Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spots, Pox and Viruses

So it is not the chicken pox (figured that one out myself), the measles - thought maybe, nor were they caused by a bug. The Best diagnosis the doctor could give was 'Virus' and must play it's course. I think Robyn's little guy was diagnosed with something like that too. Of course, stupid me asks: "So she can go to school tomorrow (oh please please please say yes)? and the answer: "I would keep her home another day." Don't get me wrong, I love the gurlz, but when you are home with two NOT sick children and you have the head cold, you really really really want to send them away. So the pox were not bugs and have been dubbed Pollie pox (from Rollie Pollie Ollie), and I don't get to go to work tomorrow.
However I have
a) washed 6 or so loads of laundry (there is still one in the washer, but it rained, so the dryer had to do some work),
b) one sinkful of dishes (yup the ones from last night - another sinkful soaked all day and the clean ones from yesterday got put away),
c) cleaned and rearranged my room (not completed yet, but the dust was getting to me),
d) turned the heel on my swap sock and have to find her measurements as just tried it on my little foot and it is almost toe ready,
e) bought some groceries (including delicious Hazelnut Cream coffee & Chocolate cereal for adults) and vegetables
f) patroned Home Depot for some of the stuff for fixing the house.
A fairly successful day. I think I need to do about 5 more rows before the toe and maybe I can finish the sock tonight. Then of course I have about 180 rows to do on my stole.
Greatest accomplishment - did not consume any alcohol in the care of my children and did not lock them in any room.
I love being a mom.
Of course, if the little gurl shows up with these Pollie Pox in the next 24 hours, I will not be responsible for my actions. You know that if I were to get them, they would show up on Friday night and be gone by Tuesday morning (Monday is a holiday for me).


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Ack! You know that we have something called MRSA virus going through the schools here. Fun stuff...glad that I am not teaching right now...
Hope all is well soon!!!

Batty said...

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon. Don't work too hard, you're supposed to be sick and enjoying life as much as you can.