Sunday, September 16, 2007

Could have sworn I posted earlier...

It's funny when you go to your own blog and you think - Tuesday? I haven't been on since Tuesday?
But that's probably right as I wasn't on at all on Thursday or Saturday and the computer didn't work well on Friday.
Oh well.
I am in on the Secret of the Stole. This is pretty exciting. It's on Yahoo and there is some linky thing but believe me when I say I'm still trying to figure out how to get the SAM4 and SP11 and ravelry and Booty club and Lucky Lurker's Club and....
You get the idea. I got the Scout's Swag button on, but just can't figure this out.
I finished the Needy socks - ends and all. Not blocked yet, but hey it's freezing here. I know, I complained when it was too hot, but understand this - I have two pairs of socks (not handknit) on, corduroy pants - the warm kind, long sleeved fleeced tee shirt and a fleece zip up sweater. My fingers and toes and nose are cold. (am afraid to turn furnace on for fear the whole place will smoke up or something - and the unwritten rule that not to turn on until after Thanksgiving - Canada not the USA)
Now you understand how those guys get me - they are hot blooded and well it's not that I am a cold hearted bitch, but it sure feels like ice running through my veins - and my gurls? the big one runs around in capris and a tank top. I was cold just looking at her. The little one, I put extra layers on, cause she is kind of in between. I thought extra fat kept you warmer?
(that's aimed more at me than the little one - but the big gurl - she is the skinny one in the house)!!!
What's going on chez moi? well we won't mention the digital phone and internet issues or the complete melt down over the ever growing cracks or the mess on the floor and the 'it tastes yucky' before the first minute bite went down or the all around grumpiness of me.
But my allergies have been better - however, tomorrow I go back to work.
I am knitting on one of my frog pond socks - they kind of grew on me so I am just about ready to pick up the wrapped stitches for the short row heel.
Did I tell you I had a monkey sock all the way down to just before the heel turn? Yep and that was the second try - the first one made it to one full pattern repeat. They were both frogged. Too tight. I tried 2.25mm first and that was way too tight - the big gurl told me so. So I went with the 2.5mm and a loose cuff. looked good - fit the foot sweet as all get out, but just stretched over the heel. Ugg. I was going to leave it, but the yarn got all stretched looking and there was no way washing would have improved the give.
So I frogged her. Now I've lost my Monkey Mojo. It was gorgeous.
So I am knitting plain vanilla with a funky gusset and a short row heel. Want to make the princess socks from this Knitty though. Anyone know how to convert that down to a size 12 or so in gurl?
Pictures of FO are on the camera but it is late and I am tired. Nighty night.

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Anonymous said...

in a couple of months - after the reveal - i'll tell you a story about when its appropriate to turn on the furnace... i want to turn mine on too, but dh says not until after october 1st! i may have to hibernate...
"yucky" food? ditto. worse still: one kid loves it, the other kid hates it!

sp11 spoiler