Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was great.
Started with a quick trip to the post office for a package!
My secret pal sent us goodies!!!

Hooray - it was all I could do to not rip the package open while the car was filled with gas and the big gurl could scarcely contain her excitement.
I'm not sure, but I think I fed them dinner first and then we opened her up.

The two packages with sticky notes were labelled big gurl and little gurl. My pals 2 sons picked out the items.

Thanks so much SP!!!! you spoiled us and have promised even more.

Running list here:

Real Fruit Gummies Orchard
Real Fruit Gummies Wild Creatures
Ganong Fruitfull Real Fruit Jellies

The newspaper was also in the mail, but not quite as well received. The little gurl thought it should be included!
Handmade sock needle case in beautiful blues - silk I think. Gorgeous print with ribbon ties.

Pony Pearl needles - 2.25 mm, 15 cm long in pale blue
Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn - Turquoise - Supersock Solids
Gorgeous notebook - for writing all the details down as I go.
Stitch markers - made by her?

A keychain Ty Beanie Bear - pink for big gurl

A keychain Ty Beanie Monkey - pink for little gurl.
Aren't they just precious - I think they both slept with them that night!
All wrapped in beautiful pink paper.

going to bed now and will continue with pictures tomorrow.

New information:
My Mom and niece came down for the weekend - they arrived late Friday night (9:00 pm is late when you are 6 and 4 years old). My SIL is known for whipping things together at the last minute.
It was a great weekend - even though Mom has claimed my Rainbow Opal socks - she LOVED her NEEDY socks - only took them off because she was hot. I am trying to think positively because she has spared me the frogging to 4 rows before the heel when I was only 3 inches from the cuff.
I wound the Merino lace for my stole - 1375 yards - just a couple of hours (while the pomtini took 7 hours). Mom helped with the second portion of the skein and it took no time.
We went to market, did laundry, visited, sewed a beautiful liner for the Squatty Sidekick (and gifted it to the niece without taking pictures), fixed up 4 separate dressup clothes for the big gurl, finally found the boxes of too big clothes - a new pair of runners are in order for the little gurl. (this was on both Saturday and Sunday)
On Saturday, after supper (all market fresh goodness) Mom and I shoveled some dirt (and rocks and clay) to make the front step a little more even. We just managed not to swing the shovel at the head of the annoying man next door - he LEANED on the fence and watched us bending and lifting. Stupid comments from him too. I was running back and forth with the pails of dirt and Mom came back to where I was and she was STEAMING mad. (which really relieved me as I thought I was being nasty and vindictive in praying he would fall down and not be able to get up.)
We managed to calm down and finish off before the mosquitoes bit us apart.
Sunday, both Mom and I got riled again at church as I was expected to babysit my little gurl and one other child (who always goes to Sunday School partway). I'm sorry to say they kind of sealed the deal on us leaving the church. I will do my best to go to church every Sunday somewhere (July and every other week recently not withstanding) but it can be exhausting when it messes up the little gurl's sleep schedule and the big gurl has acted out every week (yesterday being the exception).
All in all a great weekend and then Monday arrived!

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Anonymous said...

great pics of the gurlz!
nice neighbour... NOT!!! i recently feel down the steps at the vet's office. it HURT, but my pricde hurt even more when i spotted some a**hole in his pickup laughing... i was bruised for weeks. i'm quite certain there is a special fate in store for these men - and it's not pretty!
sp 11 spoiler