Monday, November 5, 2007

A Pox on Monday

The day was grey and drizzley when we started out this morning - I don't care that the sun was up, this savings time or whatever is hell on little gurlz (and their mum) schedules. I was pretty sure I would not be going to work, but ever the optimist, I packed lunch and dressed for success (whatever).
The big gurl showed up with some interesting 'pox' on Sunday at her G-ma's and although her father and I figure a bug got under her shirt, I knew I had to tell the daycare who told me she couldn't stay without a negative diagnosis and that was that. I'm no fool so I dropped the little gurl at daycare (she got the immunization) and headed to my favourite walk-in clinic. After a 20 minute wait - we were in and out within 10 minutes, we still didn't have a diagnosis and she had to stay home for two days regardless, to verify what exactly she has. As of 7:40 pm, she still had only 17 'pox' and they have not done more than begin to fade - I'm still blaming the bug that crawled up her shirt (i don't know for certain that she was bit, however on Saturday as we drove to get her sister she started crying and pulling at her chest and her shirt and saying it hurt and... however the pox are in 5 different areas, so we must be cautious)
So we are home and I have managed to
1. Clean the gurlz room - furniture moved and rearranged and stuff tossed and laundry neatened.
2. Read 2 books (7 if we count the 'short' stories of last night that are actually full length 'harlequin').
3. Break my no shopping at Wal-Mart rule - twice (Saturday and today)
4. Spoil my poxy child with a cute play craft (just in case it is actually the pox and we are stuck home even longer)
5. Wash one load of laundry - and it is still waiting to come out of the washer.
6. Fill the sink with clean dishwater and ... let the dishes soak.
7. Start the gusset on the big gurlz stripey socks - while waiting for the clinic to actually open.
8. Clean up the rotten pumpkin and some of the recycling.
9. Snuggle my little gurl to sleep (either she's getting the pox or she just has bad gas - really hoping it's the latter)
10. I need to turn the heel on my swap partner's sock and then go to bed.
Of course, i also should wash the sink full of dishes, hang the laundry and clean a little more, but I will likely only manage to brush my teeth and fall into bed.
Unfortunately, cleaning brings out the worst in my dust allergies and I am not feeling well either.
I hope and pray that the pox are bugs and I can go back to work on Wednesday.

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