Sunday, May 27, 2007

Okay, some pics of this and that

FIRST - my Insubordiknit artyarn club yarn. MMMMMMM. These are going to warm my aching wrists and I think, I may even get a little scarf out of the deal - or a head wrap or.... Very fabulous yarn, Jacey!!!
Finished socks - which are on my feet right now and may never get washed as I want them for my evenings. I did the slip stitch heel from Knitty's Widdershins. The rest was a combination of the Widdershin shaping and the toe up formula. They used half a skein of spindlecat studio's Tabbytux(d) which she made into 4 pull balls for me. I had about 1 yard total left from the two socks. Because I did them toe up and didn't want to start into the other balls, I measured the total yarn needed per row and then took the total yardage left (by measuring) and divided it out, based on how many rows of rib I wanted. It's a 2x2 rib that is just right. The other reason I didn't go up any higher is that I would have had to get into shaping and that is something for the next socks, not the first pair. May I say Kate, that the yarn is great to knit with, washed fabulous and is so comfy to wear. The random colourway is just what I needed to help me through the first socks. Thank you so much.

My other FO was an experiment. Wendy and Cara were pretty into these last month and my head couldn't wrap around how it worked. Using this pattern, I did up a simple dishcloth in cottontots to try it out. I will definitely do it again, however in less pretty colours, so I can actually use my dishcloth (I really need one). However, the yarn was originally bought for the big gurl, so she can keep the blankie/tablecloth for Barbie. I will not be doing anything too large scale in mitres, but it was fun (except the frogging because when I think about how I crochet, I change it. This was knit on size four dpns. I think I will use some more of Vyvyan's dishcloth patterns in the future.


I took pictures of the WIP's that have been floating around for a few years.

The little gurlz crib sized baby blanket and sweater. Little matching booties. I finished a delightful pumpkin hat for her, but just never got into seaming up the sweater and finishing the blanket. Someone will be a lucky baby someday.

My Moeibus. Oh how I love this yarn and this knit. The problem is, it is slow going so I take many breaks. It's a great pattern to just pick up and take anywhere.

The Carmen scarf in plain old garter. Also very easy but boring so not holding my attention very well.

The sweater. What pattern? don't know. I believe it was a sleeveless cowl neck that I was converting into a V-neck. Yup, well we'll see.
That's it for now. I will post some pics of the gurlz from today a little later. They are my WIPs also but didn't feel it was a good way to do it.


woof nanny said...

I loooove knit and crocheted dishcloths. A friend of mine makes them with a scrubby in the center. I still need to learn how to knit...

gurlygurl said...

I think you need to knit me dishclothes or in the least show me. That would be a good project start!!