Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FOs, new projects and sad news

Finished work - Needy socks (Australian Merinos by King) and Monster hat (sans monster unless you count the gurl monster).
The hat is from Insubordiknit and also includes a felted eye patch, but I haven't decided if it will go on yet. I loved working with this yarn Jacey!!!!
New projects - one is a wip that didn't get frogged, I'm calling them my rainbow socks. I have just cast on for the second (during the cavity filling session for the big gurl).
I have joined the Firestarter Kal and am just deciding which pink yarn will be used.
I am also part of the Secret of the Stole on yahoo. (please don't ask me how to link that, cause I am still trying to figure out how to put a button up here!!! I bought my yarn, beads and needles today at the Knitting Habit. That is my sad news. Susan has decided to close. The worst part (for me) is I would have paid full price for the stuff regardless. Thought of that after I got home - should have told her not to discount it!!! So if you are in the Niagara Region, she is here and will be having an online store too. Right now almost everything is 30% off (not sock yarn or needles) and there is lots to go.
Other not so great news - the big gurl was brave and good for the dentist and then had a total melt down - kicking and beating mommy while screaming. So I took away her prize for being good. Arrgghh. She doesn't like me very much right now.
The little one had me at home for the last 2 days with something wrong. She had diarrhea on Monday and Tuesday with a temperature and no appetite. Back to normal eating habits today SHIT need to remember picture day and Blood Donor Clinic tomorrow and the big one's library book and the laundry is still only half folded and the quilt blocks need to be worked on and my mom may come down and ....
PARENTING is not for the faint of heart who just want to sit at home and knit. (for just one day....please).

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Anonymous said...

i'm home with a sick kid today. he has THE COLD. it's a doozy and i really hope that i don't get it...! the stole sounds like it will be lovely! but then i love knitting with beads. package soon hopefully... fingers crossed!

your sp11 spoiler