Saturday, September 1, 2007

Where are all the YARN fiber artists?

Today the big gurl and I went to the Marshville Heritage Festival - given current allergies and PMS felt this was the lesser of evils - she wanted Marineland and its rides of a Fair.
I went curious about heritage stuff and hoping to seem some yarn fibrey goodness. After a short tractor driven wagon ride, we arrived at the front gate and wandered the various artisans. There was no yarn goodness to be found, but the big gurl helped weave around on a basket and then we wandered through the demonstrations and displays. We used one of those big two person hand saws, to cut an inch thick circle from a log and had it 'branded' with MHF 2007. Very nice. I perused the information booklet and was pleased to see a listing for a spinning/weaving demonstration. After some surveying, juggling and a bathroom break, we found the General store and right next door there were spinning wheels (2) and some weaving. What a disappointment. There were two skeins of yarn lying on motionless wheels with some roving and some spools of ply 'placed' there. The weaving was a little more exciting and there was a drop spindle. But that was it. Arrgghh. I know there is wool farm less than a half hour away from where we were, so where were they? (don't repeat that fast). All in all it was a great day -ending off with the purchase of water, a visit to the library (i picked up HP book 6 - the 5th one lost me for a bit so I never picked this one up - I am enjoying it and love the little knitting references). Bought something for my SP - for September - must remember to get that ready to mail. For us there was Honey straight from the beekeeper himself, some fresh apple fritters and apple cider and some kettle popcorn - the sweet stuff. Funny that big gurl of mine - we get home and I ask if she wants mashed potatoes for supper and she says, But what are we having for lunch? Since she didn't want/have a proper lunch, she suddenly wanted one.
Fell off the yarn wagon cause SAM4 has some lovely links and their is some (and less than there was when I went over) beautiful yarn at The Plucky Knitter - please someone else buy the rest!!!!! But my sp will be getting something lovely for next month!!!
I just want to thank all my fellow bloggers for the lovely links. I have also found a 'local' yarn here because of Zonda and it was the blogging world that introduced me to Knitting Daily and the girls at 'Pickin and 'Throwin who helped me figure out how to be a picker. And the links to Knitty and Magknits and ... jacque for letting me help with a Secret Project and SP11 for letting me find fellow Canadian bloggers and well just to know the way I think and knit, well others do it too. So thanks y'all!!!!
Oh - and if you like to knit mittens - try this Mitten Swap or there is also the Harvest Sock Swap. I signed up for the sock swap and am debating the mitten one - never having knitted an actual mitten and so not wanting to do it wrong.
Anyways that is my random post of the day and I was going to bed an hour ago.
Have a great Sunday!


sarah said...

Sounds like a fun day...

: )

Batty said...

Fun day, but where was the yarn? That really is disappointing.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a very fun day! i had a similar textile demonstration experience recently, also at a "historic" type of site. there was a bobbin lace demonstration... i thought they might actually be making bobbin lace, but no... oh, well. my kids are the same - my have 3 proper meals - no pseudo meals accepted. funny aren't they?
your sp11 spoiler