Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Latent perfectionism Gene

Yes I have one. There are times when it goes on hiatus for weeks even months at a time for some things and is always there for others.
This week it has been my pull balls - OI that sounds fun - they weren't quite right so I redid 4.
Then it was the socks for Mom - the ribbing is wonky and my cast off sucks - frogging in the future. The swatch for Secret of the Stole same thing. Frogged twice now in fact (2nd time due to needles) Anyone need a 120 cm ++ size 4 Lace Addi? Will exchange for a 2 foot one.
Then there is the sewing. I am working on a quilt - the cut squares and all that jazz. 5 times I took the seam out and tried again. I am going to try by hand tomorrow. I'm betting less than half the people notice.
It must be understood that this Gene is very apparent in my crafting life (hence so many ufo's from crafts of all kinds).
Less apparent in my housework and yardwork and laundry work and ...
To reassure you, my work life is the perfect when necessary otherwise do what has to be done. (I sure hope that's the right kind of attitude for work - seems to be working for me so far)
Of course the expectation from others in the way of perfectionism knows no boundaries - hence the reason for my single status.
I'm working on it.
of note- my grammar and spelling is usually right up there for the correct and proper, but I feel the need to create words that describe a situation perfectly - in one work. Therefore I give you Perfectionism.
2 of note - I really wanted to use the word latent today - perhaps something to do with my latent sex drive.
3 of note - I think this word means what I think it means but if not, please advise and I will use/create a new word.

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Anonymous said...

Latent - Present or potential but not evident or active. Yup - I'd say that you had it right. Your 2nd note about latent gave me a very odd idea for an SP11 "treat", but I think that I'll keep it G rated... Although there is a very interesting store right next door to the office... ; )

Your SP11 Spoiler