Friday, November 30, 2007


Hooray it's Friday.
It was busy as all get out, but it is over. (almost)
Big gurl had a PA day and so this morning was less rushed than normal and quick off to work as friends were coming for the parade and supper and just hang out.
Good day at work - ignored the phone unless it was someone I called today.
Left a couple hours early so could come home and clean a little and then pick up the gurlz and then it was friend time. Met Regan's little one for the first time and felt that wonderful baby feeling (no worries though - don't want another one - yet).
Parade was small town, but with lots of treats handed out to the kids including stuffed critters and rulers even. The kids had a great time - 5 that could participate and enjoy and really played well together tonight so the Mom's could visit. Lots of reminiscing, some venting by me on the vagaries of society that make us act or push us to do things that really if, we left it alone, it wouldn't matter.
Happy weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

now that sounds like a GREAT evening!

sp11 spoiler

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Sounds like a good Friday! Better than living in a sick of coughing sore throat kids. AUGHHHHH.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Batty said...

Happy weekend to you!

It's great when kids get along. They keep each other busy and you have to have some fun too. Works for everybody.

Monika said...

Since my kids are grown up, I haven't been to a parade. Maybe I should have gone to one, to get into some Christmas spirit?!