Sunday, November 18, 2007

Knitting...and other stuff with the completion of the previously posted socks, I now have 3 current projects and 3 old ones. There is the SoTS which found some quality time on my needles and is now almost halfway through Clue 4. I have clues 5, 6 and 7 to do yet, plus 8 comes out this Friday. Here's some math: it takes me about an hour to do 10 rows (5 pattern and 5 WS). Clue 4 is 72 rows, and I am on row 31, how long before I finish clue 4? For me - I want to finish it tonight so I can start #5 and possible be on 6 before Friday. Since I bet some people don't believe I am actually knitting this (due to complete lack of photos to date, it is here on Flickr.
If anyone can clue me in how to actually put the pictures from flickr on the blog, I'd love the help.
The Cinderella for big gurl are on their way - sock #1 has two complete pattern repeats done and another one is needed before the toe turn. Love the way it looks in the yarn and no, there are not photos yet.
Project # 3 is a pair for little gurl - two colour socks, same yarn as big gurl'z but have only about a cm of the cuff done so haven't quite decided what to do. The pattern suggests purling whenever a one of the colours shows up and that could be neat as there are 4 in the yarn. I have them working 2 at a time on a 2.25 mm circ (Yarn Pirate's) and they are looking just right.
Old project #1 is the baby blanket with matching sweater. The sweater is done the knitting part, I just have to sew it together. I hate sewing together and if I ever make another baby sweater, it will require no seaming. (on a funny note, I knit my oldest nephew a lovely sweater in Tivoli, when he was 3 or 4 and adapted the pattern so it was knit in the round, with pockets. I need to find a picture of it for you- involved intarsia and all) The blanket has 1.5 more balls of lovely baby yarn to go. Not exactly speed knitting. the hat I made to match - little gurl wore for her first halloween - a lovely pumpkin hat.
#2 is my Moebius ring, for which I found the *photocopy* of the pattern last week, but still have not found the original book. Is it wrong if I did have the pattern book or magazine, but just don't anymore? Feeling slightly criminal here (and on Sunday to beat the band). I still have at least what is knitted to go yet and really not that crazy about the yarn.
#3 is just a fun scarf for someone. Lovely yarn all soft and fluffy with big and little areas and hateful to knit with. Maybe someday it will be done. I finished one for my sister (after I mailed her yarn, needles and knitting instruction book for her birthday, which were returned to me, the next time she came home)
But, that means I only have 6 live projects right now. WOW.
And me with enough yarn and needles to cast on about 20 more. I need to get rid of the castonitis itch and finish something already. Really want to restart my firestarters or my own pair of I love Gansey.
But, I also need to do some sewing/quilting but the sewing machine needs fixing first. Thought I had got around that issue by having Mom bring the 'gets around' machine to my house (it was given to my oldest bro by an old lady his wife ministered to, and has been back and forth between Mom and me twice now). It came in the house on Friday night and on Saturday morning returned to the car as Mom forgot the box of accessories (read EVERYTHING but the machine). She THOUGHT there should be more but couldn't find it.
I love my Mom - she helped me get the outsized winter ready - we had over a centimeter in snow last night between the time we left for the garden center at 4:00 pm and when we got home at 5:00pm. But today was sunny and crisp and things look much better around the outside of the house - the basement is a different story as all those items with an outside summer home, have found their way into it.
As many are aware, the Canadian $ is currently equal to or greater than the American $. I live about 1/2 an hour from 3 different bridges to the US, where there are a vast number of stores. So, on Saturday, Mom, big gurl and I (little gurl is not quite a shopper yet) headed to the Pen Centre- the St. Catharines, Ontario mall - at 9:30 am we arrived. We were home by 2:15 fro lunch. Major bargains - bras - $2.00 each, maidenform brand fit like a DREAM!!! Seriously, for $50 I bought 5 bras (2 were only 30% off, and 4 underwear package of 3 only 30% off). One of the bras regularly sells for $42. I bought it for Mom. I didn't ask her to pay me back. This was at Sears. Big gurl hit pay dirt in Old Navy - less than $50 and she has a gorgeous jumper outfit, and 3 or 4 tanktops and 3 pairs of socks. Also a pair of pants for me from Reitmans for $20. HomeSense? - I think Mom spent $70 there and we got an 8x10 picture frame, 4 baskets(3 Christmas box ones and 1 soft sided one claimed for my upstairs knitting (so I don't stub my toe)), as entryway carpet, a cutting board. We had a 20% off coupon from my Dad, the real estate agent. At Vermeer's, the garden centre, we found some lovely Christmas decorations, some spring bulbs (50% 0ff which were planted today) and some little somethings for my swap pals. We were exhausted. I could not imagine adding a 2+++ hour wait to pay duty on my bargains. Shop local everyone (except for yarn - you must go where it is for the yarn you want)
Have a great week, must go knit knit knit so I can maybe finish clue 4.

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Stacey_Poor said...

It's super easy to upload pics from flickr to blogger. in the Compose" section of blog posting, select the side that says "add an image from the web" and paste in the URL address for the flickr photo (found if you right click an image and select the properties option).

I go some shopping done for my swap buddy too... (hint, hint)