Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pictures may appear.

I have done the camera thing without the Kodak upload. I will just flickr or whatever the pictures.

Here are some ...
Basic toe up plain vanilla for the big gurl. The strings are cause it was bedtime and I had already redone the cuff twice. This was an easy knit, however this pair was made twice. A pair for the little gurl may be forthcoming, but not sure when. Regia Crazy Color - one 50 g ball with about 1/3 left over.
This is for my Harvest Sock Swap. Not sure if it's okay to post first, but just so damned proud of this sock. I Love Gansey knit in Rowan 4 ply soft. I love this sock. It is loose on me, so should fit my swap partner perfectly. I had the sock completely done in Jawoll lang, but you could see skin all over the place and ladders and .. blech. will find another purpose for that yarn.
And this, is just because she is cute. There was one of the big gurl, but it did not upload or whatever. Halloween costume - elephant, but head is not up!
New on the needles are a pair of Cinderella from Knitty for the big gurl. I am working on 2.0 mm needles with my much frogged cowgirl skinny duets. Halfway through the first pattern repeat and think this will work out. They are my 'secret knitting' for her. Want to try to surprise her with these. May I just say that I love cabling without a needle!!!


Anonymous said...

great looking socks, and i'm sure that big gurl will be delighted with cinderella. they are v. pretty socks!

sp 11 spoiler

nanaknits said...

Oooh, the ILG sock looks great. I'm looking forward to doing my part with the pattern! Big gurls striped socks are pretty. Certainly worth the extra knitting.

Anonymous said...

I Love these socks. And I am jealous of your little elephant, they didn't make them in my size :)

Secret Coffee Gal

peaknits said...

All of your socks look wonderful - especialy the Harvest Sock - lucky pal - you should be proud, nice job! The Cinderellas look like a fun knit - thanks for the link!