Friday, November 23, 2007

Life and other stuff

My birthday is coming up. Not a real big deal for me, just another year older, however I love the way the provincial government reminds you. The licence renewal in September(usually 3 months prior to the date). $74 right off the bat, and then in red print - you must get an e-test this year (emissions test to ensure not polluting the air more than is acceptable. I thought about it in September, but it was back to school time and lots of other expenses going on. October, I almost stopped a few times to get it done. November, I start stressing. I know when my birthday is - last year I did the renewal (without the e-test) the day before- the same day i signed my life away for my new house and ...
We got snow yesterday - only about an inch, but it started as rain and then ice pellets and then the snow. My windshield wipers did not work last night and this morning they were worse. Little stress bugs building on me as I contemplate the last week possible and doing this oil change and e-test thing on Saturday with two gurlz and ...
So I called when I got to work and asked for an appointment for today or tomorrow. I got one for today!! HURRAY. The car dealership (where I bought my car) does the e-test, sells wipers and would do the oil change prior to everything, plus it is right down the road from the vehicle licensing office and my favourite yarn shop and Kris was free for enough time to have a coffee and some pies. So I spent less than expected at the car dealer - tee hee, they never looked at my brakes(yes I will fix them, but today was not the day for this), what was expected at the vehicle licencing office and my birthday present(to me) at the Knitting Habit. Susan is closing December 15th, although she will have an online store, and things are 40-60% off in the store. I went looking for something specific and came out with lovely gifts for my secret pal, lace yarn for this, silky mohair for this - I hope as it is a thicker weight but in Estelle Watercolours, blues and greens; 2 balls of Noro Kureyon - blue (cause that's what was left); one ball of Noro Silk Garden -blues (cause that's what was left); and some Patons Merino Wool for a couple of felting projects (this-but don't tell the gurlz) and a lovely purse kit for me or the big gurl. And then Susan gave me all the 100% wool leftovers from other projects that she found in her clean-up so I can felt and experiment. Thank you Susan!!!! Oh and I bought a pattern book with lovely child sized socks in it and another set of sock needles (cause my sock needle holder had more space)!!! If you're in the area, go check out Susan's shop - some sweet deals there and she does not have the space at home to store it. I am going to do my best not to go back, but...I don't think it will work.
Melinda was over tonight and she shook her head at my yarn purchases (my yarn aholicism). But we had a great time just chatting and knitting while our kids played and eating food together that no one else eats. Lovely to be able to do this with a good friend.
I didn't finish hint 4 for SoTS. Not yet anyways. 14 more rows and they feel like miles. Final hint came today and I love it. I will finish this, but life is getting in the way of knitting time right now and I have some things that need doing.
So tomorrow i need to:
1. Do the laundry - I had one pair of pants left this morning (okay 3 but one is summer weight and the other is just too small)
2. Clean the storage portion of the basement - the clean up outside was just in time, but it's hard to even get to the washing machine right now.
3. Clean the kitchen - the dishes (of course), the floor, the stove and maybe even the fridge.
4. Finish those church books. 2 hours is all it should take me, but i just can't seem to find those hours anywhere. But I am not allowed to turn another year older before they are done and I still do not have the ability to Turn Back Time. So I must get those done.
5. Play with the gurlz - outside in the pile of leaves or go for a walk or something. I need to make the time instead of always saying I have to do this and that and...later and... Big guilt trip on myself for that.
6. Knit a little, sew a little. Do something crafty.
7. Finish boxing up my SP11 package and my Harvest Sock Swap package. I've found the last of the yarns I need (I think) so I need to get these off.
8. Go to a friends for demonstration and some wine and cheese. Gasp you say - she has a babysitter - yes 2! On Thursday they came over for the first time while I ran out to get a little person some winter boots, mitts and some drink boxes for school lunches (and some slipper shoes for me at work and some socks - since I can't knit that fast - and some crafty things). The boys(2 brothers, sons of a friend and coworker) are fabulous and the gurlz already like them , so watch out knit night!!
9. Refix the front steps. To quote someone else, Le Sigh, as expected the weather has made two of the three sidewalk stones sink down enough that I don't like it and the steps are a little off. Perhaps I need to go by myself a saw (the one with the round blade and the safety cover and the - I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME - I just point at it in the store and look helpless). Something needs to be done.
10. I have to rewrite the secret project and get it emailed off. I hate trying to recreate my thoughts. Wish I had instant replay in my head.

REAL GOAL: Try to accomplish at least 5 of the aforementioned items before I sleep tomorrow night.

Other knitting - the cuffs of little gurl's socks are done and I have started the 3rd pattern repeat for big gurl's socks. Have this strange little itch to cast something on though. ARRRRGGGHHH

Oh yeah - I also plan on having a contest for my birthday. It will be for yarn and some other goodies. (stuff bought for my various swaps and now replaced with something else). I will get it figured out this weekend and post the actual contest on Sunday.


peaknits said...

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your new yarn enhancements!! And good luck with that to do list - yikes:)

Batty said...

Happy early birthday!