Thursday, September 6, 2007


Wendy - totally stole your title from yesterday. Please forgive me

As previously stated I am allergic and this makes me sound one of two things - very ill or very stupid. The stupid part also shows up when meds are kicking in gear or just cause, the fog in there is pretty thick - reminds me of some of those word scenes in the HP books of the London fog and the lead up to Hogwarts. That is inside my head.
And I have to answer questions regarding the Canadian Income Tax Act and the various treaties we have with all the wonderful countries out there - mostly the USA but every now and then I have to work through all the steps.
I don't consider myself a stupid person or a brilliant person - I need to know this stuff for work so I learn it.
That being said, my boss/supervisor/manager/team leader who is acting for the previous actor (who was asked to act as the head of our division while said actual head was acting as the Director of the whole building) who was replacing the actual one who was acting for someone else while they were acting elsewhere. (this is all to be reversed effective October something when all the aforementioned actors resume their actual roles -all because they hired a new director) with the exception of my current boss actor who actually does not have a specific position to return to as he transferred back to us prior to receiving such a post. whew
Okay - back to that being said, my team leader, is a man who has worked for the CRA for some time and has a lot of knowledge in his head and I always feel like a doofus when I talk to him. Today was no exception as I had to discuss some courses of action (not the same as previously mentioned) for a file and this led to the creation of interoffice memo's and directions and involved others and faxes and letters. But, at the end of the day, he gah'd right back and made me feel like I actually knew what was going on. I talk to lawyers, their assistants and accountants most of the day as usually the average person like you or me (unless you are one of the aforementioned lawyers, assistants or accountants) usually does not handle the activities that I deal with. Even in my foggy head, it is nice when I can get out what I want to say to them.
The word of the day - to the legal assistant, not the lawyer (or the soon to be irate recipient of said letter) was (in context) I'll write it all up in a cutesy letter and send --- one with a cc to your boss. I actually said that. She laughed and I went off to write the cutesy letter. That was the next GAH moment - I almost forgot as, there were other phone messages and then the mail and faxes and ... oh yeah lunch. I got it done along with a number of other unpleasantness with I must say some brain power.
The GAH when talking to the boss - I know what I want to say when I go there, but when I talk to him I loose it. (not just him - usually with any type of boss figure). Eventually we all figure it out, but it must have something to do with the face to face conversations as opposed to the phone - those go great (though I hate some of them too).
What I'm getting at is that I have blamed pregnancy brain (8 months of that twice now) baby brain (lasts for approximately 18 months after birth 2x) and now I have allergy brain. And I never did those kind of drugs when I was younger. Must have been the alcohol.
On the home front - I did everything on my list before bed last night (shocked myself even). Then I went to bed and started Monica for the third time with the yarn from the first time. I am working a moss/seed stitch border in the round and making the size 8. It looks better, but I haven't even finished the border yet. The hat for B is coming along, but I don't' think it will do. And the purse still needs a button and still contemplating a lining - out of well washed kids clothes that didn't survive stains ville. Just to get at it is the issue.
Cruel Mum that I am, I made the gurlz clean up their play stuff in preparation of vacuuming. Still some stuff on the floor, but we will get there. I really want to do what Crazy Aunt Purl did (but I don't know what is under my carpets and they were new about a year ago -cheap cheap though - already wreaking in spots). That however is a whole nother post regarding stupid renovating people who do lousy jobs, sell the place to poor me and then I have to fix what looked perfect at one time.

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pregnancy brain becomes baby brain becomes mom brain... sorry - but it doesn't get any better. by the time the oldest is gone i'll be blaming menopause!

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