consumption going on.

The big gurl stayed home yesterday - she did not sleep well the night before and I was afraid she would end up with the flu. NOT DOING THAT AGAIN - SHE CAN GO TO SCHOOL!
Enough said - however the computer/office/den is very neat (except the corner with all the filing paperwork) Funny how it's my stuff that is still messed up.


The following pictures are of some of the lovely yarn that has been coming through the mail or somehow came home with me because they were in this huge sale basket or have been in the designated project stash for two years now.

Above is - the yarn from Jacque of This Kitten Knits - Loonie Lilac, Bernat Frenzy. There are 12 balls. On the front one you can see the beautiful pink stitch markers she sent. I see some capes/ponchos for the gurlz.
Below that is the Dark Pigeion worsted weight yarn from Spindle Cat Studio with Dolly by Laines Du Nord. Hoping to work this into socks for my Dad.
Picutre #3 has Noro Kureyon in #95 - two skeins for??? Three skeins of Scheepjes Cotton Trend in orange, purple and green. They were bough to make the flower dishcloths for two? Christmas's ago. Maybe this year? And then there is the Opal in??? which will make some lovely socks.
Below that is two of the missing yarn from Spindle Cat Studio, Almost Black & TabbyNoir. I see a fuzzy little kitty or two and toes and heels. With them is Australian yarn from Pierre the Yarn Snob in Lover's Walk. Lovely lovely yarn.

And above we have some more sale bin snags -3 skeins of Geranium, Needful Yarns in purples (2) and greens (1); 1 skein Calico, Berocco in rainbow colours; Kim - looks like a fine eye cord in bright orange (italian); 1 skein Silky Tweed, by elsebeth lavold; 1 ball Rowan, 4 ply cotton #139; and the rainbow fuzzy in front is Online's PUNTO, Linie 43. Most of the single skeins were picked up to do something for Barbie or dolls. Oh, beside the Online is Ovation from the SRK Collection, kid mohair and silk. Loved the Colour!!!
And then we have the Spindle Cat Studio yarn in pink, ecru and white with her variegated crisp. This is 100% wool so it will be felted into something lovely. I see matching mother/daughter bags. The singles and some of the paired skeins were picked up at Serendipity Yarns in St. Catharines. It is a block from work. Not a good thing!!!!!!
Sock Knitting
Here are the socks in progress - I had to frog the heel last night as the sock was too small. I am working between two different Knitty patterns (toe up sock formula and Widdershins) and running into some problems. But I only had to do the one heel and I was able to get right back on track. Hopefully some good heel turning will happen this week-end.
These are in Spindle Cat Studio's TabbyMix D.

Finished Items

The beautiful blanket for Barbie - Satin- Bernat I believe.
Have a fabulous week end everyone!!!
Must get gurlz to sleep - they are way overtired!!!!! Tonight is the ballet recital and it's not looking to good for the big gurl's attitude.
Must sleep myself~arrgghh.

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