Friday, August 31, 2007

FO, WIP and frogland

The Squatty Sidekick for my niece (only one as rest are boys). Done in Briggs & Little 100% wool, on 6.0mm. Needle felted a lovely flower with felting roving (Clover brand stuff). the Green leaves are a stroke of brilliance. They are from this yarn. I cut two of the lovely green noils? off and needle felted them in. The picture below gives a better look.
I loved knitting this purse, and am game to try one in Patons 100% Wool, variegated for the big gurl. It did not felt quite as much as I wanted so the next one will be on a bigger needle. I have been told that is the B&L yarn though. The only issue I have is that, this really needs a lining to help a 4 year old out. So I may not be quite done. And yes, I know I need a button, just haven't figured out what exactly yet.
I have another FO - my Monster Hat from Insubordiknit, but I have to find my invisible thread and sew the monster on. I LOVE IT and it is all mine.

Here is a picture of my current WIP, Weekend Socks by Needful Yarns in Australian Merino. I knit these on 3.0 mm needles and love them. My first real striping and carrying yarn in the round and I was pretty impressed with my 'seam' in the back. The second one is halfway down the leg. I may become a top down sock knitter yet (except that the legs are always shorter than I really want. This was supposed to be Mom's birthday present, but it just wasn't cutting it for me.

The picture below is lovingly dubbed the frogpond. The botton is my Duet Sock Yarn in CowGirl. I was knitting it on a 2.5 mm and it is too loose. So they have been frogged a second time. On the left - the Opal yarn, was my first thought for Mom's socks. Too rainbowy and the yarn is really rough. It has not been frogged yet, but I see a lovely chapeau for my little one.
On the right is the yarn also bought for Mom's socks. Super Soxx. Very nice - I bought it because it had blue, green and yellow in it. However, the yellow shows up every 3 inches and is not doing at all what I want. Why did these get frogged? The ribbed section was just too snug for my wrist and the hand section was far too loose. The needle is a 2.25 mm - perfect for the yarn, however I thing they would make lovely socks and would do the cuff on a 2.5 mm and then switch to the 2.25 for the rest. Of course, I cut for the thumb and then frogged.

What did I do for Mom? Well I sent her a lovely singing card (forget the song already) and next month will send my sister some $$ for help pay for this. Mom absolutely loved it. And the handknit for Mom - well I've seen some spoilers for the Yarn Pirate Booty Club this month and I think it may be the ticket.

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peaknits said...

This purse is darling!! And I'm so glad you signed up for the Harvest Sock Swap - feels good to be a bad influence - just kidding!!:)