Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School time

So, yesterday the big gurl started Grade 1. I took the day off work (a personal day, it's called) so I could take her to school and meet her teacher and get a feel for her class and stuff. That went okay - picky eater aside, she was enthusiastic about packing her lunch. The little gurl screamed when we dropped her off, but she had 3 days of no daycare so that always throws her off. Mrs. Smith seems nice - an experienced teacher, who seemed a little frazzled, but she has 17 odd kids and at least one parent per child sort of hanging around. One big hug and off the gurl went. No pictures, cause why on earth would I remember my camera>!>>!>!>!>!>!

I went home - dreading the next part of my day. My ABS light came on and I had been avoiding the brake work for some time. I made the call and took the car in - they take you home again while they do the work (worth any extra in the bill). To give Steve credit, he really tried to ensure my gurlz and I were ultra safe, but when the difference is $500 and well you'll have to do it soon (rather then now or else) I'll take the necessary work and leave the needs attention for later. When the parts come in at $160 each (supposedly lifetime) you have to take a step back.
That took up most of the early afternoon- a few groceries for school and then pick her up again. I did not get everything I wanted to done - and I frogged needful #2. I had switched the colours because I was afraid I would run out. As I was knitting it, I counted the rows and figured I was using basically the same amount of yarn for each. So I have started it again (try #3). Give me some credit here - I was two rows away from the TOE and this was a cuff down. I am now on row 2 of the ribbed section. I cast on a hat for nephew #2 - not really liking the yarn - Tuffy by Briggs & Little. Recommended for socks - ouch. We will see,

Allergies today were so bad, everyone I talked to asked. Sounded like a snubbed up sniffler. And of course today I had 7 messages and people actually called me and well - I was very productive. At about 3:00 pm I went down to the Cash Office with some cheques for accounts and realised that I could take a 5 minute break cause I hadn't taken a morning or afternoon one. Unusual for me, but there was a day last week when I felt I did nothing. (I mean I worked, but nothing went anywhere, it was so slow).

How was school - she's ASKING for homework. Weird child. She does not want to go to daycare anymore, but that is not possible - unless I win the lottery. Guess I better pick up a ticket or something!

All the Ontario yarn enthusiasts may be at this on Saturday. I don't know that I will as it is just under 2 hours away, but it is tempting. No money? isn't there always money for stash?

I received a welcome package for the Lucky Lurker's Sock Club. I was terrified when there was no yarn (ya don't think I actually read the letter first do you?). Angela did an awesome job putting this together - tape measure, scrap yarn, notions bag, Toe up sock pattern and a step by step instructional for kitchener stitch grafting. I just have to reskein that yarn, wash it and then start again!!!! (in my spare time ya know).

I cleaned the kitchen this evening and the bathroom has gotten a good start. Then I turned on the computer and that was it. I am going to sign off now to a)wash the dishes; b) clean the toilet; c)clean the garbage cans; d) put away the vacuum; and e)the shoes - I had 5 pairs at the front door - and I get upset with the gurlz over 1 pair. Tsk tsk.

Sunday - was time at Grandma's and the big gurl's Dad did show up. It was a great day of just chilling and watching the gurls play. I was so allergic I wanted to scream, but I took a Cold & Sinus pill to try to decongest and it worked. So I did that yesterday - and when I found them, today too. There is a 'wear-off' on these things and i should likely find the plain old sinus ones. Hate to spend the money when they are right here.

Oh - lunch this morning for the big gurl was a slight screaming match as somehow it's my fault she doesn't like anything. She said she had enough and even left her raisins and carrots. Funny all the 'sweet' treats disappeared.

I am going to have to watch the big gurl though. She is a 'holder' and 'waiter' when it comes to going to the bathroom. 3 days of stressing to get it out - and tonight I gave her 'jelly' and it took less than 2 hours. I'm not sure if there is a reason for this or not, but the poor gurl lays a bigger one than I do. Just knocks her out too. Will have to watch the chocolate and make sure enough fruits and veggies (she likes only two fruits - veggies are a bit better). Of course, the little gurl feels she is getting gypped cause the treats are coming out but she isn't getting any.
Parenting - not for the faint of heart or remotely sane!!!!

Where is that list of stuff I have to do - just want to go to sleep!

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Karen said...

Oh my, it sure hurts to have to spend all that yarn money on car repairs. Ouch. Good luck with your picky eater - I feel bad for all those years my mom had to put up with me. :)