Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Linky and just a little note

Okay - go here to see the sweetest seasonal stitch markers ever.

I am doing well - have finished my socks for me and have recuperated from flooding hell as my bro's and parents arrived to help with the front yard, shed and porch roof.
The renovations are scheduled to be done this year sometime....but primer has been put up.
We've already had snowstorms and negative Celsius weather and the drive home that took an hour, so we are well into the winter weather - however it is not yet winter and most of the snow is melting (come on snow melt).
I hope to return to regularly scheduled blogging with pictures after I buy myself a camera that works...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still alive, but kind of sloshing...

Wow - I went from once a week to just nothing. Sounds about right!
Do you want to know what's going on?
If not, I recommend not reading any further.

I am Iron Deficient - had this with my second pregnancy but other than that considered myself fine. My iron read 5 on a scale of like 13 to over 100. Not so good. So I am taking an iron supplement and being a little more careful of what I eat. It was a relief to find out as I have been sort of off for a couple of months and had similar issues last spring - I just put it down to stress and allergies and wrote it off, but now there is something that I can work towards. I already feel better - we don't count PMS as that is a well, life. It is not diet based, but likely female based, so I may need to work on this for awhile - lots of tests and doctor appointments.

Gurlz - are good. I mean they are 7 and 3, so they are never perfect, however with the recent time change we are all getting up rested and on time and out of the door reasonably. They were very negatively affected by my iron issues as I had little control of my attitude, minimal energy and no patience. Again - definitely seeing an improvement, but also working to correct myself.
Norah is toilet trained - some accidents occur, but that is normal and except for the fact that my carpet was involved this morning, I am pretty good with it.
We won't discuss her attempt to dive? tumble? totally freak her mother out? this evening as she fell down 8 stairs while I was dealing with the sloshing in my home.

Sloshing? well -
Monday I washed some 'accident laundry' and when I went to empty the washer, the basement floor was wet. Checked the sewer line - running smooth, so must be internal - plunged and sprayed and plunged. pulled hair balls out of 2 drains. also mopped.
Tuesday - bathroom sink (plunged and plunged and baking soda vinegared night before) will not drain. I did what I swore I would never do, however the bottle was there and not empty (purchased prior to notification of issues) I poured an entire bottle of Draino Max down the drain - obviously a bad clog as hairballs were not there - and it did not drain the sink until at least 10 minutes had passed. Went back and ran hot water. Sink fills up and up and up. Ignored bottle which stated do not plunge and plunged - sink was full of water and therefore, nothing would be splashing me in face - and after about a minute, sink drained - with gurgle pop ... Ran hot water at least another minute - down all sinks. Things appear good on this front.
Wednesday - come home, just after five o'clock as children good with time change, we all happy, going to make supper (after I pee) and ....
I step in a puddle. In the middle of my kitchen floor. The ceiling has many wet spots. Puddle on counter. Fetch tenant praying she spilled something - no she didn't. Evaluate situation. Visit basement - find puddle there (far from drain of Monday night). Send Norah away from dangerous situation, call current contractor (who has not been around for a bit due to other obligations) and as state - No. I'm not joking, there is a puddle in my kitchen. Norah falls down stairs - lands on foam play mats I laid there to keep feet warm. (that was a good thing). I throw phone at tenant/her boy toy and scoop up my baby and fly up stairs. She is crying but fine. Praise the Lord for the bouncability of children. Ponder why shoe rack that is in alcove, also fell with her, try not to whine about squelching tights and puddles.
Put video on for kids, feed them cheesesticks, chips and cucumber as boiled eggs and lovely salad is not an option as ceiling light/fan in kitchen is making electrical water sounds. Don't cry. Go Pee (finally) change pretty skirt and sodden tights for comfy pants and sweater. Wander semi aimlessly until Ivan shows up. Wait for him to figure it out - the rubber ring on the overflow drain for the new tub is loose/dislocated/ LEAKING. i don't blame him. I don't blame Tammy. Although she accepts the blame - this isn't the first bath and it is the first leak. Ergo - fault of no-one. Argue with Ivan about fact that water and electricity do not mix and it is not good to have light on in kitchen. He tries to remove, but previous owner installed/had installed light and therefore like everything, it is not possible. He will come tomorrow to figure out.
Drink wine mixed with orange juice to calm my nerves. Call mommy. Mother my gurlz (homework, baths, cream on eczema, read stories, snuggle, tuck in bed) Read blogs. Vent on blog.
Knit on my mindless self patterning socks with gift yarn from parents. marvel over fact that don't match and I don't care.
Go pee again.