Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Please Please Please

...let me go back to work. I'll be ever so good and do everything I should.
...let the second I love Gansey sock (the first is complete, but the yarn is not at all the thing once it is on the foot) work. It is currently waiting for the gusset work, however my wrist is throbbing from the 75 rows (plus two tinked) that were knit today.
...don't let the little gurl get sick - she has dark circles under her eyes but otherwise is good.
...don't let me get sick. I have a cold, but I don't care, I must go to work.
...can the housework fairy drop in, just for a day - the dishes they drive me crazy and I really hate to clean my kitchen. I only need her for two hours - oh please, I'll be ever so good.
...deliver my special order for my SP11 and coffee swap fast (stupid me finally figured out that the one little thing she really wanted was right in front of me all along and ordered it. (Would have ordered it earlier, but for some reason Joann's doesn't ship to Canada). SUCKS. They have the lace blocking needles on sale and have no way to get there this month. Now that I think of it - it's there loss - I would have spent over $50 there, but now they don't get my pennies.
... let the little gurl sleep until 5:45 am instead of 4:45 am. It's no wonder I have a cold.
In other news, I have learned the difference between tinking and frogging. I frog lots of things (likely ILG #1) and i have only just realized that I tink all the time. On ILG #2, for example, I carefully tinked back two rows and saved the sock. On my SOTS (currently on a long time out) I tink back only as far as necessary and then resume.
One confusion - is tinking the same as undoing just the one or two stitches to the point of an error and then carefully reworking those two stitches up - I mean 4 or 5 rows of this, but only taking out the stitches with the error. I find myself doing this a lot. I only take out rows, if well the majority of the row is the problem.
Furthermore, I need to switch to a large needle project. My wrists are screaming - I have to finish the ILG, but then I think I will cast on for a hat or scarf, or put the knitting aside in favour of some special crafting for my swap and secret pals. I also need to get my camera working again. I'm sorry SP11, I never posted for you and I meant to show off my sock yarn stash (I have a tote just for it) and ....
I'm going to go put away the cooked pumpkin, find a spot for the laundry on my bed, take some drugs and go to sleep.

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