Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday's to do list and a Contest

So, my to do list for Saturday was long and well, impossible for little old me. Here are the details:
1.Do the laundry -I did 6 loads yesterday (ran out of hanging room) 3 loads this morning, and there are still 2 (plus the clothes from yesterday and today) to do yet. However I put away all of my dry clothing from yesterday and the clothes from the gurlz are folded for putting in the drawer. We won't speak of the loads that came out of the dryer and are warming my floor.
2. Clean the storage portion of the basement - well, I was able to move a few things, but unfortunately, there were not enough hours in the day (and too many other things on the list)
3. Clean the kitchen - the kitchen was done for about an hour - stove even moved and cleaned inside and behind. I've given up on the dishes. The gurlz had two bite brownies (homemade) and the floor was a mess again (also the reason the dishes are in the negatives again)
4. Finish those church books. whatever - I still have 6 days before my self imposed deadline
5. Play with the gurlz - I did a little and let them outside on their own. They weren't asking me and I really didn't sit down that long to knit.
6. Knit a little - I finished Hint 4 for SoTS and am almost ready to turn the heel on big gurlz sock and have started the leg on little gurlz.
7. Finish boxing up my SP11 package and my Harvest Sock Swap package. Uhm, as soon as I am done here. That will be done (minus the homemade item that didn't quite work) C'est la vie.
8. Go to a friend's for demonstration and some wine and cheese. This was done. I enjoyed myself, but realize that I can't do that too often as I am tired in the morning and the gurlz are well rested. Also, the big gurl told me the boys just wanted to play on the computer -even when they were awake and I don't like that. Perhaps from now on just one of them at a time and no computer, even for videos until the gurlz are in bed.
9. Refix the front steps - This is going to require completely new steps as I looked at them this morning and it's like the wood is just evaporating /rotting from day to day. Oh, the name of the saw is a Circular Saw. (no i didn't remember, I saw one in the flyer.
10. I have to rewrite the secret project and get it emailed off - WHATEVER.

Not on the list - clean the living room and computer room and move construction materials until time for use, the bathroom, bake favourite brownies and for today - just have a restful day (with church at 10:00 am and then straight down to drop big gurl at Christmas party with Grandma and little gurl for afternoon with Daddy and then home, to do nothing I didn't want too (fold laundry on bed, hand some others up, feed myself, knit lots) and then little gurl came home and over to Grandma's for dinner and then home put gurlz to bed.

I had it in mind to do some groceries (sans gurlz) and maybe some Christmas shopping or clothes for me, but I didn't. I'm glad I didn't. Besides, there is always tomorrow for all that stuff.

The Contest
Nothing crazy, and you have until 12:01 am, December 2nd to do this but it may be the 3rd before you actually hear who won.
How does your craft (knitting crochet etc) make you feel? Do different stages stress you out? How about finishing?
WHAT - she's getting older and crazy!!!
Let me explain. I recently re-taught one of my best friends to knit. It stresses her out, yet she is enjoying what she is doing. She's hit the point where she knows it doesn't matter if it is perfect or not, but still she wants it to be just so.
For myself, I don't get stressed about it, unless, it is for someone else (example: single sock that is for someone else and she will make the mate) with knowledge and you want it to be right and fair and of they are 6 and just really really want one or your ultra finicky mother (not that she is bad, just sees all the negatives and...)
If I am not happy with it, I frog it (firestarter inch up the leg and 1st I love Gansey), set it aside for frogging(hat for nephew which is just wrong) or just set it aside(Mom's second pair of socks). With regards to the finishing - there is the little gurlz baby sweater all pieces knitted and ready to go - since August of 2005 - she's 2 years and almost 2 months.
If i feel myself getting stressed about something (without reason - no deadline etc - can you tell I may not participate in sock swap again) I either walk away from it or finish it all up. I've learned to walk away cause I will have to redo it anyways.
Your answer can be simple or long, but let me know.

Just Kidding.

REAL CONTEST: tell me your favourite yarn weight and if you have/use stitch markers, how you store them.

(told you it would be easy)
the Brat


ikkinlala said...

My answer for the fake contest (because it's interesting to think about): Knitting is usually relaxing for me, unless I'm trying to finish something quickly or I'm working with a yarn that doesn't frog well. Once in a while I'll get stressed about it if I've tried the same thing several times and I'm not getting it to work. Finishing just annoys me a lot of the time.

My answer for the real contest: I have to pick a favourite? That's tough. Probably sock (or sport that's suitable for thicker socks) lately, because socks have been my last several projects. I have a few stitch markers, and right now I store them in little bags like beads come in.

Nell said...

FAKE: I don't get anxious, I get impatient when I'm about to finish. I suppose you can say that I'm stressed out because I just want to be done and what that product. Mostly, I just hope the yarn and the pattern are a good match. And that what I make is not hideous.

REAL: I love sock yarn. It's so versatile. It can be socks, a baby sweater, a hat, even a real sweater! And the colors. Oh the colors! There are so many and such indie dying talent!

Stitch markers- I use them when I need to. And I keep them in a little tin that some of them shipped in. It's not all that practical but it works for me.

Kimberly said...

Fake: I don't stress about knitting unless someone else puts a time limit on it. I can put a time limit on things and I'm fine but if someone else is waiting for something it gets me for some reason.
Oh and that feeling after finishing a really good project that was fun to knit and fits wonderfully is sooo weird. It's similar to finishing a good book and not knowing what to read next because you never know if it's going to be as good as what you just finished. The same is with knitting.
Real: I love sock yarn-living in Germany we have tons of it so I have my pick of colors. I also love lace weight-nothing beats lace. All really thick yarns are not my thing.
I keep my stitch markers in a japanese lipstick case-it works great!

nanaknits said...

Fake: New projects / patterns that won't be for me. I get stressed worrying about making guage / yarn matching and getting it right / perfect for the recipient.

Real: Like the others, sock weight - even if it's not for socks I find it easiest on my hands. Love my stitch markers. I knit in the round mostly, so I use them alot. Keep thim in a little zip lock bag.

Monika said...

Boy, I was all geared up to answer your stress question. Here is it anyway. I get stressed when knitting something for something, they choose (pattern, yarn, color). Most likely I'll hate doing it, so I do such a project maybe once a year. For the rest of the time, I love every stitch I do.
I think I like fingering weight, light worsted weight yarn best. I hate bulky yarn, and superfine lace yarn is not my favorite either. I do have stitch marker, I only use the plastic or rubber round ones. The others are most likely in the way. I have a little box (Fishermens' Friends) where I store them. So there. More than you wanted to now. :o)

Birdee said...

FAKE: I must admit I find knitting very therapeutic in a way I never expected. I have a real problem just sitting still and not doing anything so I have never been able to meditate. But knitting allows my mind to be still while following the repetitive motions with my hands. I need it to center myself at the end of a long day. The pretty things I get to make is just a bonus.

REAL: I think I am the odd one out here because I have to say my absolute favorite yarn to work with is any single ply worsted weight merino wool (handpainted is a bonus). I love the softness, the halo, and the stitch definition I get. Can't get enough of it - which really doesn't explain my sock yarn stash, does it???

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Good grief!!!!! Your to do list is much, much worse than mine. I did manage to get some cleaning/cooking done. I'd rather be knitting though.

peaknits said...

Tricky!! I hate seaming, blech! So I have had a completely blocked sweater in parts for the whole summer...

Yarn weight - love fingering weight because it usually fits every pattern. But Hello Yarn fat sock - now that is pretty fabulous too! My stitch markers are at the bottom of my knit bag unless I feel organized and get them into a little mint tin:) It's a crapshoot...