Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's my birthday, I can...

...boss my gurlz if I want to. It's really hard to be mean on your birthday. Especially when you are threatening no treats or anything and there are 10 people expected for the day. We got through that though.

...drink coffee my way. I love coffee, it tastes so good. I brew dark roast usually, with a 3:1 ratio of flavoured coffee. I mean sometimes I put 100% flavoured in, but most of the time, just one scoop of that flavoured coffee mellows it to a nice rich drink. This method has even been expounded upon in one of my favourite fun novels. To Die For, by Linda Howard. in the first chapters, the heroine, Blair Mallory (fluff name) is recounting the whole witness a murder, deal with cops and then to distract herself, makes coffee. I make it her way - to fool the men in the world, and I swear by the salt on top. My mom made some a couple weeks ago and it was kind of bleagh (imagine Snoopy saying that) and when I ran the steps, that's what she didn't do. She thought that cause I had a new coffeemaker, it wasn't necessary. Silly mom. Anyways, back to the book, read it when it was a new release and then returned it to the library and went on with my life. Every now and then parts of the story would flip in my head and I would sort of laugh and try to remember the title or author. I had it right, but because it was one of those mass market paperbacks (and before I discovered the wonders of amazon and chapters online) I couldn't find it. Until she released the sequel, Drop Dead Gorgeous. These are funny wow and actually give me hope that one day I could stick with someone long enough to meet that forever thing. Long story short, bought the second one and then, after searching a number of bookstores, went online and bought the first book. For a light read, these are recommended.

...knit a little? please? I did get a chance to knit a bit. Not much though. There were 7 adults and 6 kids. But, considering we are all related, one is pregnant and one wants to be, (and one really doesn't want to be, but for some reason people think she will do the insane thing and get that way) and there were 6 kids, only a couple bumps and bruises and only one almost heart attack for me. Showed off my knitting a bit, my socks are nicer than SIL's mothers (beautiful Pat, but like mine better. Here, look for yourself. 3 from 1/
Aren't they pretty? There are 3 pairs of things going on there. A Saartje's bootie for a friend's little one - second one is there (all 4 rows of it); toddler socks for little gurl and the Cinderella socks for big gurl. I'm hoping there is enough yarn to make a pair of socks for my niece too. They are all in Skinny Duet,Cowgirl, from Angela at A Swell Yarn Shop. This was already knit up twice in socks for me, but the yarn is just too fine for me to make socks for me out of (I like a nice tight knit and that would require like 80 sts - not my idea of fun) The blue bag in the back is my knitting bag (pretty much the only one, if we don't count my briefcase style bag for projects). Cost me $2 and wish I had picked up a couple to put projects in - just a makeup bag.

...cook if I want to. Today's afternoon meal consisted of roast beef (me), mashed potatoes (me), apple cider ham(me), applesauce(me), salad (SIL), carrot cake(mom), apple pie (M&Ms) and fingerfood leftovers(SIL). It was great. However, I have had 3 parties in 3 days and my fridge is overflowing. This is wrong, it should be empty of all foods. Bonus is no shopping required for another week or so. Taking all extra non-healthy foods to work to distribute among the needy.

...get totally awesome presents. My baby sis works for Tiffany & Co. She sent me this gorgeous pendant, with chain, all done up in the pretty bag and box with a bow and leather jewellery bag. I took it off to photograph, but that is not uploading (as evidenced by the lack of photo above). My gurlz bought me fleecy warm pj pants with dutch tea towels and a new red saute pan with lid from the parents and dinner on Saturday from the biggest bro and SIL (they also helped with the dishes). Big gurl gave me a bag of treasures, with and I love you Mom card. I think she took it back though, cause they were her treasures. I have been strong, and not bought me anything. I'm a member of the SSTC and when you make 3 things from one set of skeins, those skeins don't disappear. It's the thought that counts... right?

...screw up my knitting. Someone told me that wine and lace knitting do not mix. This was proved to me on Friday night, when, after the rest departed I picked up Guinevere and began knitting. Figured I could get 10 rows done and be almost ready for the pattern change. Screwed up on the 2nd pattern repeat of the first row. In my wine induced state (two small glasses with dinner) I figured I would fix it on the way back. Because when you are out one stitch and discover it 3 repeats later and then just end off correctly, it will be easy to fix..right? It took me 15 minutes to determine I had Knit 3 together as opposed to 2, thus moving everything over 1 stitch was required- YO and SSK, K2tog. I put it away and went to bed (where I frogged the fetchings - they will never fit the way I want, knit the way they are, therefore out they came). Last night, I sat down and fixed the stole - circular using for the project, and a 2.5 mm addi - to tink back 2 rows (3 in some spots). So I will not drink and knit lace. Maybe some crocheting or straight stockinette, but no drinking. The stole was fixed back to were it should have been (still 14 rows of this repeat) and then I worked on Saartje. One is all finished - but the finishing. The other is cast on - and I learned my lesson on that one too - I used stitch markers this time. Smart move, stupid. Then I went to bed as I was tired and promptly cast on a Dashing for me. They will be long enough, the yarn was already waiting and it's not getting any warmer out there.

...let my brothers and father plan a fix up outside the house. My little brother took measurements, wrote down dimensions and a list of materials for them to find and I'm hoping the weather stays good enough for me to get 1) new front steps -I've been really good; 2) new roof with eaves on front porch - I'll be even better; 3) new floor and roof on death trap shed - I'll watch your children and bake you goodies; and 4) fix up back porch issues - you can sleep and eat for free if it takes more than 1 day. On top of that, I'm guessing it was too cold in the bathroom for the little bro to ... so he caulked all the way around the window and the room is already warmer (and if you sit in there with the door closed for too long, you won't feel any pain). I've only asked 3 or 4 times for someone to help me with it and was almost to the point of trying myself. Thanks little brother. big bro levelled the washer on Friday night to a MALE person without getting pregnant or dating them or... scenario: phone rings, I ask someone to get it as I am finding paper towels and stuff for caulking bro, and then mom gives phone to me with statement it's a man and the number is. I take phone and say hello and then Hi David, thank you.......... goodbye. Then I look at mom and SIL (younger bro wife) and say that was big gurl's GRANDPA, but if you think I should keep it in the family no worries, and.... I don't understand why they think (and you are in there too Mel) that I am going to get involved with a guy just like that and be pregnant again. Twice in 5 years is not a habit. Perhaps once a year for 5 years or ... I think guys are great, but most of the good ones are married or related to me in some way, shape or form. If I blush, hang up and then give some stupid story, maybe I'm interested, but even then - the little gurl just about ggave me a heart attack - WHY would I want another???????????????

...almost cry when my baby gurl scares me almost to death. Scenario: adults chatting and eating as children play in various rooms and up and down the stairs. Glance over and note that little gurl is reaching for light switch - hmm interesting, but someone said something and then... glance again and fly across the room to grab her off of the stool which has one side on the top of the stairs and the other in mid air. Stare down these stairs at the boots, door frame and small snow shovel that sweet child may have hit. Control heaving stomach, beg someone to remove stool and sit and snuggle little gurl for a moment. Regain normal heart an breathing rhythm. Try to control nightmares, as am wide awake. MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!!

...give a prize away - to Birdee (my sp11) Will be shopping for something special for her(again), and there is something I want to try out for each of the contestants. Basically, like me you don't really have something just for your stitch markers. And fingering/sock weight is the winner but it sounds like we are all in love with the specialty dyes and yarns out there today. Thanks ladies!!


Ragan Knits etc... said...

OMG...that story of the stairs...can total envision that one...would give me nightmares too. Little Man here actually did fall down our stairs once, that was so scary I can still see it vividly in my mind. I have fallen down same stairs and put my foot through the wall (note to house no stairs).
It sounds like it wasn't too bad (nightmare stairs aside)!

Nell said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

I hope you get everything you want.

peaknits said...

Wow, what a whirlwind of a day - hope you found some time to relax and just breathe! The stairs incident would have given me a heart attack too - yikes, but glad all is well! Happy birthday!

Sharon said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Telling me I am busy... HA! Must be a Sharon thang ;-) and a two girl thang ;-)

My oldest is in first grade too!!