Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Work stuff done and some knitting

The last few months have been a bit of a turmoil as I was on a committee for my division all day meeting and was a speaker for a presentation. That is all done now. Today at 4:00 pm it was officially over. There may be some feedback and committee meetings after the fact, but no more 'brain storming' of 'extra curricular' activities.
So as a reward, I drove the short blocks to The Knitting Habit and spent a lovely hour with Susan, discussing yarn and prices and rules and lots of other stuff. Thank you SUSAN!!!! She informed me that is Saturday is knit in public day - International Knit in Public Day and provided me with a local link where I can go and Knit. Me thinks the gurlz and i will maybe take a walk (short drive) there to investigate.
On the knitting front, the sock has been frogged back to pre-increase, cause, as I was figuring the dynamics of the heel, I realized that I had knit it exactly the same as my previous socks, which were a knit on size 2.5 mm needles as opposed to 4.0 mm needles. So I did some fractional math, based on the number of stitches I was using as opposed to the pattern I am following for the heel (which is knit on 3.25 mm) and came up with 16 stitches to increase for the gusset. This way I will have room to turn the heel, which I did not have- a 10 inch foot and the sock was already at 10.5 inches before heel turning. Based on everything I have read and researched, the sock should be a little shorter than the foot, not much longer. So I frogged back to 7 inches and will work 16 rows for the gusset (which works out to 2 inches). So should I only work a 6 row heel - or should it still be 8 rows? ARRGGHH
For the big gurl, who was a real trooper this morning and said I could go to work, I picked up a the French Knitting Bee by H.A. Kidd and Company Limited. For myself there was a lovely ADDI Natura in size 4 mm (for Monica) and a ball of turquoise Madil's Eden. I could not resist - it was the last in stock, so lonely and so soft. It is 100% bamboo and 109 yards. I am wondering if it will work with my Debbie Bliss Silk in a similar colour to make something oh so soft. I will have to check yardage and needle sizes, but this could work (especially if knit in the round) I will also check to see if I have even one more ball of similar weight to ensure enough yarn. Mmm - i need that book Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael. There's bound to be something for these soft yarns in there.
I hope to post some pictures of the sock later this week. I also need to work on that Insubordiknit yarn, but was unable to find large enough dpns today. I'm getting picky and want bamboo.
How did the big gurl like the 'knitting bee'. Well she has been playing doctor with the stitch lifter and pretending all sorts of stuff. her response to my comment that it is for knitting not doctors - 'It's mine mommy, I can do what I want with it'. She is right, but I did request that she stop picking the curls out of the carpet. I have my limits.
Now off to sock knitting. I saw some delightful yarn that I want to buy, however I need to use up at least two more sock yarns before I am permitted to go further.
I am wondering if the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmere would work for Monica - only cause the cotton twist is just not what I am looking for. I think I will peruse their product specs and then maybe we will see.

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gurlygurl said...

That knitting stuff sounds way too complicated. Who's Monica and whatcha knitting for her.

Just me miss nosey!! It's been weeks since we talked. Miss you.