Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday Morning, Going Down

Today started ok. I slept for an hour through the little gurl's progressive crying. When I did get up, she was wet through, which might explain the crying. We had a relatively calm morning (with the exception of the torrential downpour outside that was making mud puddles in my lawn. I knit on the hat that may be a gift, tried it on the big gurl periodically to check my progress and then we went out the door for church (yes we showered and dressed before leaving).
And then things kind of slid downhill. I had the gurlz wait on the porch while I unlocked the car and then I planned to carry the little one and open the door for the big one on the way. Well, that sidewalk Mom and I laid, the rain and the mud and the sinkhole and the settling earth thing and well, lets just say, I carried each of the gurls and the front door is off limits again.
Off to church we went - and there were times when I thought we wouldn't make it.
We were damp when we got to church and the big gurl caught a chill. She turned into the 'suck' who wouldn't go to Sunday school and just wanted to play in babysit. I don't allow that, so eventually she went to Sunday school but she was not looking too healthy at this point. After church, she said she felt dizzy, which I put down to not finishing her breakfast and got her juice and cookies. She didn't want the cookie and we left with me thinking - overtired, flu bug thing.
We got home and she went to sleep - the little gurl woke up from her cat nap, ready to face the day (there went Mum's rest). I went outside to assess the sinkhole and move the pavers and sort of make it impossible for anyone to walk up it. I need stakes and caution tape - I have a pink shower curtain that could work. After demudding myself, I knit happily and snuggled the little gurl. The big gurl came up from her nap, with a temperature and not hungry. That was the end of the birthday party plans. (we were supposed to go to B & SIL for their 2 kids b-days) Called and cancelled our attendance, griped to Mom about the sink hole and drugged the gurl. Once the medicine kicked in, she was all for partying, but considering she didn't want food, it wasn't happening.
The hat is finished, however, it fits me and is too big for the gurl. The stupid decreases. I had 90 sts and decreased 6 every other round. I'm guessing I should have decreased 9 every other round which would have given me 18 rows which would be just under 3 inches and it was 6 inches for the crown. It will be frogged and redecreased. *although I love the way it fits me*
The second Needy sock is on stripe number 4 and if I wasn't blogging would likely be to the heel. (and if I didn't have to parent the lovely gurlz and feed them occasionally and the house wasn't a mess and the sinkhole it would be done.)
Of course, the fact that Monica is being worked on for a half hour or so every night just before bed (secret knitting for now) also slows the socks and the hat progress. Really fighting casting on another sock. Must finish the Needy ones first. The purse still is buttonless and the lining is a thought at this point. However, yesterday during some down time, the Moeibus was knit upon some more - inch by inch, ya know.
Innocent in Death is out in paperback and just managed to stay on groceries only yesterday (that store doesn't give 25% off the price either).

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