Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ugh - today was one of those days that was kind of up and down. The big gurl has at least one cavity (last night's dentist visit) so we have to go back next week. Lots of rushing around this morning trying to get things figured out cause we were home so late last night. And there was more rain. And right now there is more rain. We are catching up so to speak.
Knitting has been minimal. Monica got some work done last night - maybe 2 rows, but she is coming along and a little bit of a surprise.
On Sunday night I knit to the heel of the Needy socks. While I was knitting I talked to Mom and she talked about my SIL's mom who also knits and provided 2 pairs of socks for each of the kids and my brother got a pair too. I'm not in a competition thing, but kind of glad not to have been there for that (sorry Pat). Today the only socks in my drawer that went with my outfit (loosely speaking) were my very first pair ever (considering I'm only on pair #4 - but in my defense the others were/are gifts). I still have them on and never ever want to take them off.
Yarnissima sent me her beautiful Firestarter sock pattern. It is so lovely - and is toe up. I need to finish the Needy socks, so I can cast this on (I think Monkey has been shafted once again). (it's the toe up thing).
Something for my SP arrived today and now I am getting ready to send off a package. I thought they had to be out by the 15th, but have no clue where I created that rule from. Does anyone else know? I hadn't counted on this for my first package out, but will hold something else back, so this special item gets going. This is so exciting.
My non-sock knitting is going to be well, after Monica and the other WIP's I want to make a shawl or wrap for at my desk - the sweater's don't work over top of other sweaters. I was so cold today. Guess I better get going on those WIP's (UFO's really but who's counting.


Knitting Mama said...

There are no rules as to when you have to send out your packages, just make sure during the 3 months you spend at least the 60$ not including shipping.

Anonymous said...

and i'm still working away on your first package... having kids - you'll understand that sometimes they manage to completely hijack your already full days! and then there's that whole working for a living thing... i'm aiming for monday, but i'll let you know for sure when it hits the post and an eta as well.

sp11 spoiler

Batty said...

I hate going to the dentist, and my parents are both dentists. Good thoughts for the gurl, hope she's doing well!