Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gene disorders

You know how it is when you're doing something and it's like a flashback to your mother or someone else related to you?
Been having a few of those as I work on the quilt blocks - finished the ones for the gift quilt and one star block for the gurlz quilt. Even got going on the second block, but was a little weary.
Now am a lot weary and going to bed.
My to do list:
1. Finish Mom's second pair of socks.
2. Redo swatch for secret of the stole (1 week away)
3. Start Firestarter sock
4. Frog and work on big gurlz sock
5. Do at least 2 more quilt blocks
6. Fix front stairs with new wood and figure out a mounting board so can work around wonky front yard.
7. Finish the week of dishes.
8. Clean the house
9. Church books
10. Laundry
11. Something with the big gurl for sure this weekend
12. Figure out little gurl'z birthday (oct 5th)
13. Everything else.

Nothing too major eh.


Anonymous said...

about 3 years ago i finally got a cleaning lady. if you can swing it financially it is DEFINITELY worth it! for me it is ~ $60 every two weeks - a bit of a splurge but it frees up many hours of my time. and laundry... the chore that is never done...

sp11 spoiler

Anonymous said...

Nah, not too much on your list!!! Yikes! It sounds like MY list! Take it easy, friend. It'll all get done and stuff always waits. :O) samm from ravelry