Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Promises, promises

Those pictures will show up one day... really.
I have almost completed the big gurl's socks, however ran into some issues with a couple of twisted stitches and in order to fix will need to tink back a few rows.
The test went well this morning and I don't feel too bad about my chances (considering a couple of the people writing it have been there twice as long as me and some only as long as little gurl has been here, it's anyone's guess what will happen.
What happened with the house winterizing - well, isn't it great - I GET TO RENOVATE!
Hooray. Not. However, Keith was concerned with the sight of outside once he had opened the crack to repairable stage and stated that we would be doing it again next year and the year after. I'd rather fix it right and get it looking better. So one of these days I will lose my livingroom for at least a week (preferable only a few days, but I won't hold my breath).
I knit two rows on my SoTS. That leaves me some 250 + rows behind. Crap. However, I did something to my right arm and excessive knitting is not helpful.
My sewing is not going well and I think the machine needs some special treatment. So we just won't sew for a while.
Did you know that when it comes time for one to turn a year older the government feels that you should be spending money? I have to renew my car ownership and get an e-test in the next 2 weeks. In my spare time of course. Hate that present every year. Worst part - I've known for a month and still haven't done it.
Raked some leaves tonight. We have a huge old tree (maple I think) in our back yard and the leaves were stubbornly hanging on, however it was a windy day - and we couldn't get through the gate without walking through them. That's not always safe (subconscious fear of mine) so I raked a small pile. If only it wasn't pitch black when we get home - we could play outside for a little.
Should go to sleep - need to make sure big gurl gets a decent lunch, as she had the principal provide for her today. I am not a bad mother, but when she is yelling and screaming at you that it's your fault her lunch isn't ready (cause I was just chilling with a book on the bench by my sister, even though mommy told me more than 3 times to go upstairs and get stuff ready for lunch) and then doesn't want anything, I'm not going to try to figure something out. Of course, she went to bed without preparing anything again too.
I hate packing lunches - even for myself. Add a picky 6.5 year old into the mix and you really don't have a prayer.

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